A follower of mine bought this print of Derek and ever-so-nonchalantly messaged me asking permission to get it signed by Hoechlin AND DID I WANT A COPY?!

Thank you so much, kathyk-au, for getting my artwork signed. I cannot tell you how touched I am by the gesture and your accompanying letter. THE GENEROSITY OF FANDOM NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME.

PSA #3 for Carnival Rhythm

Okay this is gonna sound harsh, but it has to be said.
Looking through the tags on my other two PSA posts, a lot of people said something along the lines of “fuk da polis Im doin it anyway” and you know what, if you think you can handle the gore and you’re underage, good for you. But seriously, if it ends up being too much and the game triggers that pretty little ass of yours, then don’t come crying to Mogeko about it. THEY SPECIFICALLY WARNED YOU ABOUT THIS GAME AND ITS YOUR FAULT YOU DIDN’T LISTEN. Now if you get through the game and you’re fine, then great! Good for you. But I don’t fucking want a Salwada war 2.0 in the mogeko fandom. That war was effin nasty, and its aftereffects are still seen today. So please, PLEASE heed Mogeko’s warning. There’s nothing wrong with not playing it if you know you will be potentially triggered by it. Thank you and have a good day.

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Your always calling Ian on his bs but at the same time you don't acknowledge that he has a foundation to help others, it is extremely rude of you to do that.

Well… it is hard not to acknowledge the fact that Ian has a foundation darling, specially when he seems to talk about in every TVD con, mind you that it is disrespectful towards the people that pay to watch them talk about “The Vampire Diaries” and all the guy does is talk about his foundation.

Other than that, recently I saw something that did make me kind of mad? When you make a campaign, you are supposed to make everything promised when people donate to it.

Now, that is something that Ian Somerhalder doesn’t do, he got known world wide by The Vampire Diaries, leads people to donate to his foundation by making campaigns and promising stuff and once they do donate all he cares about is that he got money out of it.


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You are seriously one of my favourite people on tumblr, your replies, your posts, your tags, your URL, EVERYTHING is just perfect. PERFECTION <3 You make my day, you perfect thingy thank youuuu! Woop woop, random love for youu!! <33

omg bless you, this is such a sweet message! You’ve made my afternoon exponentially more awesome, and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

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How would you characterize Eowyn's intelligence?

      that’s an excellent question, nonnie. and the answer is not simple — as putting a label on ‘intelligence’ in general is a problematic task. there are many facets and faces to intelligence, some at which she excels and some of which she may fall short in. when starting off this discussion, i think it is firstly important to outline some very wide headcanons that i have for rohirric culture in general.

            as we know from the texts, the éothéod have a strictly oral culture. rohirric has no corresponding alphabet apart from a few basic conveyant runes. the language is not written and the people of rohan do not record their history in texts. while we know that they do record great historical figures using the textile arts ( as in the great tapestries that decorate meduseld ), it is mostly in song ( and some story ) that their tradition is maintained. cultures with oral traditions are fascinating in general but what i like to keep closest at heart is the understanding of the transient nature of history that it imparts upon the people who participate within such a tradition. the rohirrim, as i see them, are not a people deeply concerned with ancient history, either their own or that of other cultures. stories that DESERVE to be told will be remembered, such songs beloved, but they embrace the idea that some stories and songs fade with time when they are no longer powerful and no longer relevant. this is the way of things. the intensive study of ancient things, to them, is ponderous and useless. they live very much in the present, in temporal things. being not long removed from their nomadic past, survival and stewardship, the basic and brutal, are more the heart of their culture than arts and ‘higher’ educations.

     these headcanons that i hold have a strong and obvious correlation to éowyn’s intelligence in the limited context of pure education. in this regard, she could be called ignorant. contrary to the non-canon exchange with aragorn in the films ( in which she describes the dúnedain as descendents of númenor ), in the novels she has no knowledge of númenor when faramir mentions its doom to her. thereby we can assume she knows little of the history of gondor past the recent. it is my headcanon that the education of the royal line in rohan is concentrated more in their roles as military leaders, since the ‘elite’ of rohan are more directly tied to practical ruling and defence than any philosophical role. military history and tactics, an understanding of ethical law, and the great deeds of the line of kings. the goal of their education is in the ruling of farmers and herdsmen and warriors, and is therefore of a more practical nature.

          éowyn is not well educated by southern standards, or by standards that any firstborn may hold. she is, in fact, to be counted quite ignorant in such regard. though naturally curious, she simply has been taught to place a low value on scholarly pursuits. after all — when she first meets faramir she is not impressed by his intelligence or any idea of his reputation as a great scholar, but by the look of him as a great warrior. ‘she having been raised by men of war’, is the quote, i believe, that describes her worldview. we know from her dialogue and the descriptions of her that she is a keen judge of people and situations and that she has a quick wit and can express herself quite powerfully. these are all qualities that i try to maintain in my portrayal — because this is the measure of intelligence that is most relevant to her and to her cultural context. she IS very intelligent but she is NOT learned in a scholarly sense.

                for example : though she knows nothing of the history of numenor, she clearly has a great knowledge of war. she is able to, single-handedly ( in command ) and with no warning, organize the muster and layout and establish a camp housing most of rohan’s troops and all the necessary equipment and provisions in less than a week. no dummy is gonna pull that off. she is clearly a capable ruler and commander, a quick wit and a skilled orator. however, put a quill in her hand and she would struggle to remember the written westron that she was taught as a child ( westron being the court language of rohan ), for she has so little use for it. her handwritting may be crude and childish, it may cause a gondorian noble to snicker when reading any letter that she would struggle, but in the context of her own people she is indeed a great force to be reckoned with and it is my headcanon that her natural wit and curiosity combined with her fierce determination would enable her to be quite the scholar as well — had she the will / interest and a capable teacher.

