I’m so excited!!! I’m gonna start training for a half marathon this week! I’m ready to get serious about running again with emmalyn being almost 1 and us close to being done breastfeeding I’m ready to focus even more on getting back to my previous baby weight and fitness (or close to anyway I had just finished a marathon when I got preggo). I just have 3 3 mile rind and 1 4 mile run this week but in also doing a 5k in Seattle with my husband and dad on Sunday! His work puts it on its the ShoreRun. It’s a pretty course and fun race-of course last year was the first time they did it and I was 9 months pregnant at the time so I decided to walk the 5k instead of run it!

updates from my date! 

Made up with my POT, got my first ever Dior bag and was so excited! 

Was a little bit awkward as he was fairly hesitant and complaining a little about how I’m getting more and more expensive (boo hoo for you lool) but £2200 bag for dinner is def not something I’m complaining about! the leather is so beautiful and its this amazing chocolatey brown leather on the inside!  Still haven’t got any cash yet, but on the upside think he has realised taking me shopping is gonna cost him way more than just handing me cash so hopefully next time! 

also finished exams and going to start focusing on sugaring a bit more. so inspired by all you babies hustling, next goal chanel! 

Second Chance

Calum Hood Imagine 

Sorry for lack of updates 

Hope you enjoy and as always 

Don’t expect awesome spelling 

“ how was your weekend with your dad ?” you asked your sixteen year old daughter as she sat at the table eating her breakfast with her phone in her hand  “ it was good “ she replied eating a spoonful of her cereal in her mouth. “ thats good “ you replied from the kitchen as you sipped your coffee. That was all the information you were gonna get out of her . Since your separation last year from Calum he had taken the kids every weekend he wasn’t working.” Mum “ Your fourteen year old son called coming down the hall lugging his football gear “  i washed your jersey  its hanging in your wardrobe “ you called finishing your cup of coffee and rising your cup in the sink
“okay thanks “ Thomas called disappearing back into his room to grab his football jersey.
“Mum “ Charlie asked not taking her brown eyes of the screen of her phone
“ yes honey “ you replied taking out the sandwich bread to make your son a sandwich for lunch as it was obvious he was running late and wouldn’t have time. “when are you and Dad getting back to together ?” she replied putting down her phone and giving you her full attention.
“ honey…” you started not knowing to explain the situation too her.
“your still wearing your wedding ring” she pointed out
“ you looked down at you hand at the silver bands which represent your love for Calum.
A deadly silence fell across the room . Charlie was right though you couldn’t bring yourself to take off your wedding rings maybe because you still loved Calum. “Dad still wears his “ Charlie continued getting up from the table to put her bowl in the dishwasher.
“Hey “ Calum interrupted walking through the front door
“hi “ you replied surprised finishing off Thomas’s sandwich “ what are you doing here ?”
“ a pipe burst in my apartment so the carpets all wet and my showers now broken “ he sighed placing his keys on the bench and leaning against it “ i was wondering if i could shower here ?”
“yeah no problem you can stay in the spare room if you want “ you offered wrapping the sandwich
“Mum where are my…” Thomas called from his room
“front door “ you and Calum called in unison laughing at each other you shared a glance and smiled. “okay “ he called back coming back into the kitchen.
“ do you want a ride to school bud ?“ Calum asked grabbing his keys
“yes please “ he replied grabbing his sandwich of the bench “bye Mum” he said as he kissed your cheek “ bye dear “ you replied
“ you coming Charlie ?” Calum called following Thomas out the front door
“yeah”she called back “Talk to him “ she ordered leaving the house.

Sighing you pushed open the front door of your house . It had been a long day your coworker had been sick all week so you had to finished the project you were working on by yourself. warmth surrounded you . Walking into the kitchen you found Calum slaving over the oven in a nice white dress shirt that you had bought him before you split and a pair of black skinny jeans. “ have you got a date i don’t know about hood “ you asked alerting him to your presence as you stood watching him in the kitchen “ yes she has just arrived and dinners ready “ Calum replied walking over and offering you a seat at the table he had set “ thank you “ you replied sitting down.
Calum bought over your dinner and placed it in front of you “ that looks good when did you learn to cook ?” you laughed as Calum took his seat at the table opposite  you
“ confession time our daughter might of helped but we need to talk “ he replied pouring you some of your favourite wine in to your glass “your right we do “ you agreed
“i still love you “ he interrupted placing the bottle on the table after filling his own glass.A short silence followed until you spoke “ Calum i will always love you…” a defeated looked crossed his face “thats why i want you to move back in “ you continued causing Calum’s face to light up
“i know its rushing things but having you living with us this week has just proved how much i love you and i cant live with out you anymore” you finished as he reached out for your hand and took it .

