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Also, I had a non-would you rather question for you that's probably been asked before: What's your favorite one-shot that you've written and why? I always wonder with you because you have so many.

It hasn’t been asked before that I can recall, so I’m glad you did. :)

My favorite is one that doesn’t get a lot of attention (it slowly built up notes over the passing months) because it isn’t a very popular topic/pairing:  Dareth Shiral covers the death of Tamlen, cutting between the Warden digging a grave for him and memories of them growing up together. It’s one of my more emotionally-charged pieces (I still can’t read it without crying) and it felt very personal to put together as I had recently gone through a period of mourning myself. The hardest thing about writing death and mourning as a subject in a piece of short fiction is getting the reader to care enough about the characters when you have so little time to give them something to connect to. I’d like to think I achieved that. 

My honorable mentions:

Solas’ Lips
A Curious Eye
A Way to Warm You
The Card Game
A Little Piece of Elvhenan
Stay Like This
(Fenris at Skyhold)
The First Time (NSFW Zevran + Warden)
One Final Gift (Zevran + Warden)

(I’d add  Facing the Wolf too, even though that’s technically a two-parter.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you direct your positivity posts at all boys/men? Obviously not all boys/men are good people.

A: We say all boys because we have to. If we didn’t, and instead said “SOME boys” or “these SPECIFIC boys” then insecure boys–arguably the boys who need it most–would think we don’t care about them or are not including them. An anon addressed this wonderfully: this way, when we say all boys, it’s direct. It gets attention. Boy who need it will see it and KNOW it’s for them. 

This will probably be said a lot throughout the course of this post, but this blog does not condone violence, harm, or harassment of any kind. From anyone. 

Q: Will you reblog my post so it gets more notes?

A: Unless your post has something to do with the theme of our page, no. You are free to submit or ask any questions or share stories for the blog, but if your content is not relevant then it will not be considered. Relevant content includes, but is not limited to, the following

  • positivity posts for boys/men
  • all inclusive positivity posts
  • inspirational posts
  • lgbtq positivity and reference posts
  • donation posts for boys/men in need (shelter, food, surgery, relief from bad situation, etc.)
  • reference posts (information about sexual and domestic abuse, hotlines, etc)
  • visibility day selfies
  • awareness/history month related posts

Q: Why do you hate women?

A: We don’t

If your reaction to positivity directed at boys is “that person must hate women”, then you seriously need to take a good hard look at yourself. 

This reaction is the logical equivalent of walking up to someone at the store who has carrots in their shopping cart and screaming “WHY DO YOU HATE APPLES????”

Q: A boy/man did [horrible thing] to me once. Does that person deserve my/your love and support?

A: If you think a single one of us would condone that, you’ve missed the point of this blog. Violence is not a gendered issue, and the moment you start recognizing that, the closer we can get to fixing the problems we all face. 


It was amazing shooting that scene where he says that to Sarah because we’re shooting my perspective before he turns away and walks off to commit the ultimate sacrifice—Tatiana was just sitting on an apple box next to the camera and she was just crying. Her eyes—she was so focused on me and she was just giving me so much to react off of. She’s such a giving actor. It’s not even her perspective. It was beautiful for me to play off that emotion. And another wonderful thing was, I told Helen Shaver at the beginning of the shoot, “Push me hard and I trust you and I’m not going to take any notes that you give me personally.” Literally probably did 50 takes of it. She was so great because she just gave me every opportunity to get it right and get it in as many ways as we possibly could, and to finally pick what would be the best way to portray the emotion that he had for this girl. But yeah, a lot of the gals and guys that were on the set that day said there weren’t a lot of dry eyes in the house, that’s for sure. – Dylan Bruce


*NOTE: I don’t have any nsfw images on this post but I am possibly willing to draw nsfw-ish content after a discussion. sexy.

You can find full versions of all of these images on my deviantART and If you see something there that isn’t included here and you would like something similar, do not hesitate to ask. If you are interested, please message me on my art blog or personal blog or email me at:

I probably am going to go slow as I’m not expecting a whole lot of interest from people and open 7 slots on a first come first serve basis (maybe 7 is optimistic, who knows???) and I will update progress here. Please note that I’m a REALLY FUCKING SLOW artist and it takes me some time to get pieces completed so please give me a good amount of notice if you want something for a particular date. I’ll also show you a sketch of your commission before I go ahead and draw the whole thing just to see if you like it.

