Let me tell you what has been irritating me lately. I’ve said that I am different person now. The way I think and react now are not the same way I had thought and reacted before. You can say, I sort of closed off. I am not what I used to be. I am pretty honest and loud about it because there’s nothing to hide. I’d rather let people know that I’ve learned how to build walls, that it’s no longer easy getting to me because I actually want to be free. Do you think I wanted this to happen in the first place? Do you have any idea how much I am trying so hard to open up again? Do you? I doubt, because you still treat me the same. You still expect the same replies from me and you tell me I had hurt you. You know why? It is because I no longer act the way you want me to. If only you could understand the situation I am in right now and if only what I am doing is enough, then maybe us meeting halfway is okay. But no, it’s never enough because you still see me the same. You know I’ll come to you no matter what it takes so you put no effort to approach me. This gap between us is never closing in and it hurts me. It irritates the hell out of me.  

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1) Why did you choose your url?

My name is Xylia and “miss” is a really cute honorific for me.  Basically.

2) What is your middle name?

My Chinese name and therefore secret.  Thinking about it, it’s actually extremely close to “Xylia”…

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

Um… a dragon!!  alternatively, an espeon.

4) Favorite color?

Today it is red.

5) Favorite song?

UM… I really don’t know at all.  I… like “Rather Be”?  Sure.  We can say that.

6) Top three fandoms?

Tales of, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts (or Utena)

7) Why do you like tumblr?

Um… Because all my friends are here and I get to see pretty pics!  That is about it.

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Could you maybe describe the personality of an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon and a Taurus Rising/Scorpio Descendent?

Yup! Sorry, I don’t actually know too much about descendants, but I’ll do everything else :)

You’re probably a softie at heart, even though you let people believe you’re practically emotionless on the outside, and you’re really stubborn, so it’s probably hard for people to get close to you which is a shame because you’re super fun! At first impression, you can be kinda scary tbh, you intimidate a lot of people, and you’re super good at hiding what you’re thinking. However, there is a certain appeal to you, because you have some really interesting things to say, and it’s pretty obvious you’re a really adventurous person at heart. When alone or with friends, you’re probably such a softie!! Seriously, you feel emotions so intensely it hurts sometimes. You’re that person who everyone confides in, and you always always listen when people spill their hearts out to you. You’re probably a little brutally honest at times, but that adds to your charm because you have enough tact to keep people from getting offended most of the time. -J

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I have a transgender male friend (biologically female) and we're super super close. If I were to gain feelings for him, I'm not sure what would happen. He's pretty forward about things, and would probably be creeped out/not see me the same way. He says he's asexual, though I'm still not sure if he's fully accepted that yk.. Like I'm a girl, and unsure of how I feel about this person.. Do you have any advice for me?

Ahh I see. If I were in your situation, I would probably accept that I’m in love and not tell them until I could actually know how they feel about things. Because it’s almost impossible to control who you fall in love with. I would probably ask them how they felt about dating someone (without mentioning you like them kinda) and see how they react. If you are unsure of how you feel, just think about dating that person. Are you in love love to the point you actually want to date? Or do you love them just as a best friend and don’t really want to get that close? Just give it some time, relax and think about how you actually feel towards them. Do you want to actually get closer if they’re fine with that stuff, or just stay best friends like it has been? I wish I could have a similar experience to you darling. I feel like I’m not much help ah. ;; I wish you luck and I’ll be here for you if you need me again.

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I like this guy. We r pretty close. 90% sure he likes me back. I REALLY wana tell him how I feel. Im tempted 2 just message him "hi i like u. U can do whatever u want w/ this info. Ok bye:)" lol. But Im hesitant 2 say anything cuz hes kinda awkward (as am I) &I literally feel like he will NOT kno what 2 do w/ that info. Like i feel like he could say he likes me too &we'll both be like ..k so now what? &I really think we wont kno how to act around eachother anymore & nothing would change

Hey sweetie,

I think a better way would be to ask him out. Send hi a message like ‘do you want to go to the movies friday’ or something else you’d like to do. That way it will be less awkward and something will actually be happening. 

Here are some sites you can browse if you don’t have any inspiration: 

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Good luck sweetie!