pjo characters + their favorite britney song probably
  • percy:probably like. if u seek amy. this boy is a FREAK.
  • annabeth:baby one more time. stickin 2 the classics.
  • jason:LUCKY he listens to it every morning fight me
  • piper:till the world ends!! it was her pump up song for defeating gaea
  • leo:oops i did it again. he has a running tally of how many people have punched him in the face when he's tried to serenade them with it.
  • hazel:hold it against me but she would never EVER admit that to anyone
  • frank:3. he thinks it's about 3 best buds. he tells hazel and percy that it should be their song and they're like UHHH
  • nico:everytime when he's feeling sad about percy, i wanna go when he's feeling angry-horny about percy
  • reyna:circus for sure
  • thalia:if you ask her she'll tell you that she's never listened to britney but it absolutely is womanizer
  • grover:grover can play toxic on reed pipes

       “ Kanae… ” 

     A breathless whisper, a small cry of defeat. How long has it been since he has seen the light? How long has it been since he had stood on his feet without crashing onto his knees and crying? He is a pathetic excuse as a ghoul – but he tells himself that such reaction is natural. 

He’s heard stories of first loves, the one written in novels, – the ones his mother had told him about – and without doubt he can truly say that Kaneki Ken, was his true love. But now he has gone, like a breeze, it passes through Tsukiyama and leaves him as soon as he had arrived. Was this punishment for seeking perfection? Was this punishment for being what he is? Nevertheless, he finds himself sitting by the curtains, fingers tracing against the material. It’s smooth, but dusty, little particles dancing in the air as he swiped two fingers against it. 

                         “ Do you think I am a terrible person?

God, this fandom is so full of shit. All I see is Elijah hate and what a traitor he is and how they all screwed everything up by daggering” the most powerful creature on Earth”/” the only one who had a plan”/ “the only one who always has a plan”/ “ the only one who’s plans always save the others”/ “ their one an only chance to defeat Dahlia.” aka Klaus.
Ok, so, people, I love Klaus’ character but how blind can u be not to observe obvious things like: GO WATCH THE FUCKING SEASON 1 FINALE. Why all of his family was fucked up??  Remember how they ended up in season 1 with Klaus’ strategy to make an alliance and work with Genevieve and Francesca??? Elijah was the one who kept telling him to not mess with those two bitches cause they can’t be trusted. Klaus was like" I’ve got everything under control.“ yeah, at the end he was down, Elijah down, Hayley down, baby almost dead (but then forced to be sent away). Or how they ended Francesca and the superwolves?? Elijah did everything, Klaus wanted to make his move wanting to spill blood whereas Elijah was planning months their move,  telling Klaus to wait. Elijah found all the wolves with the rings, and elaborated the strategy of how to strike later. He killed all Francesca’s bros and security and all. Or while in 2x18 Klaus went all berseker on Dahlia trying to kill her, Elijah went to Josephine and made her do a spell on a certain house in order to protect there Hope. Elijah succeded, what about Klaus? He did not defeat Dahlia, yet the only weapon they had against her was gone. Because of him. Klaus is impulsive. Elijah is a better strategic and he is "calculated” as Josephine mentioned. He thinks 10 times before striking, Klaus doesn’t.
But man, it makes me laugh how people are saying they don’t stand a chance without Klaus by their side, the reasons mentioned above are the ones for what Elijah has daggered him in the first place. 
How the fuck are people watching the show in the first place? How with Elijah now they all will be fucked and with Klaus’ alliances in season one WHEN EVRYONE, INCLUDING KLAUS, WERE FUCKED UP people are ok ?
WTF, people, WTF?

what do u do when you’re fucking a guy sometimes but not all the time cause he’s exhausting but he’s not horrible but he’s a super proud liberal and posts lots of really annoying stuff on facebook like he just posted a bill maher video and one of his friends criticized it and he got upset over how all these people attacking maher are just dividing us liberals so we won’t be able to stand together and defeat the republican presidential candidate and my eyes rolled so hard i saw stars… what do u do?

a….. unfriend him and stop fucking guys altogether cause this is basically the best they get

b…….. call him up to hang out but just spend the whole time trying to get him to introduce you to his friend who was at least decent enough to say that bill maher is fucked up

para---more asked:

3, 17, 23, 29 :)


3: What is your favorite Blurryface theory so far?

omg idk maybe how blurryface is part of tyler and it’s all about how tyler defeated him and his struggle through it

17: Which of Josh’s hair colours do you like the most?

pink will always have a special place in my heart bc it’s the colour i got to see in person but i am digging the red

23: Have you made any good friends through the skeleton clique?

I’ve met some super awesome ppl from the concert and also on here (u guys r the best)

29: What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots song?

noooooOOOOOOo (but my most played song on iTunes is fall away)

send me numbers!:)