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hey, I'm having a kind of 'crisis'. I came across the blog anti-feminism-pro-equality and now I'm kind of doubting if feminism is really necessary. they have a lot of sources claiming that rape culture, patriarchy etc are not real. can you tell me what you think of that? like it seems that both sides can bring up good sources and I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

from my experience, pretty much none of the sources brought up by anti-feminist/anti-sjw blogs stand up for one reason or another, at least on big stuff. they can debunk a fake post here or there but on larger social issues the sources are usually either unreliable, out of context, or their entire argument is built on faulty premises

for instance the supposed debunking of the wage gap. parts of that argument are based on the whole “women just choose other jobs!!!” not taking into account that the socialization of women to take those other lesser paying jobs is a problem too, as well as the reason they are less valued. there are other problems with the supposed debunking, but that’s a big one that I always see

also I don’t know how in the fuck someone can look at our society and think the patriarchy doesn’t exist when the vast majority of our politicians are male (80% in some arenas), we’ve never had a woman president in the U.S., and there are more male CEOs of large companies just named John than there are total women. (and anti-feminists like to paint this problem as being something inherently wrong with women which is blatant misogyny right there.) like wow just because a women in THEORY can be all of those things that really doesn’t mean shit if we socially rig it to the point where they’re NOT. and blaming women for that deficit is so fucked up and wrong. it’s way too much of a complex issue to just boil it down to “well women are choosing not to do these things”.

because less than 100 years ago, women were all choosing to stay home if they could afford it

honestly, I often wish I could run this blog for a living. not only would I possibly be able to transition if I could find stable employment outside of my job now, but I would actually have time to address shit like the faulty sourcing and inaccurate premises of anti-sjw arguments. in the anti-feminist realm I would definitely focus on the male anti-feminists, but it would be something I could actually do. if I made money on this blog, I could actually take the time to engage in all of the debates that anti-sjws want to demand of me for free. I could write articles and make a lot of sj related humorous content. that would be the ~dream~

man you guys don’t even know this isn’t even my final form

Let’s talk Cassandra again

A while ago I did a couple of posts about Laura and Cassandra as fans. Laura being the archetypal excited fan who loves her idols a tad too much, while Cassandra being a more critical fan, bordering on hater. Both being flawed in different ways.

Now that Cassandra has become one of the gods, we get to see her as a creator as well. Which brings a different set of flaws, and they may be coming from the same place as the fan ones.

Back in issue #9, during the interview, Ananke gave us this little gem, which showcases one of the biggest problems with Cassandra as a fan/critic.

Believing that your opinion is absolute, and that the people who react differently are pretending, or just don’t know any better. This is quite common behavior in certain comic book communities. Which is what Cassandra did before turning into a god. She kept referring to the gods as fakes, and was quite patronizing about Laura’s love for them.

Fastforward one issue, and now we have Cassandra as Urdr, the apparent leader of the Norns. She performs along the other Norns. Confident that the audience will now “understand” her message.

Except that they don’t react the way she expected. Given her message, I’m guessing she expected them to leave and realize how pointless everything is. Instead, they stay, cheer and ask for more. Which leads to her “tantrum” as Ananke calls it. 

What’s really interesting about this scene is her reasoning. She blames this on the fans not understanding. That’s why they didn’t react the way she wanted them to, because THEY didn’t understand.

Which brings us back to her problem as a critic. Believing your opinion is absolute. Except that here, it’s happening as a creator.

Putting the blame on the fans for not understanding implies that her message was perfect. That if they had understood the message, they would react the way she expected them to. She doesn’t consider that perhaps the fans could have understood what she was getting at, but they still chose to react differently.

This is also quite a common behavior from fans, and sometimes even creators.

Someone didn’t like a movie/comic/book you loved? They must have not understood it. 

People aren’t responding to your story the way you wanted? They must have not understood it.

It’s sort of like the other side of the coin to what Ananke said back in issue #9. One focuses on the negative side, while the other on the positive side. Both coming from the same place, believing your opinion to be absolute.

