Originally posted on r/roosterteeth, but it would be fun to get tumblr fans in on the action after getting such a big turnout. You do not need to be a fan of all or most shows to participate. 

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I`m back in the saddle again - Finally I get well. Today I feel much better. :)

This is a brahmin bull rider, can be said to be a fan art of Fallout series. Nephi`s golf driver is one of my favorite weapons. I like to beat Fiends with it. And I think it can be use as a brahmin handling stick too, like an elephant handling stick lol (I really wonder that how people of the wasteland bridle this 2 headed animal.)

I really want to go theater to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. V8! V8! This animal is V8, too. Because brahmins have 8 stomach compartments - My rider is on Lamborghini of the wasteland lol Don`t underrate bulls. I heard that emperors of ancient India had specially trained bulls which could run as fast as horses. Yeah, Ferrari vs Lamborghini in ancient India!

P.S. - I`m not an English speaker and almost forget what I learned in school. Please let me know if I use obviously wrong or awkward expressions.