grunge/ lucid ☯

💘When you accidentally take an awkward picture of yourself.😬😂

i’d rather be conceited and self indulgent than insecure, and deal with all the bullshit that comes with insecurity

got me spinning like a ballerina
feeling gangsta every time I see ya
you’re the king and baby
i’m the queen of disaster, disaster

🌊You can’t just love me. It’s not that easy.🚀

omg the guy i like totally ignored me today

i was all excited that he was at work

and i had found a weird item in a place it wasn’t suppose to be and i all like was joking and i said lol i found these 

and then he just was looking down at his phone and was like “oh did you?”

and just kEPT WALKING 

so i don’t like him anymore guys my crush is completely gone (i’m lying)(buT IT’S DAMAGED HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO LIKE YOU WHEN YOU DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE)

and then i saw him when i was leaving work and ignored the shit out of him but i don’t think he noticed but i said bye to him yesterday so maybe he was lowkey like????

but in a way this is good

yes ignore me and then i’ll ignore you and we’ll secretly date that way i mean then i can just pretend you don’t exist yeah that’s what i mean 

haha who are you

good plan i like the way you think

grunge/ lucid ☯

When you can’t find your other shoe or matching socks after a late night… It’s trying times for Jennovian…

Will you be my Valentine?

"We should totally FLOCK together, If you know what I mean~”


The woman blankly stared at the little frilly-colored card that laid on top of her otherwise somber papers, blue eyes blinking several times in quizzical surprise …

Before she leaned back to giggle, a short yet melodious sound filling the air, her voice cracking up slightly at the finish. She brought her hand to her mouth, chuckling behind her sleeve, a small tear of mirth forming at the corner of her eye.

"Heavens have mercy, talk about getting one’s feathers ruffled …" She snickered, obviously put in high spirits now, soaring across a clear blue sky …

// solar-pidgeon

the past twenty four hours have involved me listening to the new fifth harmony album on itunes radio, me falling in love with the band and gushing about them on twitter, harmonizers retweeting all my tweets and embracing me into their fandom, and camila cabello following my twitter (probably because harmonizers were retweeting me like crazy). 

i quite like the fifth harmony fandom tbh.

grunge/ lucid ☯

Pants off dance off. (Ft. My Grumpy Cat Christmas Edition tee)😛

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

💦Hot showers are amazing.💦