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the-witchs-artblog asked:

זה היה כל כך מוזר שירד גשם! פאקינג מאי! לא הבנתי מה זה חשבתי שמישהו יורה לי בחלון

Translation: “It was so weird it rained, in fucking May! I didn’t know what’s going on I thought somebody was shooting at my window.”

To non-Israelis, I need you to understand, that in the middle east, somebody shooting your window is likelier than rain in May.


Calladashi Week 1!

Another promo, this time also an honorage to some of my favorite Calladashi artists around! The week will be held from the 17th to the 24th of May and the only rule is to put your Calladashi art/writing in the #calladashiweek tag! If you got any questions, please ask them at calladashi and they will all be answered.

Day 1: FIFTY, professor-callaghan, [link]
Day 2: New Beginnings, mikey-ho, [link]
Day 3: Scientific Studies, mollykaths, [link]
Day 4: The laws of Robotics, realloveormadness, [link]
Day 5: Out of Control, professor-callaghan, [link]
Day 6: School of Art, snail985, [link]
Day 7: Demon Days, wuffen, [link]
Day 8:  Announcements, heart-chan-artblog, [link]