this is not the only issue btw

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Well I mean Evil Dead is one of the best things ever but you might like the original 80s version of Guinea Pig and the ReAnimator idk 80s horror isn't my forte but Tokyo gore police has some good graphics really anything Japanese gore lol Creepshow is also good.

ahhhh oh o ho ho hohooho guinea pig

guinea pig ive only seen mermaid in a manhole but those movies are screwed up i might try watching one again, probably a later one in the series cuz im not really into the whole exploitation thing but yeah that one was revolting

ive never seen reanimator, i wish it was back on netflix! i mean streaming from sketchy sites is no issue really but netflix is so much easier…….i cant believe i still havent seen it

creepshow is one of my old faves btw, that one part, i think, with like the plants, thats fucked up


I was hungry even though it was only an hour after lunch which was especially weird because I rarely get hungry (it may have something to do with the fact that lunch was delayed until 4 pm…).

But anyhow I ended up eating like 4 slices of daiya and then waiting 20 minutes before feeding myself a full fledged snack. I decided to count the daiya as “extra” as I was hungry for it which probably meant I needed more food.

Anyhow, it’s only an hour later and dinner will be ready in 15 minutes but I’m so so so full. I already have pretty nasty reflux from pushing my meals so close and I’m not sure how well dinner will sit.

But then I remember how I want to do track, and how my doctors still aren’t happy with my weight DESPITE the fact that it is at/ above the place we agreed would be my goal weight unless I grew (and it was supposed to be much higher than my growth curve so that I WOULDN’T have to deal with trying to put on more weight. Now the doctors might not let me do track as they are convinced that I’m sabatoging myself and not eating as much as I’m supposed to, even though I’m eating a couple hundred calories MORE than they set as my goal amount. Urrrrg.

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Excuse me? Since when do you own the tag? I was not trying to “make fun” or “make light” of the pay gap issue. I thought it was strange that literally every time I play SK with Koniko, I always end up with less crowns per level. It WAS a joke (and not a pun, btw). Me posting this did not in anyway effect the issue; this did not support it, either- I simply brought up the topic to compare the pay gap to my SK loot. I understand that it is not the same thing; I only received less loot in the game because I was lazy and didn’t want to collect extra crowns, and not because my character was being discriminated against. My friend also knew about the picture, and I don’t feel that I owe HIM an apology. 

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Hmm...I had fried rice and applesauce and blueberry bread ik weird right? Anyway I have some really weird social issues, I never know what to say and I even get jittery when I'm paying for something or ordering something :/ do you have any tips? Btw I lub u ahah thanks sonny ;)

That same thing honestly happens to me :/// i haven’t quite figured out how to work through it completely but i just try not work make myself more nervous than i am bc it isnt like the person is going to scream at me if i stutter or mess up. So just dont psych yourself put bc people are only people.

//hey talk 2 me cuties//

Thank God for Letting Me be Myself ... Again

Okay. I promised myself about a year ago that I would try to keep my political beliefs off my social media pages, but I’m SOOOOO sick and tired of people bashing President Obama about topics/issues/so-called beliefs which they have no substantiating evidence.

1. President Obama was elected by the people who EXERCISED their RIGHT to vote by an overwhelming majority … TWICE! If you exercise your right to vote, then STHU.

2. President Obama *is* a CHRISTIAN! Just ask the Reverend Dr Rick Warren, as he delivered the invocation at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. BTW, if you’re not familiar with Rick Warren, not only is he a NY Time’s best-sellers’ author of several inspirational & evangelical books (“The Purpose-Driven Church,” “The Purpose-Driven Life,” and “The Daniel Plan,” to name a few) he’s also a die-hard conservative. And you know what? What if he was a follower of Allah? I know plenty of people whom are Muslim, and they’re not Jihadists! They are peaceable people who worship God (Allah) in the manner passed down to them by Mohammed, just as today’s Christians and Jewish worship God in the manner passed down to us by Moses. 