Also: - Please don’t argue with me on prices. If you don’t agree with any of the prices, don’t buy anything from me. 

I feel so awkward publically addressing this but gavinvavin reposted a bunch of gifs made by myself and lieutenantsmith and probably others in their funhaus guys gifsets and I think their meg gifsets and I tried messaging them but they haven’t answered or been on but it makes me kind of uncomfortable because I worked hard making those gifs and I’m not very good at it and it took me like ages and so I’d appreciate it if people didn’t reblog them? Obviously I can’t tell you what to do and probably a lot of people just haven’t noticed I’m sure I’ve reblogged stuff with reposted edits in them, but yeah I just think I don’t know do what you want but know that those gifs are reposts from sets made by other people is all.

Caught In The Act [Pietro Maximoff]

A/N: Hey so here’s my update… You’ve all probably read lots of oneshots styled like this. I still would definitely find this funny. Enjoy you lovely readers :) I shall also finish my other ideas, but again keep requesting… keep me busy guys and girls!

Note: Jarvis still exists here… Let it be

Tony smirked. It was time to get Pietro Maximoff back from the last power in iron man suit prank. He knew exactly what it is. It involved his current crush, (Y/N).

“Jarvis, what is (Y/N) up to right now?” Tony said as he popped a bean in his mouth. The AI replied, “In the shower, sir. Why?”

“Perfect timing.” Tony smirked, picking up a blueprint you wanted from him.

“What are you planning to do now, Mr. Stark?” Jarvis asked. Tony shrugged. “A prank on a Sokovian. Oh, and speaking of Speedy, could you call him? I need him to do something.”

“Of course, sir.”

As Tony took a quick look at the blueprint, he realized that Pietro was already right beside him, his arms crossed and his eyebrows raised.

“You hollered Stark?”

The billionaire nodded and shoved the blueprint into Pietro’s arms.

“These are for…”

“(Y/N).” Pietro’s eyes widened.

“I uhh I mean… Why don’t you get Wanda or Captain to do it. I mean, they are closer to (Y/N) than I am and -”

“Geez Pietro you only need to deliver the blueprint.” Tony smirked, making Pietro blush.

“I, alright I’ll go…. Be back in a minute.”

“(Y/N), I have something to be brought for you from Stark.” The older Maximoff twin knocked. After knocking a few more times and realizing the door was unlocked, he opened it.

“Shit Pietro!” You screamed as he came in. Pietro turned very pink and instantly dropped the blueprint. You were blushing hard as well. You instantly found your towel, though it did no good so you got the sheets of your bed.

He started to say a string of words in Sokovian while you quickly found your clothes.

“I’m really sorry, (Y/N)! Stark told me you needed it right now and..” You laughed nervously.

“No, no it’s fine! It was stupid of me for not immediately locking the door and I uhh… I’ll be back.” You stammered, practically running to the bathroom, making the door shut close hard.

Once you came out, the two of you were still blushing while Pietro held the blueprint out awkwardly. You took it in gratitude before finding your brush to well, brush your hair.

“I really am sorry for that… I, oh now you’ll never be liking me in this rate I mean I saw you naked and–”

“Wait what?!” You asked in slight shock, confusion and delight. Pietro’s eyes widened and his hand went to his mouth. He was as red as Thor’s cape actually.

“I… I didn’t mean that and…a-and.” You were smirking by this time.

“I, I gotta go.” He tried to go away, but you were faster with your powers, freezing him in place. He gulped.

“Come on Mister Maximoff, let’s have a chat.” Pietro sighed.

“I am going to hate Stark even more after this.”

A/N: Sorry if it was short and possibly (but hopefully not) crappy. Send in those requests! I’m already writing my other ideas in mind, but I’d also want the help from my readers. Forgive any grammar errors of mine please… Toodles! And follow if you haven’t for more of these :)

You Are All I Ever Longed For

M, 13k+, AO3

note: i’m taking a lot of liberties with this. (more in notes on AO3, but mostly just go with it, pls.)