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Oh, hey dude, so... I kinda, maybe... lost?... your AO3 account... Maybe... Mind helping me out? (This is me assuming you have one, because I FEEL like you have one, but nothing comes up unders "petals42" and I have a seriously terrible memory...)

Sorry! My AO3 is actually rosepetals42, so that’s confusing… I’m sorry! I would change it if I could! I hate roses… and flowers actually… But,  here’s a link!

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Wait there's a new book coming out?!?! I'm so uneducated is it already out??

No no, The Fever Code is coming out sometime in 2016, so there’s still a while to go, but DashDash is working on it! It’s going to be a prequel and we’re going to hear more about the Gladers (and hopefully Group B? I really hope so. Prayer circle that we will hear about Group B.)

The prologue will be from Newt’s P.O.V. and the rest of the book will be from Thomas’! It’s gonna be glorious, I can’t wait!

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Does Joan have siblings??

She has two; she is the oldest, and she has a brother that is 2? years younger than her and a sister who is 6 years younger. I can’t think of their names off the top of my head but let me see….

James and Anne? 

nope James is her father…

(yes let me narrate you guys through my google searches this is great fun!! don’t you love this blog!!)

Oh maybe her brother is also a James - or Jim. Jim. I think. 

Fuck it where is my Todd Oldham picture book *rummages through room*

(jk i knew exactly where it was but i was too lazy to get it earlier but now i am desperate so stand up i did)

Joan’s siblings: 

James Albert Larkin, 1.5 years younger

Anne Elizabeth Larkin, 6 years younger

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Ship five tumblr users you talk to with any random Kpop idol, and pass it on to those five. [psttt dont forget to ship me with someone too :3]

kel you fake i still can’t believe you shipped me with yibo. :^(( coughs i’m doing six ppl for this bc!!! rebelious!!!

hyuhna - i ship you with taehyung!! you always say you don’t like him but ur fake so. :// your love for him is so obvious omg your trash shows so much don’t even try to deny it lmao. (but really i ship you with myself so…)

taettoo - linda aka actual jeon jungkook i also ship you with taehyung bc you’re trash as well. :// you must be satisfied with the taekook. :((

huntastical - MY SOULMATE i ship you with sehun!! (which means i ship sehun with myself?? win for both you and me!!) even tho i probably like you better as a jackson stan ://

namteas - i ship you with yobo not even taehyun anymore we’re done with that you’ve moved on and upgraded.

joomyun - nIKKI MY LOVE i ship you with junmyeon!! not junhoe tho. :// you’re never gonna steal my annoying bf away from me. :((

junghoe - mY TRASH WIFE i ship you with hoseok. lmao.

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Are you gay? I'm a Larrie but the way you're telling people who say your URL is offensive to fuck off is really inappropriate. I don't personally find it offensive but if someone brings that up to you, it might be good to listen. Your blog is dedicated to 2 people who you say you support but then you react like that to people who think it's offensive, it seems a little weird to me. Idk if you call yourself an ally but that's bad behavior IMO. If you yourself are gay it's a bit different though!

I am in fact straight. And you’ve no idea how much bullshit I get on a daily basis about my URL so when people bombard my inbox with “it’s SO OFFENSIVE!1!1″, I snap. What if people told you that your blog sucked?! What would you say? “Oh, thank you for the criticism, I’ll change it!!”


That’s not me. The more hate I get, the more determined I am to stay and to keep my “offensive” URL until those fuckers finally realize the meaning behind it (which is neither offensive NOR stereotypical). All I’m saying is: straight guys dont like other guys. End of. That’s not exactly a revelation, is it?! Harry and Louis like/love each other, therefore they’re not straight. That’s not exactly a revelation either but apparently some dont get it. 

Also, my blog, my rules….

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All the Eliwood hate really just makes me so sad, and not just because I'm kin with him. He's a character with an amazing personality and the sweetest thing like, how could you not love this precious baby. Eliwood has also ALWAYS creamed Hector in terms of stats and stuff in all of my playthroughs. Eliwood hate just has me so confused. He's the BEST CINNAMON ROLL LIKE HOW COULD YOU HATE THIS CHILD.



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Thank you and god bless you for your love of Eliwood I just. A friend introduced me to him and I grew very very fond of him before hearing a single word of Eliwood hate and the instant I heard people disliked him I was immediately appalled because ?? how could you hate the cinnamon roll. Eliwood is precious and must be protected and I can't even begin to say why exactly I love him I just. Eliwood, man


I have two different types of feeling bad, one is where I want people to notice so I can have sympathy and the other is where I don’t want to burden anybody with my emotions so I withdraw and don’t reach out for the support I know I need