I’m probably gonna be burned to crisp in one heck of a hellfire but I won’t regret a thing. 8U

- Situation: I was bored out of my mind, when I remembered that a certain dollmaker existed. Alas, it says “X-Girl”, meaning that there are no boys available (yet).

Then I remembered that I had this “collage-thingy” sitting in one of my folders:

What happened next is quite obvious. *backflips away*

Time to show off my (admittedly pitiful) haul from Melbourne Supanova this year!

I got the Love Live! poster free from the most amazing Love Live cosplayers, and the Love Live! pouch from cueppy, an amazing little zine and two Totoro badges from cactvs (who isn’t on tumblr but has an instagram I’ve linked to), and the Umi Sonoda collage thingy from their tablemate who I couldn’t find a link to :(

The big Steven Universe poster is from the amazing katieelle, the three adorable Steven Universe cards are from chicinlicin, the little postcard with the sky and the birb from their tablemate curlycomrade, and unfortunately I can’t find who did the last postcard with the green orbs but if anyone knows let me know because I love it!

Also bethang bought me the little pink bow with the brass knuckles on it by enixy because she said it was totally my aesthetic and I appreciate her for being so on point.

I’m so happy with all the pretty things I got at Supanova and want to thank all the amazing artists who went on the weekend. <3

anonymous asked:

how do i make those gif collage thingies?

i wish i knew! i just reblog the great ones others make!