“Trust fall”

Here it is! My small but oh so time consuming Iwaoi comic! As you may notice, I have experimented a bit with lineless art, colors and such. The theme isn’t exactly new for these two, but I felt that I have to start at the basics to get to know them! (I feel like I still have a bit left to a good characterization, but I’ll be getting there.) I hope you like it!


we all know how ichigo hates the rain because of the bad memories it brings so imagine his daughter LOVES the rain so now; rain doesn’t have to mean something ~bad~, it can represent something happy now.


they got lost and had to call rukia to bring towels



i’ve added my new plantboy zine, more hq charms & nekoma lanyard plus other restocks to ionic!

i cannot combine shipping for clothes + prints (prints are exclusively shipped in a tube to prevent damage) but i will refund/combine shipping for non-print merch + clothes.

♡ thank you guys for your support & please let me know if there are any problems!! *^O^* ♡