keysleuth said:

dream ball!!

AHHh that is so hard… Uhm… I have a couple I guess.

I really want to influence kids positively as a teacher just as my teachers did for me. I want a kid to grow up and then remember me later like: “Oh yeah! I remember miss Dawson! She helped me learn I wanted to be an astronaut” or something corny like that.

Also I really just dream of getting married and starting a family. I dream of living the rest of my life with the ones I love. 

Also I want to go to space. On a much more impossible note. I also want to know about the universe and its secrets. HOW DID YOU COME TO BE. Also aliens. Damnit I want to know everything. 

Okay I kinda got off topic but yeah. Thanks for the ask Jessie!! <3

anonymous said:

I think Alexa is hella cool and I love her to bits, but I do completely understand why a lot of people may not warm to her/she not be their cup of tea. I think that's the case for most things though... like I worship the AM album but I still understand why a lot of fans badmouth it.

Fans bad mouth AM because they’ve “changed” and it’s gone “mainstream”, it’s honestly so bloody annoying. Shut the fuck up and enjoy the music lol

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Kinda off-topic from 48group discussion, but have you come across biased lecturers/professors? If so, how do you deal with them, or at least convince them of your competency?

It’s not an uncommon occurrence, yes, but it’s rarely a serious matter. Most of the bias I’ve faced is due to the difference in experience and seniority.

I try not to antagonize them, or to give them a reason to unnecessarily criticize me, but when it does occur, I usually just take it as part of the continuous cycle of criticism and self-improvement. To me, it’s just a matter of working hard, keeping myself up to date with studies, and making sure I at least match up to the expectations the lecturers/professors/consultants have for me, if not exceed them. Meaning that I try my best, from the start, to establish what the profs expect from me as a student, and then to work towards those goals while I am under their tutelage.

Oh no

It’s only 3:48! I was suppose to sleep til like 7 tomorrow but I’m just to excited! Tomorrows going to be so much fun! Like this is the feeling you get when it’s Christmas time and you’re just like… I should go camp under the tree so that Santa can put a blanket of gifts over you. Which means Id definitely wake up with new socks on my feet.

anonymous said:

my crush is a adorable precious girl who is just wonderful. i think shes funny and beautiful, but her self-esteem is very low. I have only talked to her a few times, but besides that she doesn't really know me. I want to help her and tell her she's wonderful but shes very popular and won't notice me ,, ;u;

Oh no! Okay so kinda-off-topic story time. Last year, I was really into this boy who was really popular and I spent the first three months of school trying to impress him and make myself seem more popular and attractive. Even to the point where I pulled some strings to get myself on homecoming court. Anywho, I never ended up with him because marching season ended so then I rarely ever saw him, even though I still liked him, but I moved on eventually. I still think he’s hot (and now I’m back to seeing him everyday) but I realize that he’s kind of an asshole and wouldn’t have been worth it. I know you didn’t even mention anything like this but long story short: don’t try to change yourself to appeal more to your popular crush!!! Don’t make the same mistakes as me, learn from mine!!!!

Anyhow, it doesn’t hurt to crush on her and try to flirt and stuff as long as you stay true to yourself. My advice is to ask her to tutor you or make a study group for a class that you both have or something. Find other people in the class to join the group, too, if you feel more comfortable that way. Start to get to know her slowly like that and then, when you feel friendly enough, go ahead and text her or message her on facebook.

And if you say she has low self-esteem, don’t forget to compliment her! Don’t overdo it, though. Like if you notice she has a cute print on her skirt or she did her hair up differently. It’s always nice to say something if you notice she put a little more effort into something than she usually does.

Good luck, anonnie!! <3

tell me about your crush on anon~

keepcallingmeabeautifuldisaster said:

I totally agree with you on the singles thing! I know this is kinda off topic, but I always felt like the music video for story of my life would have been better suited for through the dark. I don't know if it's just me or not lol

Yeah, the video was super cute but it didn’t fit the song at all? Haha. xx

nix-angelos said:

Send ღ for a first kiss between our muses.

『†』: Who Knew A Single girl could turn his entire life around, starting from the very first day he truly saw her in a different light. She was no longer the Ruri he once knew, becoming someone new, Someone who had touched his core, someone who melted away the permafrost and unraveled the barbed wires surrounding his heart despite the scars they left on her pale hands. She was someone beautiful, an angel descent. He didn’t deserve her. He acknowledged this. A silver rose far beyond his reach, Yet the only one he wanted. Who he would want in this universe, The next, and those following after.