Ian Gallagher is not what Mickey expected.

He thought that Gallagher would be buff or at least broader, maybe with cropped short hair, a tan from his time out of the country, and a stiffer stance. It’s probably just a stigma, expecting the military brat to always look like a military brat, but it still surprises Mickey when he finally tracks Ian down. He’s pale as shit and a bit lanky too, like he grew too fast at one point and it took a while for the rest of his body to catch up. He does still look very fit - maybe thin and toned is a better way to describe him. Even though he walks like he’s more loose and relaxed than the average soldier, he stands up straight and walks tall, his one dead giveaway (except for what is no doubt a very fit body). He has big feet and big hands, and Mickey’s pretty sure his eyes are green - not that he’s gotten close enough to actually tell for certain.

He’s also has red hair that isn’t shaved down but still relatively short (longer than Mickey would ever wear it though), but that isn’t a physical traits that Mickey likes to focus on.

That can be changed easily by a man on the run.

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I see a lot of stressed anons on people's blogs already. IF that girl was Jessie Andrews, they should probably know that she's definitely not a 1DHQ bearding option because she's an adult film star and yeah, they're not going there. And it's probably also important to note, so that they chill out, that she's a lesbian. She's actually really badass, you can hear some of her DJ sets on spotify. At any rate, it looks like Lou was hanging out with the queer NYC crowd so no need to get worked up.

Yeah idgaf about Louis + Girl narratives, but agree, she’s no beard.

kbsaysthings here you go <3

Love Among the Hyrdrothermal Vents by DevilDoll:

In which Namor has a thing for Steve, an octopus has a thing for Tony, and Steve and Tony eventually have a thing for each other.

Tight Leash by Del_Rion:

{Note: PWP with light bdsm.} 

An undercover job to extract information from a criminal organization has Steve and Tony pretending to be a couple – or something close enough. They sail murky waters in order to blend in with the crowd and end up doing more than was probably entailed in the job description. 

If It’s (Fake) Love by Wordsplat:

{Note:  WIP.}

In an attempt to avoid the annual Stark family retreat, Tony may or may not accidentally blurt out that he’s bisexual, and he may or may not accidentally make up a fake boyfriend that sounds an awful lot like someone he already knows. Getting Steve to pretend to be his boyfriend for the weekend is surprisingly easy; remembering that they’re pretending turns out to be a lot harder.

Mandatory Fun by Neverever:

Steve loses a bet to Tony and has to go to Las Vegas for a fun-filled vacation. Or it was fun until people started thinking that they were married.

If Through a Door by jibrailis: 

Tony is accused of murder on an alien planet; Steve marries him to bring him home.

Looking for Heaven by foxxclub:

When young Lord Anthony Stark learns Steven Rogers has enlisted in the army, he thinks he’s seen the last of his tiny, headstrong, haughty stable boy. But four years later, Lord Stark gets an unexpected visit from Steve, whose mother has fallen gravely ill and into financial ruin. Even more unexpected, Steve agrees to a shocking proposal: they will marry, giving Steve the necessary funds to save his mother, and Tony the much-needed reprieve from harassing would-be suitors. It is a business arrangement, nothing more. But as time goes on and circumstances arise, Tony begins to learn that keeping his heart away from his husband is easier said than done.

well that happened

This afternoon I decided that it’s high time I went to see Mad Max, given I’m very much a fan of the original trilogy, feminist propaganda, and the combination of guitars and flamethrowers. Not ten minutes after I’d bought my ticket online the sky went dark and it started pissing rain.

Okay, whatever, it’s not that bad and the theatre’s six minutes from home. By the time I headed out it was only raining a little – barely enough to warrant the umbrella I’d brought – and I’m too goddamn metal to let a drizzle stop me from what I wanna do. (Side note: I don’t mind getting mostly soaked so objectively it was probably raining a lot.) There was a sign at the ticket booth saying there was a high chance of an outage and there’d be no refunds if the power went out. I thought to myself, well that’s kind of ominous, but I’d already paid so whatever.

