Thought you guys would be pleased to hear that my nonna (grandmother) called me up earlier this week and asked to borrow a set of my HP books; she’s now almost done Chamber of Secrets and according to her friend she “wouldn’t stop talking about it so she must really like it”. Today I signed her up for Pottermore; she wanted to be sorted into Gryffindor and said “I don’t like that Malfoy boy” upon being sorted into Slytherin but I told her that I was in Slytherin etc and by the time she left, she embraced the snake and even wanted to steal my scarf. She also made me promise to come over and watch the movies with her. Goes to show that you’re never too old to enjoy some Harry Potter!- Bella 

  • Kuroko:*survives Teikou practice regime*
  • Kuroko:*punches the ball across the court with his palm*
  • Kuroko:*invents a pass only the GOM and Kagami can recieve*
  • Kuroko:*basically performs magic tricks on the court while playing*
  • People:You're so weak!
  • Kuroko:...
  • Kuroko:Fucking excuse you.

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archiveofourown*org/works/3608007 - Harry is walking the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Louis Tomlinson is performing with his band, and also, coincidentally, the man whose curves Harry's fingertips can't seem to forget. They love each other for a night. (For u and ur anons that might be looking for a fic where harrys a VS Angel) and in case ppl want a VS Angel!Louis fic u should read "just walk my way" by darkerwings on ao3 also😊😘

I think I might be in love with you. THANKS!!!!

daily psa: if the new gaming video doesn’t get uploaded tonight, don’t you dare get mad because dan and phil put their heart and souls into everything they do for us and the last thing they need is a couple of teenagers on the internet being salty 

Calling all my fellow Barduil trash bags!

My next fic will be my 100th barduil fic! Which is super exciting and a bit of a milestone for my level of barduil trashiness.

So I have decided to find out what you guys want for this! Your options are:

  1. 5 + 1 fic
  2. Genderbend
  3. A fic based on this gifset
  4. ‘For some reason we have to share a bed’ fic
  5. Teacher/Student au

Reblog/reply to this and let me know in a comment or in the tags what you would like to see! I will count up tomorrow and get writing!

It keeps hitting me how beautiful today was. How happy and glowing Stevie looked, how happy everyone was to see each other, how everyone was smiling and laughing and heaping praise on each other, no tensions, no grudges, just the kop filled with love. To me this is the definition of You’ll Never Walk Alone, how players who have played here as heroes or as average players and even as rivals, people who left on good terms or bad terms just all came together idk I just love it so much today was so special

Abbie Mills Appreciation Week Day 1, Post 3: Why We Love Abbie Mills

What Abbie Mills Means to Me

Words typically come easy to me, but when it comes to the reasons that I love and appreciate Abbie Mills, they seem to fail me. It’s honestly hard to separate the amazingly talented Nicole Beharie from her character Abbie Mills because she brings so much to her.

To me, Abbie personifies what it means to be a woman. She is intelligence, she is cunning. She is beauty, she is strength. She is grace, she is vulnerability. She is passion and she is fear. She embodies everything that I strive to be.

Abbie Mills, and what Nicole Beharie brings to her, is so much more than just a badass Lieutenant of the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff’s Department. She represents something that is still at times considered the impossible. She is a highly educated, competent, able, beautiful, powerful black woman in a role so often considered off limits to us. She commands the screen with poise and skill in genre show.

She’s much more than just a character. She represents not only what is, could and should be the norm in life, but what could and should be the norm on television. She is for all intents and purposes who I’ve always wanted to be when I grew up.