Pursuit Of Happiness || Nathaniel + Pandora

That night, they were in the kitchens, leaning against the counter, as they had planned to bake some irresistible molasses cookies. There was an air of peace, a rare phenomenon in those deeply troubled times. But he was certain this moment of tranquility was deeply desired not only by him, but by anyone else as well. It was an escape, albeit brief, from the many hardships of life. Nathaniel deeply appreciated the fact that he could have such a moment with Pandora around. He gazed at her, busy with her designated task— whisking the eggs— and not paying attention to what was going on around her. He then got himself a pint of strawberry ice cream, as he was a sucker for anything strawberry flavored. ”Do you want some?” He offered his spoon out to her.

"— Seriously though, Pandora. Why’s there egg shells in there?" Nate raised a brow, confused as to what he saw by the beaten egg mixture.