TANGENT: There are as many extreme Christians as there are Muslim, or any other organized religion. They’re the ones protesting the funerals of soldiers whom sacrificed their lives for our country’s freedoms, they’re the ones blowing up abortion clinics (even other churches), and yes, they’re the ones whom have their sock puppets spewing out hatred over our airwaves. God is LOVE! God is ALL-GOOD! God is ALL-KNOWING! God is ALMIGHTY!

3. President Obama has brought this country THROUGH the worst economic period in our country’s history since The Great Depression. His initiatives have created millions of jobs, and putting Americans back on a payroll. And yes, this recession was started by money-grubbing, hedonistic, SOBs CEOs/CFOs on Wall Street and major banks that prize profit over employees or what’s good for our nation as a whole, while lining politicians’ pockets with all of the money they could shove into them, and then some.

4. Lastly, I thank President Obama for ‘Obamacare’ (how nice of Republicans to name it after him—it *is* quite flattering)! If not for this initiative to ensure that *all* Americans have health insurance, my son would be dead.

As previously stated, I may lose friends (maybe even family members, too) over my beliefs, but they are unapologetically mine. If we can’t agree to disagree, then you’re really not my friend, and I refuse to no longer pretend to be someone I am not in some sort of crazy attempt to ingratiate myself with people I knew once upon a time. I AM a follower of Christ Jesus, and what I love most about Him is what He did during his three years of ministry on this earth: He cured the sick, fed the poor, drove out demons, and most of all, He taught us how to love His Father, all without remuneration. Look at the Corporal Works of Mercy, for this should be the blueprint of our lives.

"Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me." -Matthew 25:45 (NAB)

That’s all I have to blog about that.

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I'm (the 18 year old girl, my name is Michelle btw) Thank you, really it's nice to see a complete stranger to just understand you, I really needed someone to be here for me and luckily I found you. I feel a bit better, but it's not easy trying to convince myself things are going to be okay, my mother doesn't care that I'm 18 (her house her bullshit) I'm an only child and that makes things worse, she's really obsessive, she's the main issue and it shouldn't be that way bc she's my mother :(

Hi Michelle :) thank you for coming here and aww bless you. And aww it must be difficult to feel so controlled and restricted:( I know it’s hard to tell yourself and believe that things will get better, but I promise you that they will. Even if it doesn’t seem like it.. It always does..”the sun always shines even after the worst storms”. Have you ever told anyone how controlling/obsessive she is? And you’re right, it shouldn’t be this way for you <3    

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congrats on elite! now try beating only with your fav >:3 btw i see you're testing the qrhack... isnt it pretty dangerous?;;; it literally works like a virus


No, its actually not! Its something RAM based. And I haven’t got any issues with my game. It works perfectly! And these cheated Pokemon are good, so yeah. ^^ I had cheated pokemon earlier and nothing special happened.

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What happened with your computer? Is it a hardware or software issue?

I honestly have no idea! lately like within the last week I’ve been freezing randomly and getting the spinning pinwheel thing (I have a macbook pro 2013 btw). I think it’s my RAM because I have less than 2GB left but I have no idea what could be using all of that ram because I’m only running Safari… 

I’m gonna try to get a RAM upgrade and see if that works. idk what else it could be

About social justice politics

Seen as I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I feel like I need to make my views on this known. Hell, hopefully, I might even get some attention on this. Here goes:

One thing that’s so often frustrated me about online social justice politics is how incredibly Americocentric it nearly always is. Even Non-American SJ people in other Anglophone countries are often guilty of this. The existence and widespread usage of the term “people of colour” (a term I absolutely hate with a pashion BTW) in itself is a testament to this. This wouldn’t be problematic if they would just acknowledge the fact that some of their sociological issues are only really applicable to America’s sociological situation, but a lot of time, this really isn’t taken into consideration at all. And whilst as a general rule of thumb, I reckon the privilege-oppression sociological view works alright (if you remove the conflict theory and group agency aspects, that is). It works in the sense that there are power imbalances in all societies that favour some groups over others in various ways. However, it should always be applied with a lot of nuance in mind, and even with intersectionality in mind, merely viewing one group as unambiguously privileged is in itself too overly simplistic. So, let me give an example of my own country, the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is a nation-state further made up of three smaller entities that could also be called nations in the cultural sense (England, Scotland, and Wales), and part of another one (Northern Ireland). I’d say that to a small extent, within the British system, a power dynamic does exist between English people and Non-English people, but not even close to the same extent that exists in the UK between, for example, men and women or white people and racial minorities. The main privileges afforded to English people that stand out in my mind are these.

