Rackhanne Appreciation Week:

Day 3 - Favourite quote:

Charles Vane: The street will know what you did. They will know you betrayed your brothers for a woman. […] Loyalty, Jack. It’s supposed to mean something.

It means everything. 

if you act like sam winchester isn’t important to the storyline then i’m gonna have to stop you right there

my family has this tradition where we all stand around and hold hands and say what were thankful for
but i havent really been feeling it lately
actually for a really long time
because when they know i like girls too they wont really support me…
so i wanted to just kind of tell who ever’s reading this that im thankful for you because youre reading my bullshit so idk i guess that counts as caring
I dont have many people who care or worry about me so it means a lot
thank you


my main inspiration for unleashing my powers as the angel was really obviously inspired by carrie ahaha„