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Dragon Dick and Bird Lady OTP 5eva

((Who are you? Why do you ship Felica and Hydrus? Or are you talking about Velka? Or Ornifex? Hydrus barely knows that last two and although the hatesex would be pretty great for the first two they’re not a ship and probably never will be. I’m sorry to crush your hopes and dreams but unless you’re the mun of a bird lady I’m pretty sure Hydrus will not have one.))

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are there any interesting or strange people you have seen?

Well, as you can imagine, I don’t meet that many people.

Interesting and strange people…

Well, certainly, you can count the Goddess Velka in both categories. At least until you get to know her better.

A knight who introduced himself as Solaire is a bit more strange than interesting, but he seems kind enough.

There is one woman… I know very little of her, but… she was by far the most interesting person I’ve ever met, at least during my stay here. I believe her name was… Amelia.