do u ever actually forget that a character is dead in canon because the fandom denies it so consistently


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Kazuki isn’t really sure where it started, is the thing. Takuya just one day went up to him and told him to fess up some money for the betting pool. When he asked what it was about, Takuya gave him an exasperated expression and a simple, “What else would we bet about? Our captain and Nanase-san’s relationship, of course.”

The whole team was overly invested in it, so it was understandable that someone would think to earn money through it.

Sousuke, Nitori and Momo were excluded from the secret, because as Iwashimizu succinctly explained, “they either have unfair advantage, or they would tell Captain”. It was true and everyone knew it.

Kazuki didn’t want to bet, because it seemed really crass to do so, but Takuya just gave him his best eyebrow-raise and waited him out. Takuya knew him too well, so Kazuki took out some bills from his pocket and said, “They’ll probably be together already by the time they’re back from their trip to Australia, wouldn’t they?”

Takuya grinned, shrugging. “A popular choice, but not the one I chose.”

“And what did you choose, then?”

“They’re already hiding their relationship from us,” Takuya answered seriously, looking smug.

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What is/was dashcon?

Ah. The timeless question. What was dashcon?

Dashcon was a tumblr convention held last year, with disastrous results. While massive crowds were promised, the turnout was meager. The convention (and I use the word loosely) was in a large grey room with a few pitiful attractions, such as the now infamous ball pit. While some panels were reported to actually be potentially interesting and informative, they were not enough to outweigh the pathetic remainder of the convention.

Perhaps the most suspicious thing about dashcon is the apparent lack of money the organizers seemed to run into.  “Suddenly” the hotel was demanding a large sum to be paid immediately, or the convention would be disbanded and the participants thrown out. The organizers then went about collecting money from the participants, promising to pay it back and saying that they could have “an extra hour in the ball pit” if they contributed. Mind you, the ball pit was free and unregulated, therefore this promise is literally the most pointless thing they could have offered in exchange for their contributions. In any case, the disastrous con continued, though the promised guests, the Welcome to Nightvale creators, ended up leaving because the organizers were unable to pay them.

Basically, dashcon is the reason nobody says “Tumblr should have its own island!” anymore. Because we have seen what happens when tumblr folk come together to create a community, and it’s altogether rather pathetic.


this whole thing takes safety on a plane to a whole new level. like now you not only have to worry about the condition of the plane but also about the person who’s controlling it? how fucked up is that?