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Minkuri headcanons ho! Clear forcing mink outside for picnics in the forest (Also clear trying to get him to go out at night, but Mink trying his hardest to stop him because it's cold but everyone knows you can't stop Clear when his mind is set on something) ALSO Mink having a habit of making Clear new scarves. Like, every special occasion (Birthday, Xmas etc) he gets a new one with intricate designs and patterns. Obviously Clear is attached to his yellow one but he still loves each of them <3

Mink knitting for Clear is my aesthetic 

*nudges boyfriend at 3 AM* pretty fucked up that we assume that slenderman is a boy. it’s an entity. chad? wake up chad. listen. it’s sexless

Auckland University is offering to cover the costs for transgender students choosing to legally change their names.

The decision comes after the university found that its administration system did not always support transgender students who chose to use their preferred names instead of their legal names.

This sometimes led to them being outed and harassed. 

Trudie McNaughton, pro vice-chancellor of equity, said the cost of a legal name change was a barrier for a number of transgender students, so the university decided to fund it for those who met specific criteria.

“We don’t want cost to be a barrier for us to become an equitable and inclusive university,” she said.