Literally I’m just so pathetic, my best friend is annoyed of me and my other only friend is so blunt with me it hurts and I just literally am the weakest person. And it’s no ones fault but mine. And I do have the opportunity to choose whether to be negative or positive. Whether to be a victim or a victor. And I know which one I choose. I’m so done. I can’t do this shit anymore.

i cant draw for shit but its literally no ones fault but mine for not practicing for months at a time but every time i do draw i end up getting mad and unmotivated because my art is so stiff and ugly and its just like rrrrahahahgh

"okay, so before you go into your room and, like, kill me, i should mention a couple of things. i wasn’t alone in this! it was benjamin’s idea so, really, he should be the one who’s head should roll. secondly, alistair paid for the car, well van really, we used to transport everything so it’s just as much his fault as it is mine or bens. and lastly that it was you that wouldn’t tell me what you wanted for your birthday— you were useless— and told me to use my imagination. so i did, well, we did. and this is what we came up with: we turned your room into a ball pit! yay us! yay you! yay eighteen! happy birthday!”

"you did what?!" she’s hysterical—lost between the emotional spectrum. should she cry or laugh or something horrible in between? what kind of friends was she cursed with that they filled her room with plastic balls for her birthday. how was this a gift? with a deep sigh, she shuts her eyes and slowly opens the door. "you are an idiot" she’s treading her way through the piles upon piles of colourful toys that lay her floor. her bed, her shoes, her desk all disappeared underneath their ‘gift’ for her. "but you three are brilliant" racing back out to her door, she takes her hand and dives into the pit, taking him with her. 

ten minutes later she’s giving basically everyone she can a phone call—come down to dorm s3a!—inviting them to make as much use of this as they can. 

Her vocals and production were perfect on this album. None of the 3 stars are her fault per-say most were just that I didn’t like the song in the first place. Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel was literally because it was only one verse long. 4 Carats was mainly the production because the lyrics are too quirky and fun to not love! and Baby It’s Cold Outside should’ve been a collaboration with someone else like Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Robbie Williams (perfect vocal blending on Little Green Apples), or anyone else to be honest cause that guys voice just did not match hers.

Wrapped In Red
Winter Dreams
Underneath The Tree

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i swear french teachers are cursed. mine legitimately seems to hate children

french teachers are literally the worst teachers out there i haven’t had a good one since 7th grade

mine’s just overenthusiastic about literally everything and she hates me bc i don’t pay attention in class and still get perfect marks on all the written tests

like it’s not my fault you’re reviewing material from 5th grade lmao

Thinking about quitting Go Deep. 

Everyone in the Go Deep crew is chill and has my back except my own bosses come in with all this bullshit like I don’t even matter. Like how do you expect me to react to that? Ive been loyally promoting/supporting since day 1 and am being treated like I’m in trouble or at fault for something I didn’t fucking do.

Jordan attacked me twice and then changed his story online to seem like the victim. It’s incredible how big of pieces of shit YourEDM is hiring. Its like they literally popped pills until their brains fell out or something because they all walk around like unplur entitled bullys.

I don’t owe them an apology whatsoever yet I’m the one blacklisted to my own show because of Jordan’s personal complaint? Get a fucking life instead of trying to fuck with mine bro. No one comes into my house that Ive built and kicks me out.

You’ll get your apology, apology for ever meeting you.