I’ve never really considered myself a good artist . I’ve never taken a photograph that amazed me , I’ve never written a poem that made me question my existence , I’ve never made an art piece that completely described my emotional state at that exact moment . I think I’m scared of pouring my soul into my art thinking there might be nothing left inside me afterwards . Or I’m just a little human being afraid of not being good enough . I’m still waiting for the day I do something I will be proud of , and that might be making art or simply taking a decision . I want to influence someone with my words , my ideas , or with me just being by their side . And even if I have a pessimistic attitude towards life , I still want it to mean something .

Horikashi Week Day 1: Summer

Kashima  Yuu loved summer.
Summer meant going outside on bright sunny days! Cute girls in cute Summery clothes! Ice cream, parfaits and other cold treats tasting their best!

Not to long ago, Hori Masayuki would have more or less agreed.
But that was before he realized that Summer also meant Kashima electing to wear the shortest shorts half the time, and him finding himself too weak to ever object and save himself from the distraction..