“England” is commonly used (often by English people, but even more so by foreigners) synonymously with “the United Kingdom” or “Britain”, and vice versa. Using “Scotland” or “Wales” in this way would be rightfully seen as completely absurd, but because English people make up approximately 85% of the British population, the two are often conflated wrongly. This understandably and justifiably pisses off Non-English Brits.

Another privilege afforded to English people (although certainly not all English people equally) is that Standard British English (or Received Pronunciation) is based on England English (specifically London and the Home Counties), which can potentially lead to discrimination based on accent (this largely ties in with classism obviously), which whilst it will certainly affect plenty of English people with more regionally distinct accents negatively as well, it will pretty much by default affect non-English people negatively. This is less common nowadays as people have become more accepting of regional accents and less puritanical about language, course, but this still happens.

There could be other ones that I’ve failed to consider, but I believe I’ve made my point clear thus far.

However, this is where things get more complicated and where I feel one of the main shortcomings of simply viewing as in a simplistic manner.

There’s one way in the British system in which most English people (meaning anyone who lives in England in this case) are disadvantaged. It’s more of a political and geographic disadvantage than cultural, but it’s still important, I reckon.

Up until 1998, barring local councils, the entire British state was centralised and the vast majority of decisions were made by the government. They weren’t all always applied to all of the UK’s 3 legal jurisdictions (England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland), but they were all made in Westminster- although since Northern Ireland had a regional parliament up until 1974, this was only true for them from that point on when it was dissolved because of The Troubles. Considering England has more people (and therefore MP’s in the House of Commons) in it than the rest of the UK combined 3 times, English issues tended to get more attention than others, and this was rightfully seen as problematic. There were failed referendums in both Wales and Scotland in 1979 to introduce devolution, but in 1997, they tried again and this time they passed - Wales got an assembly and Scotland got a parliament. There was also a referendum on the Good Friday peace deal in Northern Ireland that included the creation of a regional assembly. The creation of these elected bodies meant the people of these areas would have more direct power over certain domestic issues (not all of these regional bodies had the same amount of power, though). However, this was problematic for anyone in England outside the Greater London area (they also had a referendum and got a regional assembly).

If you live in an aforementioned area, the closest thing you’ve got to regional representation is a local council, and they’ve power over very little. Westminster acts almost as England’s de facto regional parliament - for example, because of devolution, the British education secretary really only has power over England’s education system. However, this is problematic, because Non-English MP’s are still allowed to vote on England-only laws and potentially become cabinet ministers. From 2003 to 2005, John Reid - then MP for Airdrie and Shotts in North Lanarkshire - was the health secretary, and considering the Scottish parliament controls Scotland’s NHS, this meant he was making decisions about England’s NHS that didn’t affect his own constituents. The combination of having no regional assembly and MP’s from outside England voting on England-only issues is highly problematic, and is one way in which English are disadvantaged by the British system (albeit mostly incidentally).

And on top of this, there’s another problem with this overly simplistic view of social dynamics.

