May 2013

Poker Night: In which Emma started an affair with her best friend’s wife. Swan Queen. Rated M.

The Reluctant Maid: In which Emma really didn’t want to clean her room. Swan Queen. Rated M. *Retitled*

Best Laid Plans: In which Emma was a knight for her father, Leopold, but managed to fall in love with his new wife. Swan Queen. Rated T.

A Healing Touch: In which Regina actually cared that Emma got hurt. preSwan Queen. Rated K+.

Operation Alpaca: In which Henry helped set his mothers up on a date. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Fair Trade: In which Emma and Regina were teenagers from different backgrounds who somehow manage to get along sometimes. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Lessons: In which Regina learned a sexy lesson. Swan Queen. Rated M.

Hazel Eyed Girl: In which Emma was jealous of Neal talking to Regina, which in turn led to confessions. Swan Queen. Rated K. 

It Just Might Work: In which Emma was Regina’s maid. Swan Queen. Rated K.

In Chains: In which Regina was sold to Emma as a slave. Swan Queen. Rated T.

Whipped: In which Emma discovered how whipped she was. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Private Tutor: In which Regina tutored Emma. Swan Queen. Rated T.

Wanting Hard Enough: In which Regina accidentally trapped herself as a cat, and Emma had to help. Swan Queen. Rated K.

What She Needs: In which Regina was engaged to Graham before she met his sister, Emma. Swan Queen. Rated T.

Family Dinner: In which too many people talk smack about Regina in front of Emma. preSwan Queen. Rated K.

Giving In: Follow up to Whipped. In which Regina did her best not to control Emma. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Different Strokes: In which Regina received some punishment. Some sexy punishment. Swan Queen. Rated M.

Street Art: In which Emma helped Regina keep graffiti off the mansion. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Prolonging the Mystery: In which Emma wanted to partake in poker night with Regina’s friends. Swan Queen. Rated K.

French Girls: In which Emma was artistically inclined, and Regina was her model. Swan Queen. Rated T.

Something Like That: In which Emma started as a student to Regina’s teacher but eventually joined the military because, hey, that’s what someone with her prospects does. Swan Queen. Rated M.

Kiss It Better: In which Emma was a prisoner. Swan Queen. Rated T.

Sunshine Paving: In which Emma and Regina lacked self-control in town hall. Swan Queen. Rated T.

Gratitude: In which Regina learns to be grateful. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Love Hurts: In which Henry was awful to Regina, and Emma couldn’t let that go. Swan Queen. Rated T.

The Emotionally Confusing Roger: In which Regina and Emma set off to rescue Henry from Neverland. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Politics: In which Regina disagreed with the new political changes Snow imposed upon Storybrooke. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Hard Earned Love: In which Emma, the mostly homeless bum, tried to settle down but didn’t know how. Swan Queen. Rated M.

Vampire Bat: In which Regina had a jealous streak and a fondness for claiming Emma. Swan Queen. Rated K+.

Masks: In which Emma and Regina were involved in the mafia. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Things to Come: In which Emma needed training in magic to avoid damaging others. Swan Queen. Rated K.

Simply a Wish: In which Regina wished herself back to childhood. preSwan Queen. Rated K.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: In which Regina changed her identity to avoid harassment. Swan Queen. Rated M.

A Duty of Loyalty: In which Emma was a pirate and Regina a naval officer. Swan Queen. Rated K+.

Bunked: In which Regina and Emma occupied the bunk over the Charmings on the Jolly Roger. Swan Queen. Rated T.

The Forecast is Sunny: In which the Evil Queen visited Storybrooke. Swan Queen Queen. Rated M.

Couple’s Therapy: In which Graham and Emma needed help to resolve their issues, and Regina was a therapist. Graham/Emma. Swan Queen. Rated T.


Bioshock and Orphan Black:  Part 1, (probably)

Rewatching Orphan Black, like you do, is always an interesting experience. During my most recent rewatch, I was noticing scads of parallels between the video game Bioshock (2007) and Orphan Black. The number of corollaries can be pretty overwhelming once you start looking and digging. So I’m going to start out with one of the more obvious rather than tackling them all at at once. (The more I try to tackle with this, the harder this gets and the worse my writers block gets.)

I will be discussing Orphan Black through episodes 3x06 and very mild spoilers for Bioshock. 

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Lewis Can Do Maths In His Head
  • Simon:Hang on, no no no no- Hang on! What- Wh- What's that on your..
  • Simon:You've got like something on your back.
  • Lewis:What? Oh no, don't worry about that. It's just a chip I had installed to keep track of my.. my brain and make me think faster, work harder, remember stuff.
  • Simon:Okay...
  • Lewis:Remember those appointments, all the scientific maths. I can do maths in my head now as well.
  • Simon:Okay, what's one plus one?
  • Lewis:Two!
  • Simon:What's two plus two?
  • Lewis:Four!
  • Simon:What's three plus three?
  • Lewis:Six!
  • Simon:What's four plus four?
  • Lewis:Eight! Look how quick I am!
  • Simon:Oh my god, you're a GENIUS!
  • Lewis:*Laughing* I'm amazing!