I got my overpriced popcorn & Barq’s and picked out a prime spot. The lights went down, the first preview started, and then the lights went out. All but an emergency floodlight, that is. Well, fuck. A dude came in and said they were gonna try to get the power back up, so we wait and waited in THE DARKNESS the dark, listening to the thunder and rain.

‘Bout half an hour and a few more check-ins later a dude who sounded like someone had picked him up and shook him came in to escort us out through the emergency exit of another theatre on the other side of the building because THE FRONT FELL OFF.

Literally. The marquee and other parts of the roof at the front of the building collapsed and fell off. Not all of those booms were thunder, I guess. They did give us free passes after all, though, and I overheard a police officer say no one was hurt.

I just have to fuckin’ laugh that the first time in like a year that I go out to the movies, there’s a storm, a flood, a tornado watch, and the fucking roof caved in. This is just the kind of life I have.

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so jensen said at jib about the s10 finale "give them what they want in a way they least expect it" and i know it's probably not destiel but i'm getting my hopes up anyways

Aww, there’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up. *hugs you tight*

But on a rational note; he’d have to be talking about something EVERYBODY (or almost everybody) wants then. Now there are a lot of Destiel shippers, but there’s also a very loud group that is very anti Destiel. I’m assuming the spoiler applies to everyone, so it would have to be something that (most of) the fandom agrees on.

So I don’t know… We all want Charlie back, right. *cries* I’m gonna be optimistic here and say she comes back, but as like ehm… a witch, or an angel, or something. Please let it not be a demon. Lol! Well that was random, but I don’t know what else the fandom would agree on desperately wanting, because we’re all very divided when it comes to a lot of things. D:


So JYP’s girl group survival program “SIXTEEN” Ep 2′s out! 

If you missed my Ep 1 review, click here before continuing as I make a lot of references to what I thought in the last ep.

Here are my personal thoughts of the episode and spoilers ahead!

Momo & Natty - Mission 1 Performances & 1st Impressions

We finally get to see the much awaited performances of dancing queen Momo and maknae Natty

Mnet was probably trolling us hard by hyping Momo a lot just to get us shocked when Momo just did a cover of Gain’s “Paradise Lost”. Hence, unsurprisingly, JYP was not too pleased with her performance, which was great skill wise but lacked anything that screamed her unique identity.

Natty was killing it though. The other older trainees like Nayeon (who was less shown & less rude this ep) and Jihyo all noted that they don’t know Natty that well before the show but everyone got blown away by how talented a dancer the maknae is. She choreographed all the moves herself and shows a really good sense although she is, like, 13.

I knew Natty was a force to be reckoned when she chose not to share her concept or performance with any of the other girls and only practiced in secret. This girl is going to be the dark horse and she has the ambition to boot.

Hence, no surprise when Momo dropped to minor and was replaced by Natty. The way Natty said, “Unnie, please come out” when they were swapping positions was brutal but really hammered in how the maknae is probably one of the scariest competitors on the show. She also said “Unnie, your position is mine!” in the Ep 3 teaser so I seriously see an evil maknae in the making

God I love girls fighting on reality TV. So much better than male trainees.

Major-Minor Changes

Besides Natty swapping with Momo to go to Team Major, we had the expected swaps of Jihyo<->Nayeon and Sana<->Minyoung. However, we also have 2 additional slightly surprising swaps.

Chaeryeong, the Chae younger sister, was swapped with soulful vocalist Jiwon. While Jiwon sang well but did not show too much individuality, making a swap expected, most people were shocked by the choice of Chaeryeong, since JYP did note that all she did was try a lot of different girl group dance covers. However, along with the next swap, I begin to understand what JYP was seeing and getting at.

The final surprising swap would be Somi<->Mina. JYP did like Mina’s performance but as I thought, Mina just practiced really well and did not really wow or show her identity. I was more surprised by the choice of Somi, as I said she still did not really seem to know who she is and is just trying to wow people. However, it seems like this IS the factor that caught JYP’s attention.

Somi and Chaeryeong seems to have been chosen, because they might not have found their identities yet - but they are both very actively trying to. It seems that JYP sees this potential in them, that they have a lot more ambition than the others to try different things to learn who they are, even though they have yet to find the answer.

