going in to school health center for what you expected to be a ~20 minute visit but ending up being sent to the hospital against your declarations that it’s not as bad as it looks and spending ~11 hours mostly in waiting room not allowed to leave wheelchair with needle in arm that sometimes has fluids pumped into it that you can feel and thus having a constant low-grade panic because you have a big weenie needle phobia and yet never actually getting the things you went to the health office for actually addressed so you still feel pretty much as bad as when you went in: 0/10 would not recommend to others would not subscribe

also they forgot to take the electrodes off me before letting me go but im too tired to remove them so i’m just going to be arm and leg frankenstein for a while i guess

UGHHH I’ve been waiting for the gesso to dry on my canvas for ages… it’s already 11pm and I still haven’t even started painting my actual painting for tomorrow

I think I might just call it a night and come back first thing tomorrow morning and get a few hours of painting in before my 10am lecture, hopefully that will be enough to show that I’ve at least done some work before my painting class meets? Yeah. I’m gonna do that. I’m completely wiped out. I need to go to bed.


ultimate ships challenge : [1/1] The First OTP

Come on, you guys. It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. And you know what, you can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank, you know, holding claws.

H e ’ s    h e r    l o b s t e r.


best of the uncharted series [1/6] favourite characters: harry flynn


"No, they are not gone, not yet…"  Tamara thought. "They are right here in front of me, and I’ll save you Moms, before everything got wrong." 

But she just couldn’t say this out loud, could she. If they knew the true, if they both knew she was their daughter, they would never let her do what needed to be done, they would never let her sacrifice herself. But she had to. She had to prevent the world to become what she knew would become with her mothers’ magic , and she needed to save her family.

"I’m not from here…" She started trying to find the words to make them understand without letting them know the whole true. "This may sound crazy to you… or not, considering everything you’ve been through, but I’m from… some time in the future. I got a way back and I’m not letting magic do its damage this time."

AU: Tamara is the daughter of Emma and Regina who traveled in time to destroy magic so she can prevent the events that killed both of her mothers and left her brother Henry completely lost. Totally based on this idea (x)

only managed to do a little work on the SKIP board today

on the other hand I’ve wanted to draw that second pose for so long you would not even believe

2. 絶対、諦めきれてないよね
  • 2. 絶対、諦めきれてないよね
  • ドラマCD
  • ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒 ドラマCD Vol. 4 異界の絆編 捜索のドリーミング・ティアラ
So, for past week or two I’ve made it my side goal to translate this drama CD because its focused on the morgan’s and it’s so so good and I just wanted to share this since I loved it and idk if its the recent ssb4 hype or what but I finished the second track so I thought I’d post what I have!!

I’ve translated my fair share of things but I’m in no way a professional translator so I’m sorry if there are errors here and there! feel free to correct me! uwu

I’m including the second track b/c its short (which means small file size) and also cute interactions between the morgans YOU ALSO GET TO HEAR INIGO/LAURENT AS HANDSOME/GEORGE RESPECTIVELY LAUGHS the rest of the translation will most likely NOT have the tracks with them! (maybe small snippets idk) you can still purchase the CD’s at AmazonJP and Redstore (through proxy)

OK well if you’re okay with all that, Track one and two are under the cut!!

M!MORGAN: To think that there are this many enemies… These guys are pretty stubborn, huh?
F!MORGAN: It can’t be helped. They wouldn’t purposely be defeated quietly.
!! It’s coming!

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Q U A R T E R  Q U E L L : coming soon.
a multi-chaptered Dragon Age/Hunger Games AU by fadedforher​ & houndinghell