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Am I the only one who thinks America might remember her life before Battleworld? I mean, see the evidence:

A) when they say the shark is the only of its kind and she replies “Yeah… and so am I”. Like, ok, it’s a badass comment but also how could she know that in Battleworld?? Does she remember the Utopian Parallel? If so, does she remember the Demiurge and the Multiverse?

B) “Nobody tell PETA”. I get this is meant to be a joke but it feels out of place in Battleworld. Like, it’s a world with such a feudal system, where the realms have little to no contact with each other… Does PETA exist there? Or in Arcadia? Could America subconsciously make that joke referring to something in 616??

C) America was so chill after breaking the rules. I mean, seriously. Pretty much everyone else was freaking the hell out and she was willing to shrug it off. This is not just a matter of her attitude. This is… So far, what we know about Battleworld is that everyone has the God Doom Above All mentality engrained deeply in their lives (which explains She Hulk giving up so quickly on saving America) but she seems almost too cool about it. If she did remember the Multiverse, then she would know all too well that Doom’s act is bullshit and not take him seriously.

I’m just saying, she was always a separate entity from the Multiverse. Laws of Physics meant nothing to her powers. She could cross between realities. It’s not such a far shot that Doom’s magic would have a different or lesser effect on her. Maybe he knows.

Maybe the Shark attack and having her removed from Arcadia and taken to The Shield wasn’t so random after all…

Dexpid is dead… Sparchess - will - die… and…

…and we can’t do anything… x’(

…but…WAIT !

We can do a thing ! - YES ! - …We can avenge these poor ships which can’t probably never exist on the series !

give them a bit of justice in this unfair world !

YES !and also a bit of sadism just because it’s too funny èwé !

…YES, WE CAN DO IT èOé ! …in headcanon way…

EXO Reaction: where their gf that doesn’t talk much stands up to people talking bad about them.

satans-eldest-heiress Hey sorry it took so long! I hope you like it :)

Baekhyun: “And you said you didn’t like me that much.”

Chanyeol: *Can’t believe his ears…*

Chen: “My girl loves me.”

DO: “You heard her. Step off.”

Kai: *secretly liking this badass side of her*

Kris: “Hey it’s ok no worries. Thanks though. Didn’t know you were that passionate about me. It’s nice.”

Lay: “That’s my baby. You did so well.”

Luhan: “Oh babe, no no no it’s fine. Calm down.”

Sehun: *loves that his girl is as sassy and bitchy as him*

Suho: *completely embarrassed and smitten*

Tao: *agrees with everything she says about him*

Xiumin: “You said you didn’t like our music? Why are you suddenly defending it?”

i need to say something about this stevesharon and sharon carter hate i’m seeing here on tumblr and twitter.

1. Sharon Carter is fucking amazing. Aside from her relationship with steve, she’s her own person. now i can understand (if you didn’t read the comics) that maybe you didn’t see all of this because in the winter soldier she didn’t have much space but believe me just watch the scene where she stands up against hydra following steve orders and then tell me you didn’t get badass vibes. i dare you. Plus it’s ok not to ship her with steve but hating her because you don’t want her with steve is fucking CHILDISH.
I don’t ship brucenat but i’ve never hated bruce banner. i love him.

2. stevesharon. i repeat it’s ok if you don’t ship them but pls don’t come to me with the argument  "they’re an incest". they’re not.

definition of incest: the crime of sexual intercourse, cohabitation, or marriage between persons within the degrees of consanguinity

this is not stevesharon case. steve didn’t get married with peggy. he probably would have if he didn’t get frozen but guess what? he got frozen and peggy married someone else therefore steve and sharon are not related so it’s not an incest. it may be a bit strange? yes…but an incest NAH.

3. you compare stevesharon with brucenat = NAH again. stevesharon in the mcu has more development than brucenat. maybe you don’t remember this but steve in tws was hitting on sharon when he asked her to drink coffe together. plus they hinted a lot to a possible stevesharon relationship in the winter soldier. brucenat well…i’m not gonna rant on this. it’s not the place.


1. you don’t ship stevesharon? fine. but don’t bash sharon carter just because she comes in between of your ship or because simply you don’t want her with steve
2. grab a fucking dictionary and search the meaning of “incest” because you clearly don’t know the meaning
3. unfollow me if you hate sharon carter or you still think after this that a possible steve and sharon romantic relationship would be an incest.

anonymous asked:

i literally can not think of a single character thats even close to being as cool badass or pretty as you are, let alone all at once.

Ok, I was wrong about the no commentary thing.  Thank you so much!  <3

Reasons why you should watch Mad Max: Fury Road

-Badass ladies (seriously, you think there’s only one and then BOOM another appears! AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND I AM CRYING HELP. THERE’S EVEN BADASS OLD LADIES OK?)

-wonderful character development (cries)

-subtle romance (cries more), the kind you don’t think you’d see in a film like this

-the action (ok but like usually action movies are kind of predictable and you don’t fear for the MCs but in this one I was shrieking internally and fearing for all my bbs)


But I went in thinking “Ah, yes, action. Mind numbing.” AND THEN I WENT OUT IN SHOCK AND WANTING MORE HELP ME.

name ten of your favorite characters and tag ten people

I was tagged by an-actor-with-no-director, but I’m a goddamn mess when it comes to these things because I like made up characters more than real people, so there’s a lot, but let me try to narrow it down.

1. Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat (X-Men, the comics not the shit movies)
2. Colonel/General Jack O’Neill (Stargate)
3. Colonel Roy Mustang (FMA - idefc he is so hard)
4. Seth Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn)
5. Jo Harvelle (SPN - bc she deserved better)
6. Ace McShane (Doctor Who)
7. Beth Greene (TWD)
8. Faith Lehane (BtVS, AtS)
9. Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
10. Illyana Rasputin/Magik (X-Men)

I’m not gonna tag ten people bc I think most of my dash has done this, so I guess, themptyliar, deepershade, mixythings, and lainabeatles.