(Sorry for the messy doodles. Couldn’t be bothered drawing them out again digitally) I’ve come up with this weird thing, but I think it needs some work/feedback before (if?) I draw it digitally and colour it. I don’t really know where this idea came from (maybe grislyteeths’ characters have got stuck in my subconscious)

So I guess it’s a weird dragon/jester character? Instead of clothes, the weird frill things on her neck and head are tentacles. Instead of having bells on the end there are eyeballs. The main face constantly looks upset/ worried, while the mouth on the stomach looks happy. I’m thinking the colours would be just black and white. Maybe each side could be a negative/reverse colour? I’m not sure about the body shape either 

I dunno man. Does it look ok? Should I change stuff, or add stuff? Feedback would be nice :V