The front door closed quietly as Charlie entered the house tip toeing in trying to avoid waking you as you would normally be asleep by now . She knew she was caught when she herd laughter erupting form the lounge . “ do you remember the time we were having sex on the couch and Ash nearly caught us ? “ Calum asked rubbing circles on you stomach . You were cuddled on the couch after your dinner with Calum’s muscular arms wrapped around you and you head lying on his chest .“ How could i forget ? nine months later we ended up with Charlie “ you giggled in response
“ ew thats something i was hoping i would never find out “ Charlie replied throwing herself on the couch opposite to you. “ you want to know what else ?” Calum questioned your daughter
“ no not really “ she pulled a faced playing with her long black hair.  
“ it was the couch your sitting on “ he laughed . you had never seen your daughter move so fast in her life . “ you two are disgusting , I’m going to my room “ Charlie glares at the two of you .
“ hear that she approves “ Calum smirked before connecting his soft lips with yours
“ I love you “ he whispered breaking the kiss .
“ I love you more Calum Thomas Hood “.

Another sleepless night, another wip. Both Alistair and Aurelia are amazing and I really hope we get to witness their beautiful family reunion.

sooo i’ve been wanting to change my url to something shorter so I’m gonna do some mini blog rates!! i’ll tag them as blogrates for blacklist

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they might take a while to finish, but i’ll get them all done eventually :))

life is so stressful tbh

bannedfromzoos said: Punkcop. Soccercop. Honestly, at this point your love for Beth is so big I think you’d even be able to ship her with a bottle of water and somehow make it work.


This just in, Lizzie is just straight-up ace-up Beth Childs trash

I don’t know that I’d consider myself punkcop shipping trash though? I mean, the degree with which I brotp-ship it is going off the charts since 3x06, but mostly I just end up reblogging a lot of Laura’s great content for it because it’s her ship of choice and there’s a lot of it. Btw everyone should check out her minifics for Punkcop Geometric, especially circles, which is not showing up in my tag for some reason. Probably because I tag-screamed all over it. As one does.

I am complete soccercop trash though, I’m not gonna even try to deny it.

Tell me what kind of shipping trash you think I am based on my blog!

today in the hallways i heard someone say abt how theyre havinf a party or smth and they were like ‘someone is bringing an ouija board and we’re gonna use it, and when we’re finished we’re not gonna say goodbye its gonna be so funny’. ok well when u get haunted or killed by disturbed spirits u’ll be sorry :/

Super speedy blog update:

• I have finished the majority of my exams + have a wHOLE FREAKING week before the last 4 I am so so happy *happy dances*
• that means I can finally get around to doing all the stuff on here I’ve been meaning to do for ages + ages :3
• I’ve got a (potentially quite long) list of stuff that I’m gonna post (hopefully) pre-25th
• that means this blog is gonna be quite busy over the next couple of days (I hope you don’t mind!!)
• does anyone want to do something *with* me for the 25th?
• oh I also now have time to finally finish the Discworld fandom family! (I can’t even begin to apologise for how long it has taken me oh my god I’m so sorry)
• that’s about it - basically, sorry I’ve been so absent and so poop since Christmas really and especially in the last 2 weeks - it shall all be v active now + I love you all lots and lots
• (also I just got to this just wow amazing number of followers I just don’t even have words for how thankful I am that I have this opportunity to connect with so many Discworldians I love you I love you I love you)


I’ve been taking forever to finish up my contributions for KyoMami week, so for now I’ll give a couple of quickly done, kinda crappily edited transparents from TDS. My first real contribution should be up by tomorrow night for sure