one of my greatest pleasures is having my shit together and turning in homework and doing well on tests and answering questions correctly and just feeling like im doing something right it puts me in the best mood

I read a chapter of the stranger for ap english while I was in math class after I had finished all my work 40 minutes before the class let out and it felt amazing. I put in headphones and listened to jazz. I can’t listen to anything with words because I’ll want to sing and I won’t pay attention to the book. Anyway I got the reading done and I did the questions for the chapter just now and it makes me so happy. I love understanding things. I actually love school. I really like the math I’m in because it’s so easy it’s like doing brain puzzles or something. It wakes up my brain at the end of the day. I like that alot. I don’t really care for most of my classes but this year is so easy. I could really be focusing on so much more since school is so easy but my body is just taking in all the sleep it can get because I think it knows college applications are coming. 

I really, truely love matthew and I am SO happy and so grateful hes in my life. he does so much for me and hes always there for me and hes just so perfect like I cant even put into words how just, good he is to me. hes so good to me. it makes me so happy. he really makes me happy. sometimes I doubt our relationship and sometimes I have trouble trusting him but I really really hope we last forever. I dont want us to end and I dont want anything to happen with us like what happend with my past relationships. I want to just have someone I can give myself too and be taken care of without worrying if they are going to break my heart or betray me and like, I feel like I can do this with matthew from now on. I really trust him with myself, as much as I can right now anyway, and I really really really pray this doesnt come back to bite my in the ass. please, just let something good happen in my life. dont let matthew leave me.

I love you so much matthew I love you so much you make me so happy im so greatful for everything youve done for me and contimue to do for me im sorry if im ridiculous or mean or snnoying or loud or clingy sometimes please dont ever hate me and hate these things about me like sami did. I cant deal with that. please love every part of me like I love every part of you

My #womancrushwednesday goes out to @logannnn_ellen . My absolutely amazing girlfriend. She’s hands down the most gorgeous woman I have ever met in my life. You make me so happy, baby. I’m so lucky to have you. I love you oh so much. <3


The first time I met him, I felt my heart burst. He’s the first guy I’ve been around who’s gotten me to stop talking. His mere presence just makes me so nervous and happy I forget to breathe. I could spend hours and hours just sitting there tracing the angel wing tattoo on his back, it takes up the entire back. His skin just send electricity through my body. When my step dad’s mean to me, he stands up and protects me. I love wrestling with him, he’s so much bigger, and a marine, so I know that I’m safe with him for sure. The months that he’s gone just makes me miss him even more. I haven’t felt like this for anyone else.

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your lock screens are so nice i can't decide which one i want to use asdrgwaehjrh

aw babe thank you so much!!! it makes me so happy that people actually use them haha :) and if you ever decide def take a screenshot and show me!!! I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t even know what they look like hehe

long live living is my go-to feel-good fic y’know?? like it’s silly n goofy and all but it’s also heartfelt and charming and they’re My Boys ya know i love that. i can’t read it without smiling it makes me so happy ahh

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you know when there are a bunch of little birds sitting on a wire well....I don't actually know where this was going but birds on wires make me happy and you make me happy so there you go

thanks <3

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I don’t speak Portuguese but this song makes me so happy. 

mutationisnotadisease replied to your post:Mun question, is there any particular song that reminds you of Alex? What would you say is your favorite aspect of him as a character in which you portray, or would like to, in your writing?

//renegade by styx has just recently become one of my “listen to at all times” songs, so wow i adore that idea. oh!! wow, i personally had no idea. ggg, that’s lovely information.

you didn’t know what? about that info on alex? because that makes me so very happy that i could talk about my character and tell them things they did not know