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I swear to god you're pretty much the only sane voice here. I'm a larrie, but it appalls me how most of them can't see that this is absolutely bullshit and a stunt. I mean, the pap pics, everything screams stunt. But thank you.

I gotta feeling once again some off blog fuckery is influencing people’s opinions. There’s not too many reasons for people to abandon logic like that. Whatever happened to…

By the third or fourth time it oughta be…

But I think some people are addicted to the drama. As if 1D isn’t already providing enough! 


The One and Ownly Project


Ladies, gentlemen and nonbinary people! It’s my pleasure to present you the final product of a process of recopilation and sweat and blood and a lot of laughter called The One and Ownly Project.

This idea was born when I thought about how many people had done a lot of gifts to Lownly about her work, but non of them were about the song which gave the series its name!

Gone gone gone by Phill Phillips has an specific phrase which sings “Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you" to which we all know gave the name to "My Beating Heart" and "His Beating Heart"

Lownly started this adventure on October, and since then, her work has leave a mark in all of those who have read it, which ended up creating a little mini fandom called Lowners.

That’s why we all Lowners wanted to give a gift to her, because she has been a total hella person with us, even if we all go crazy or mess around, always willing to answer all of our questions and even accepting some crazy challenges her fans propose.

This is for you yolownly, this is our way of saying THANK YOU! For all the awesome work you have done! For all those sleepless nights reading and chatting and making us laugh and just by simply having a good time.

Keep rocking sweetie! And please enjoy this!!!!

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It's obvious your against Beth and the Bethyl ship because your getting old and aren't as pretty as Beth. You have to hate all over people that are hopeful she'll come back because you don't have any hope for yourself.

You got me, anon. That’s exactly my reasoning for not liking the character of Beth or the “Bethyl” pairing on a fictional television show despite publicly explaining my distaste for it more than once on here (Cliff Note version: I was a teenager and got involved with a man in his 30s/40s. Spoiler alert- it didn’t end well and had long-lasting and damaging effects on my then young and impressionable psyche.)

But it sounds like you’ve got me figured out pretty well. I’m 29 now (clearly a fossil. I’ll be checking myself into the nearest nursing home after I finish replying to you,) and because I don’t look the same way I did at 18/19 (personally I thought I look better now, but I’m old and senile so who knows,) I am void of all hope and have nothing to look forward to: not a great and supportive circle of friends, not an enriching and lucrative career in law that I worked my ass off to get, not a caring, compassionate, funny, and attractive guy I get to spend time with (and he’s not twice my age, which I’m sure means it can’t be “true wuv,” right?) or a beautiful place I get to call home with my fabulous best friend and my pets.

None of that gives me hope because I’m getting older and have been forever emotionally crippled by the non-existent romance between two fictional characters that was implied and spun out of control by a bunch of angry teenagers who have only watched three episodes of a show now in it’s fifth season.

You got me.

Please visit me in the nursing home when you eventually turn 29 like me. We can sit together and talk about how things were so much simpler back in the day.


LaFerry is so sick of Hollstein’s bullshit

You know what? I'm throwing down the gauntlet.



This is not news.  This is not ANYTHING we don’t already know.  Emma Swan is a badass and she is AMAZING and FLAWLESS all on her own.  She doesn’t NEED anybody.  In the grand scheme of things no person really, truly NEEDS another.

So now that THAT’S out of the way …

It absolutely PISSES ME OFF that people think that in order to remain a badass, Emma needs to be alone, to somehow “prove” what a fierce, independent woman she is.  Everyone wants companionship, someone they can share things with.

It’s such an utter load of crap that her finding love with someone somehow diminishes her in some people’s eyes.

I want to see her really mesh with someone, someone who understands her, and can accept ALL sides of her, not just the shiny, pretty parts.

Everyone wants that.  Everyone DESERVES that.  It’s crap, complete crap, that in order to remain ~awesome~ to some people, that means Emma needs to be ALONE.

I don’t buy it for a second.  She deserves her happily ever after just as much, if not moreso, than anyone else.

Well, here we have it. Every single relationship, crush, and “What just happened?” that Glee gave us. We certainly got a lot of interesting pairings.

Thank you, Glee. You’re such a wonderfully cracky show.

Here is last year’s for comparison.

Am I the only one that calls bullsh*t when someone says the Merlin fandom is dead or something?
It makes me laugh cause my dash is overwhelmed with Merthur every single f*cking day and I actually feel like Tumblr consists of nothing else but Merlin. 
By all means bring on the challenges, fests and appreciation weeks and whatsoever… God knows I love a good loooong queue on fymxa.