Within this larger sociological entity known as the United Kingdom, there are also smaller ones that have their own power dynamics. For the sake of simplicity, these are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Within each of these areas, anyone from any of the others will be at risk of discrimination and bigotry if they visit (or even more so, move) there. An English or Welsh person in Scotland. An Irish or Scottish person in England. Even though they’re still part of the same nation-state, and it’ll hardly be on even close to the same level as what official foreign nationals and immigrants in the UK deal with, there’s still a sense of foreign-ness that will motivate some ‘natives’ of that place to mistreat them in various ways (ranging from mostly benign to blatantly xenophobic). A Scottish person in Scotland won’t be mistreated or discriminated againgst for their cultural identity, but in England or Wales, it’s likely they will at some point have to deal with this depending on how long they’re there. This is a wider issue of identity politics in the UK, and the kind of vitriol that occurred from both people in Scotland and in the rest of the UK during the Scottish independence referendum was by far best example of this hostility in its worst and clearest form. Whilst it doesn’t affect the average person that much generally, these smaller dynamics still exist within the wider social dynamics mentioned a few paragraphs ago.

What’s my point here with this massive essay I’ve written? The point is that social power dynamics are very complicated things, and shouldn’t be reduced to simply a black and white view of privileged vs oppressed. It’s also a good example of how it’s not okay to simply assume there will necessarily be equivalents of America’s social problems in other countries.

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girl she's been stalking me on tumblr and twitter and keeps copying me on tags i mean of course i wouldn't have probs about that i mean its just tags duh but some weeks goes on and she started copying and again again its not the tags but the stalking i'm concerned about that i mean c'mon 10 months really why would a person keeps stalking you and then when i shared my twitter on tumblr she stalks me again there btw im not the ONLY ONE who's got issues about this about her

what? are you serious? thats why lately she likes all my posts and all that shit what the hell?!!?!? im kinda scared now!

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Hi! I noticed people were giving you problems, and I just wanted to drop by and hopefully cheer you up some! So, I hope you have a great day. You deserve it 'cause you're super rad! ~ And to everyone giving Vin a bad time: Shoo. Get. Go away. Leave IT alone. Y'all are rude. (I hope this message is okay btw. Really sorry if this is unwarranted or made you at all uncomfortable. I just like trying to give people pick-me-ups when others are being mean for no reason, but disregard if it's an issue!)

wowowow this is rlly nice wow
thank you so much!!! thank you

(not that many ppl were dicks to me tho, there was only one and he was anti-otherkin, and the other anon i understand where they were coming from so its alright so i mean)

danishnerdess reblogged your post:meggimed reblogged your post:ok but for real what…

What about Merry? Or Strirth Tragic Spy Husbands 2.0?

i like merry, but we’d run into the problem of having people tag unrelated stuff with merry bc it’s a fairly common word in english as well so idk

maybe merryhart (or something similar) might work? the only thing i could see being an issue would be that it sounds a little fluffy, but tbh i think it might be our best option considering everything else (and 

plus i just checked and the tag is completely empty so there wouldn’t be any conflict with other ships/tags/etc

(i have no idea what the second one refers to btw, so i’m not gonna address it other than that it runs into the same problem of being too long to be useful)

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Hi there~ Just curious (and please don't feel obliged to answer if you don't want to) you said the anon had the sense to use your title. Does that mean you come from a royal family? Whatever the case, lovely name! You're absolutely gorgeous btw <3

I’m pretty much over hiding it, though I was never really hiding it I just never talked about it. You are correct my family is royalty, my father is a Baron and my Godfather was an Earl, they are what you call in England peerage or nobility.  I left England several years ago and I do not use my real name or title in America. I am not ashamed of my background, and I only used a different name here because I was having issues with my Father when I first moved here, there is no need for titles in the US. I lived a very different life in society in the UK. I am however very fond of and devoted to the US now, I could not imagine going back! Hope this helps.