None of this makes Cassandra a bad person, it just makes her human, despite her powers. Believing your opinion is always right is something we all do at one point or another, we are all flawed that way.

Bad Breeder Alert: Ember Gecko : James Steinert

Usually I don’t make a Bad Breeder Alert based on the existence of one thread, but this guy just… he doesn’t take the cake.  He takes the entire cake, sets fire to the bakery, and blames someone else for it.

First up is the issue of intense inbreeding.  Steinert doesn’t buy geckos, except from one source and he’s been doing this for five years.  A bit of inbreeding is necessary to maintain morphs, but FIVE SOLID YEARS of only inbreeding leads to extreme defects.  lizardbeans Morana is a victim of this.  When he received her, Morana already had a stomach infection and has continued to get them repeatedly. 

He misrepresents his stock as well.  This gecko was supposed to be an emberglowxember cross.  Now, an ember is a very specific cross: murphy patternless RAPTOR.  An emberglowxember should have produced 100% visual murphy’s patternless, which don’t hatch with bands; they hatch with blotches.  He’s avoided the buyer’s complaints until she made this BOI thread, at which point he claimed that his ‘embers’ are based off of tremper albinos instead of murphy’s patternless.  They are not embers and neither are his sunglow embers.  They are instead trempers who are het for eclipse.  

His genetics with his ‘Xtreme Albinos’ are similarly muddied: his site claims, “Note that XTreme Albinos are not true Tremper Albinos in that they are a combination of Sunglow X Extreme Emerine. They will not breed in the true sense of a Tremper Albino and you will get results in your breeding programs inconsistant with your goal to breed Tremper Albinos. If you want to breed Tremper Albinos with clean pure genetics please visit either our Albinos or Tangerine Albino pages.“

They are not albinos and yet he continues to label them as such.

Some people have had geckos arrive gravid (proof here) while Ember Gecko denies having bred them (proof here).  And here is a guaranteed giant or super giant who did not turn out to be a giant (post 43).

Be aware that Steinert also operates Sam’s House of Leopard Geckos ( 

For personal reasons I have to put this blog in a hiatus from Monday June 1st to Monday June 8th (I’ll be back that afternoon). Everything is fine and I’m okay. There is just one personal issue I need to take care of. I left some things on queue for you guys. 

See you then. 

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i was going to say "chloe bennet is in agents of shield!" but then i remembered there's likely no indication of that for her character in the show ):

I still need to watch Agents of Shield, but I remember being like “cool! A half Asian character!” I just looked at Chloe Bennet’s wiki and it says she had to change her last name from “Wang” because no one would hire her wtffff I’m so sad

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I feel insecure of cosplaying because I know someone is going to have a better cosplay. How do I get over this ..?

This is kind of a difficult question to answer, mostly because a lot of people have different ways of coping with this kind of insecurity and anxiety (also apologies, this is going to be a little long). 

Even cosplayers who have been doing this for years are nervous about it. Heck, I’m still anxious when it comes to picking characters!
When I was just starting out, I used to choose either really easy characters or characters that had barely any cosplayers for them. I had a lot of issues with comparing myself to others but that also came from being insecure with who I was in general. Since then, I guess I’ve just accepted that I may not be the best, but as long as I try my best, I can be happy. 

And I understand now that everyone is different. No one in the world is exactly the same as another, and the same can be said for cosplaying. You have your own interpretation of a costume. You go through different methods to style your hair, put on makeup, wear your clothes, ect.. Sure there may be cosplayers who do things similar, but no one is you.
Honestly, one of my favorite things about cons and photoshoots is seeing so many people all cosplaying the same character and just seeing the diversity and uniqueness in everyone’s costumes. And when its the case of seeing cosplayers be characters that I also want to cosplay as, I consider it as a push of motivation. 
Not “oh my gosh, I have to be better than this person”, but more like “woah that’s a great cosplay. I love this detail here” or “the way they did this is amazing, I want to try something like that”. I mean, I love the idea that cosplaying creates this community where people share things and grow with one another. 