He began to wonder if she thought about him, too in the way that he thought about her. Whether she thought of their future, be it beyond friendship. Did she day dream about the times they could share as well ? Did she ever wonder what his lips would feel against like hers, just as he did ?The thoughts were maddening, Curious feelings overwhelming as they sat together, Her speaking in that tiny, broken voice that he loved despite her stutter. Perhaps even he didn’t know that their first kiss would happen this way, With him catching both himself and Ruri offguard, pressing their lips together in a single, ephemeral yet warming kiss. He’s pulling away quickly, Pale face crimson as he apologizes. Although she was just as reticent as he had been, She doesn’t turn him away, Instead, comforting the bashful male in a quiet voice. Their moment perhaps hadn’t been tarnished after all.

anonymous said:

excuse me im sorry but the terminology female bodied and male bodied is problematic. it implies that people with penises must be males and people with vaginas must be females. less problematic ways of saying this is "people with penises" or " people with vaginas" or "dmab" or "dfab".

ohh that’s true i’m sorry. i didn’t think about that when i added my comment onto that post…. when you look at it the whole post it was kinda cissexist dont you think? 

kinda off topic, but dont you find it hilarious how cisgendered men try to flaunt their biology like “look at my muscles” but like son you started off with the same body parts you say are weak

anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention

anonymous said:

i think it's wrong that ur so nice to people and yet some still put this responsibility on you like i know it's good to talk with someone if you have a problem but you shouldn't be responsible for anyones life ugh sorry that's kinda off topic but about yesterdays (i guess) anon and your response with manipulative anyways rock on man ur amazing ^^

I am nice. But I’m not gonna let people go over me.

If you think there’s a need to put me against a wall and a knife then realize this:

It is NOT going to work. 

Thank you for the concern, darling. <3

darlingcap replied to your post: anonymous said:the very concept o…

I am guessing anon means sasstiel is stronger? Sam defends cas from dean, like dean would defend sam from everyone ?

Yeah, anon hasn’t sent me anything else yet, but perhaps you’re right and that’s what they mean! I do think though that there shouldn’t be a comparison between ships. People ship characters for their own reasons because they see the interaction those characters have different than others.

* and that’s a reason why not everyone supports the same ship*

And of course whether we like it or not neither Destiel or Sastiel (not even actual Wincest) is canon and they are never going to be. What actually happens in the show is always on the level of friendship and brotherhood. So Sam will defend Cas because he’s his friend and Dean will defend Sam because he’s his little brother. That doesn’t mean that people cannot have their own fantasies. I do ship characters but I do not have the expectation (and it doesn’t even bother me) that they’re never gonna be “together” in the show. That’s why we have fanfiction and other types of art! :)

i really try not to view any of my experiences as inherently bad. while a lot of them were terrible, painful, and would continue to affect me months or years afterward, i dont think they are “bad.” id consider nearly all experiences to be good experiences (there are of course exceptions). every experience teaches you something. every single terrible experience ive had has changed me in some way. i wouldnt be who i am or capable of what i am now without those experiences. im at a point now where im able to appreciate my parents divorce, my struggle with self harm, my god awful freshman year, going to the hospital, and even all the times i was so close to killing myself, etc etc etc. i still deal with a lot of these things on a daily basis. but i try to view it as a learning process. this is how i find silver linings. this is how i try 2 live without regrets no matter what i do. 

the human brain is constructed around repeated processes. whenever we are dealt with pain or trauma or anything else our reactions are the collective sum of all the other things we have experienced before. negative or positive, whatever coping methods we choose are actually just the same trodden, beat down neural pathways firing up over and over again. how we deal with one situation affects how we deal with the next. however, there is such a thing as neuroplasticity. these neural pathways can be abandoned, and newer healthy ones can be formed and fired over and over again. the human brain is malleable, especially underdeveloped juvenile brains. 

even just taking the tiniest step towards the opposite direction will affect your neural pathways and coping methods, because you will look back and realize youre one step away from where you started. so maybe you take another step. and then another. the brain is malleable, but it cant change instantaneously. on average, there are two thousand steps in a mile. things take time. but you have all the time in the world, or as much time as you give yourself. and eventually, you may just break out in a run.