You know who looks awesome with their hair down? Polly.

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Will turned over in bed when he felt the morning sun on his face, intending to turn away from it, instead he got a mouthful of long hair. The memories of the previous night came flooding back, and his eyes shot open. “Fuck,” he thought to himself. He actually slept with Lottie last night… Their clothes on the floor and her bra hanging from the lamp? were enough evidence of that. He didn’t feel good, bad, or indifferent about it. Sex was just a thing to him. They had hate sex, and to be honest, he remembered it as the best sex he ever had. There were only a few problems with this picture. 1) Lottie had a piece of shit boyfriend. 2) They hated each other. And 3) She was still in his bed… Waking her up was not going to be fun. And neither would the fall out.

Groaning to himself, he got up and took a quick shower to buy himself some more time, and get the smell of her perfume off him. He went back into his room with just a towel around his waist, and Charlotte was sitting up and staring at him. Will gave a small smirk. “Mornin’”

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Omg dude I did not know how much I needed crossovers between Les Mis and High School Musical before that post but yes please give me

Okay, so this has been stuck in my drafts for some while now, I originally started writing a hella long post where I planned to put in all my thoughts on this subject, but it just… kinda… stopped.. I’m lazy and can’t ever focus on stuff sorry

BUT I have now reblogged tons of posts from this blog (I’m sorry for the post spam but they were all so great) so that might be too much enough for your taste?

If not, this is stuff that I can talk about for sooo long, I’ll happily discuss it for hours!


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I was gonna actually try not to be a lazy shit today and get my drafts and inbox cleared out.

But, apparently, Gogo has other ideas. I’ve been bugging her all morning, but she refuses to stop working on her bike. So, sorry guys.

I might be able to drag her away long enough for a reply or two, but otherwise I’ll just be lingering and lurking today.

Cebu Street Art: From Where I Bike

It has been so long, the words have abandoned me. At some point, I wanted to delete this blog and create something new. I felt like I didn’t have enough time, enthusiasm, and energy to keep things going. Just to be clear, I didn’t get hitched or pregnant. I missed all the Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day posts to think I had drafts. I sort of lost the drive and I got caught up with my own…

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Even though it doesn’t seem that much, more progression on my new story has been made and I’m really excited about it. It looks like I’ve been doing nothing, but I have been writing chapters on my laptop first, editing them and now saving them as drafts onto Wattpad. 

I also have a REALLY long plot/plan which I’ve been working on non-stop for the past two weeks and it’s huge. I obviously won’t be releasing the plot but I work hard on the plots to my stories so that I have a good enough plan and motivation in the future to write great chapters for you all. 

PS: This is my 300th post on this blog *Insert mini party here*

Oh, what the heck, here;