I realize this is getting long so I’ll wrap it up. Basically, my way of coping with cosplay insecurity consists of two stages/steps:
1. Ignore everyone else and just do your own thing. Work by your standards and live to please yourself; don’t compare anything you do to others!.
2. Invest in other people. Learn and grow with other cosplayers. See what others are doing, let it motivate you to work hard; be inspired by difference! 

Hope that helps! If any other cosplayers have stories or suggestions for insecurity and are comfortable with sharing, maybe it could help. :) 

-Mod Turtle


Where is LightSail?

It’s not as easy to find as you would think. LightSail was part of a series of 10 cubesats launched last month as secondary payloads of an Altas V rocket. Collectively, the satellites were known as ULTRASat, after the box that carried their deployment mechanisms into orbit. (For a photographic diagram of ULTRASat and its components, click here.)

Due to orbital mechanics, the satellites have drifted into two distinct groups one ahead and one behind the initial deployment coordinates. Initially, during the first communication passes with LightSail, the satellites were still too close together for ground controllers to track individual objects; to observers and tracking systems, all 10 satellites were just one large object in the sky.

However, less than a week after launch on May 25, the Joint Space Operations Center began to issue Two-Line Element sets for the entire ULTRASat fleet of CubeSat. Element sets are data strings used to plot a spacecraft’s orbit. Coupled with the Doppler shift from LightSail’s transmissions and the TLE’s, The Planetary Society should be able to determine which one of the ULTRASats is LightSail.

The LightSail team has spent the last week on edge when the spacecraft suddenly stopped communicating May 22. The likely cause was due to a software freeze in the satellite’s computer systems. Eight days later, on May 30, ground teams received signal from the satellite, with initial analysis indicating an automatic reboot occurred.

Deployment of the spacecraft’s 32 square foot sails are now expected to occur around 11:42am PDT Wednesday morning, exactly two weeks after launch. Earlier today, LightSail’s cameras were tested for the first time, sending back partially-downloaded images from the spacecraft’s interior. The cameras will face outwards (and towards the sails) once the solar panels deploy, which will occur shortly before sail deployment.

For the latest information on the LightSail mission, check out Jason Davis’ LightSail blog.

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What are your thoughts on whatever or not korras seasons be longer?

The story we got was planned around 13 episodes per season. I am personally always going to air on the side of wanting more episodes, but had there been more, then it’d be hard to say how the story we got would have unfolded instead. Book 3 felt perfectly paced to me. Book 4 may have benefited from one extra, simply because filling in the 3-year gap was tough. But in general I have few complaints.

My issues with pacing Books 1 and 2 are less about the number of episodes, and more about the narrative feeling uneven. We would get episodes that felt totally detached from the main plot, or then episodes that would cram everything in. I felt like that didn’t really happen in the last 2 seasons, but that was just tighter writing overall.

Journey to The Force Awakens: Revealed at BookCon this weekend, thanks to via The Wookiee Gunner: Shattered Empire will be bi-weekly – two comics in September, two in November. The first issue will be out September 2, and the trade paperback collection on November 17 – at least at the moment. (I doubt they’ll deviate much, but they are comics and September is a long way off.)

The Force Awakens is FINALLY on the cover of Star Wars Insider.

→ Word on the street (aka Scoring Sessions) says that John Williams has started scoring. Just as rumored!

Making Star Wars has a small grab-bag of rumors from the licensees, though the two main ones actually seem a little more relevant to Episode VIII than The Force Awakens. (Also, one of them made me SUPER EXCITED. But, uh, possible spoilers!)

To the idiot anon who called certain blogs racist and vile:

I cant speak for some of the people called out in that anon because I haven’t had any interaction with them, but musethedead and dicapito are far from racist. They aren’t “retarded” or vile or any other of the other names they were called.  You call them “retarded” for being offensive, but that word is one of the most offensive words to call someone. They are 2 strong women who speak their mind about things they see are wrong. And I’ve seen very intelligent posts from royalrichonne​ and merelei​ so I hardly think throwing insults at them are gonna hurt them  either.  They are smart enough to see through your cowardice bullshit. If they are vile for being honest and speaking their mind, i wanna be vile just like them.