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hi there.. I was wondering if I could talk about some kin stuff? I'm WCkin and I might be kin with Ivypool. but I know im kin to another cat.. the issue is, its not only a non-canon cat, they're from a non-canon Clan! its still the same world, there are many beliefs and StarClans afterall, and it is a good clan. but they have their own traditions and such. they're not TOTALLY unlike the four clans, but its still making me feel like my kintype is really invalid.. sorry to rant. I love ur blog btw

awh, thanks, nonnypaw (: and its totally, completely valid, fictionkin /are not limited to canons/ by any means.

if you ever wanna talk about it, just let me know (: I love OCs. and I’d love to talk to you.

you and your kintype are as valid as any, don’t you ever forget that (: sorry this is so short, but I’m on my phone and I’m at a restaurant so d:

feel free to keep messaging me on anon or come off anon, I can give you my skype or kik in case you wanna talk. you’re as valid and beautiful as any canon cat

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ok here we go. anti-feminism isn't anti womens rights. we believe in equality, just without the bs. which means we don't hate men, we listen to everyone's opinions and perspectives, we don't victimize ourselves (or women, if you're male) because believe it or not, BOTH genders have certain privileges in the first world. pro-equality, not pro-women. (i'm female btw)

Feminism is about fighting for equal rights for marginalized groups. Feminism isn’t about victimizing ourselves (seriously though, being a victim is not a problem though, the person who victimized you is), it’s about identifying the issues within society, figuring out why these are issues and who they affect disproportionately, figuring out a way to change these issues, and then implementing these changes. As I said above, feminism’s main goal is to improve the lives of those who are marginalized.

Feminism doesn’t focus on cis women and cis women only, feminism focuses on race issues, LGBTQ+ issues, sexism issues, gender roles, rape culture, and so on. Feminism is FOR those who are marginalized and while we don’t focus on privileged groups, they ALSO benefit from feminism, funny how that works eh? It is clear to me, from this message that was sent, that you don’t really have a great idea of what feminism is and how it operates. 

P.S. Feminism doesn’t make people hate cis men, while there are many people who hate men (of which, btw, are totally valid in their feelings), that is HARDLY feminism’s fault. 

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ask meme: 1, 3, 27, and 38(๑✧∀✧๑)xoxo

1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.

emotional angst, deep seated issues. anything that involves that, i’m more than comfortable to go in balls deep.

3. Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?


27. How do you feel about collaborations?

collabs are great. i personally need to be very attuned to the person i’m collabing with. i’ve only ever met one person i’ve genuinely considered collaborating with, and that was only recently. for writing-writing that is. art is something different. art-writing or art-art collabs are much more laid-back. 

38. Which is your favorite site to post fic?

honestly i’m not picky. has some major problems but their stats feature is amazing. ao3 has more freedom and a great tagging system but lacks with some of the details is good for. i like them interchangeably and don’t favour one over the other really. both are fic platforms that do their jobs. :)

Hey, as far as diversity goes for the Oscars last night, at least:
  • Common and John Legend’s performance pressed upon it. Although I was expecting a Hands Up, Don’t Shoot homage, everything about their “Glory” performance was top-notch, and I’m happy they won best song.
  • A Mexican director won BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR!! Btw, if you haven’t seen Birdman, do so. Easily one of my favorite movies this year.
  • Lupita Nyong’o, Zoe Saldana, Octavia Spencer, and Viola Davis are gorgeous as always.

Only disappointment I had is that I had no idea that the President of the Academy Awards, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, is black. Seeing a black woman in that position fills my heart with immense joy, but seeing that she is a black woman in that position, you figured the diversity issue would play a little more to her personal interests. We’ll see, I guess.

Be respectful...

The only thing I will speak about the whole Gilinsky and Madison drama ~again, it’s getting boring~ is that if you’re going to voice your opinion, at least be respectful towards Madison and Jack, there’s NO WAY to know the truth about the rumours about her and we will never know what she is really like, and if Jack cares about her, the least we can do is be respectful towards her (YOU SHOULD BE RESPECTFUL TOWARDS EVERYONE!!!!!IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT PEOPLE THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PERSONAL ISSUE WITH MADISON OR ANYONE ELSE YOU SHOULD KEEP BEING RESPECTFUL!!!! and remember she’s a woman and there’s so much wrong with the things people say to her, that’s why feminism exists, because we, our bodies and our lifes only disrespects to us!!!~and your parents if you’re underage~)