You are the issue. Are you so dumb that you think the Bethylers are innocent? I’ve seen some shit: Name calling, setting up others, blackmailing others to make fake accounts to start fights with Carylers and Richonners. Fuck off with that.

As for the perceived slights you think these users are making against your precious Beth, you need to look again.  If you wanna see who the real Beth warriors are, look at them. They are speaking out for what they believe, that it is totally inappropriate to want not one but two midde aged men to have a relationship with a barely-legal. It’s not appropriate, no matter how starry eyed you get about a middle aged man sliding it to a teen. It’s gross. They are protecting her character, who never showed any inclination for inappropriately aged men. Look at Jimmy and Zach.  The Bethyl, Brick, and Brickyl shippers are the ones dragging her through the mud.  

Racist? Did you sleep through your middle school classes?  Wake up and read a definition. You are either too young or too stupid to learn correct word usage. Just because Beth is blond doesn’t make them racist.  Who is the real racist here?   And it’s not Beth they are speaking against, it’s the fact that people want to see her shipped with these older men. I pray to god Anon that you don’t have children. And if you aren’t old enough to have any (which I suspect you aren’t) do your parents know you have a thing for middle agers? They need to put bars on your windows cuz you will be sneaking out of them with any old greasy skeevy man you meet because you are all heart eyes and wanna make Bethyl a reality. (and i’m not spelling it with a 3 to keep out “your” tags you fucking moron)

Get a clue you dumbass idiot, you are not a warrior, you are a sick fuck that wants a youngster to be fucked by an old man. Then if Daryl wasn’t enough you wanna drag Rick down with him. Fuck off with that.

And I’m not a Caryler, so don’t even go there.  Enough of your bullshit.  Come off anon and say your piece. Like an adult. (which I still suspect you aren’t).  And if your are, you should be ashamed. PFFT.

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Oh, Suzie, I wanted to talk about a very specific detail in your fic that I loved--that Bog is really uncomfortable around mirrors. I loved the moment where he just subtly turns it away from him, not in a big angsty gesture, but like it's a habit he's had his whole life. It broke my heart in the best way. Do you think you'll explore it more, either in a fic or just rambling about it? Because MY POOR BABY.

Ahhh, thank you for noticing that! Yeah, I figure that a guy who has believed that he’s too hideous to be loved for so long would have more than a few issues when it comes to his reflection. In fact, I have a feeling that quite a few mirrors got shattered one Fateful Day in a melee of rage and sorrow and pain… 

But yes, it’s pure habit for him now. He doesn’t find anything wrong with it, he just doesn’t like seeing himself anymore than he has to. But…Marianne is aware of it, and knowing Marianne, she would become determined to try and change this. I’d like to explore it more through her, have her do little tiny things like her keeping mirror in his/their chambers just so he gets used to it, even if he turns it around all the time. And even if he never comes fully around to them, I think she would to make him see that she’s not trying to make him uncomfortable or push him too far with this. She just wants him to realize that his reflection doesn’t have to be a source of discomfort or pain. She wants him to see himself the way she sees him, even if it’s just the tiniest bit. 

So yeah, I feel like I’ll definitely come back to that in future fanfics, and show him growing more comfortable with them. At the very least, I can always address it in a rambling blog post! 

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I don't know what you've seen, but it kinda seems to me like economic status and social class never really get addressed in sj discussions on here? I could be completely wrong here, but it seems to me like those two factors play a big, big role in a person's ability to, in the case of trans people, legally and medically transition, and in the case of other minority sort of things it... it just seems so tied up in money and class and I don't understand why more people don't talk about it.

Yes, very much so. It also so happens that some of the ones shouting the loudest about their lack of privilege come from the wealthiest families. These are huge, huge factors, and I think it’s no coincidence that SJWs ignore it as much as they do.

Wealth in particular has the effect of lessening other issues. You can afford great lawyers, medical treatments, unpaid internships, therapists… Of course, you’d still likely be better off if you weren’t X, but it’s a very different world to someone who is X and in poverty.

Note that in (dare I say) more moral societies, the effect of poverty is lessened. A person with a medical condition (transsexuality included) is looked after by the state under socialised healthcare, making the discrepancy far lesser. If you’re from the US and poor, you’re fucked.

Having said all that, I will also say that anti-SJWs are going too far in the opposite direction. Many anti-SJWs believe that class and wealth are the only factors, forming the start of the horseshoe, in my opinion. The middle class and better off may be becoming the anti-SJW version of white male cishets.

laverne cox is so important, i am currently literally crying because every time i see her or hear her say something it’s always what i need to hear and what i have been longing to hear from someone in the media who has a voice to represent me. she’s just such an incredible woman and she’s so clearly not afraid to love and uplift the parts of us as trans folk that we’re not “supposed” to be proud of. she’s so clearly not afraid to face and address the issues that other people want to sweep under the rug. honestly this movement started with black trans women and there is no one i trust more than ms cox to be a voice for me and the love i deserve

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Could you describe a little what davy's role would be on the ground?

Davy’s going to be the advice-giver.  Or rather the unsolicited advice-giver.  Her opinions might not always be welcome, but pretty soon people learn that they should be taken into account.

She’s been in the sky-box since she was nine, and from what I gathered everybody except Clarke (who was put in isolation because of the sensitive info she had access to) was paired with another person.  So Davy’s only interacted with one person at a time for the past nine years.  Consequently, she’s pretty aloof to all the social issues going on.  She couldn’t care less about the politics or Clarke vs Bellamy.  She just cares about common sense.  She’s also not going to sugar coat her opinions.  If someone’s being a moron, she’s telling them they’re a moron.  Which might cause a divide between her and well….everybody…but she doesn’t care.

Also, she’ll throw her efforts wherever they’re needed, and wherever they make sense to her.

Basically, Davy is a free agent.  She’s as capable at strategy as Bellamy or Clarke (she had a lot of time to read in the skybox), but she lacks their charisma.  She can’t inspire or give speeches, but if anybody tries to argue with her one-on-one, she will crush them. She’s a creature of logic.  All of the posturing, etc to her seems like a waste of time.

So I guess boiling it down to its base elements, Bellamy and Clarke are the leaders.  Davy is the person standing at their shoulders saying, “yeah, that plan is (not) going to work, and here’s why.”  

Brotip if you know someone with maturity issues, start substituting “adult” with “grown up” because it really drives home the maturity disparity between you two. Also because chances are they already have it in their head that being “adult” blows hard but also the word “grown-up” in a condescending tone is more than likely nails on a chalkboard to them.

And that’s just one small passive-aggressive bonus to make dealing with those people a little easier on you. From my mother to your lazy boyfriends.

People who blow their money on drugs and alcohol do not deserve any handouts.  They should not be receiving unemployment checks, food stamps, or healthcare for their drug related problems from our government.

After volunteering at a homeless shelter, I discovered that most of the men there smoke at least one $14.50 pack of cigarettes per day, not to mention the booze they drink and the illegal drugs they smuggle into their rooms. $14.50 alone is enough to buy food for an individual for the day, so if that individual just quit smoking, he (or she, but this issue is less common for women) wouldn’t need food stamps. Illegal drugs are expensive as well, much more so than cigarettes, and many of the men I met in the homeless shelter used illegal drugs on several occasions. These men would save a lot more money if they found enough will power to get over their addictions.

These costs are not only for unnecessary recreational purposes, but they hurt these people too. A lot of the people I met said that they lost their jobs due directly or indirectly to their substance abuse problems. Again, these people would not need unemployment checks if it was not for their substance abuse.

With handouts just being given to these people, they can’t find enough willpower to quit, and it is completely within their power to end addictions. They don’t deserve food stamps, unemployment checks, or free healthcare for problems that they caused themselves. This is a vicious cycle of handing addicts money just so they can use the money to fuel their addiction rather than actually fix their problems.