Somi seems to prove him right in the 2nd mission and begins to erase my doubts of her in Ep 1.

2nd Mission Revelations - Thus Far

So the 2nd Mission is a photo shoot battle, with group photos of Team Major vs Team Minor along with individual shoots using an item of choosing from the 16 random items collected by Mnet.


For the group photo shoot, Team Major chose to go with an edgier concept to bring a different side of themselves to the judges, especially with the acquisition of the cutesy younger members like Chaeryeong and Natty. Team Minor opted for vintage.

As with the usual differences in treatment of the two teams, Team Major gets to shop in a high end boutique for the photo shoot while Team Minor goes to the street market.

The shopping showed us more of the personality of the 16 girls, especially the more silent ones. We see Jungyeon, while chic and badass, is actually a sweet family girl of sorts, from her cute interactions with her sister actress Gong Seungyeon to her battling ahjummas in the market for discounts like a boss. 

We also get to see more Tzuyu, who while still quiet, shows she is one of those adorably silent but evil members when she throws Chaeyeon’s color uncoordinated fashion choices back into the market heap behind her back (nothing happened here face). We also saw Momo and Mina’s awe of the Korean marketplace, which was fun.

Photo Shoot & Evaluations

During the photo shoot, it becomes clearer how JYP made his decision of the member swaps and also gave us glimpses to the talents of some more underrated members.

Team Major and Minor both received some criticisms but overall as a group, Team Major clearly did better. JYP pointed out how understanding yourself and just being confident are things that clearly show in a photo shoot and it is clear that out of the 16 girls, the 7 in Team Major are a lot more comfortable under their own skin (although I do feel Team Minor’s confidence may also have to do with the format of the show, let’s be honest here). 

The Modelling Naturals - Somi, Jungyeon, Tzuyu

Somi really climbed up my list a lot this episode. Besides her natural modelling talent thanks to her journalistic photographer dad’s years of training, she proved her willingness to try different things to be her biggest advantage on the show.

She kicked butt already with her natural poses and expressions in the group pictorial but did even more in her solo photo shoot.

She made the brave choice of choosing the huge live fish in a tank for her solo pictorial, tackling the rebellious animal while donning a mermaid costume. Everyone, including the photographer, praised her for calmly and professionally dealing with the situation, and actually being the one to finish with the least takes, although she had a wild animal to deal with that was constantly trying to escape.

Jungyeon proved she deserves a spot in Team Major due to her just being really unique without trying. She is amazing at posing, with all the trainees pointing out how everything she does from chewing gum to just standing there looks so much cooler than anyone else just cos she’s Jungyeon

She showed her strange charms in her solo pictorial too, where she chose to paint herself, looking so goddamn chic with her enigmatic gazes and piercing stares. JYP pointed out how Jungyeon’s aura was the thing that made him interested in her as a trainee - how she seems so mysterious, with all these layers under her that you want to learn more about. 

Tzuyu is just naturally beautiful as hell and she is also very comfortable with her body (this sounds dumb but you will not believe how many beautiful people in the show are super awkward on camera). Tzuyu is able to channel her emotions like she is just out to play in her group pictorial, nailing every scene to the point the photographer asked if she ever modelled before, which she shook her head to. I’m looking forward to seeing her individual photos next week!!!

The Most Improved - Minyoung, Chaeyeon

Both girls suffered really harsh criticism during their group pictorial for being awkward on camera but really pulled through in their solo shoots.

Minyoung managed to bring her A game to the table although getting the weakest object and costume option of a suitcase and trench coat - throwing off that coat and posing with the suitcase on her shoulders while rocking a tank top. As the photographer and JYP pointed out, Minyoung’s strongest physical point are her eyes. She is able to show so many emotions with just a glance - in the case of the photo shoot, a chic side geared with hints of sadness and uncertainty (she’s probs showing her feels about this Mnet Survival Program). She better see this as a sign to what’s unique about herself and use them eyes more in her future performances!

Chaeyeon was really having it rough this week, not only losing to her younger sister in getting a spot on Team Major but also getting judged hard in the group photo shoot. However, she managed to tackle her emotions really well and get back to all smiles for her solo shoot with a frying pan, which she used as a microphone. You go girl!

The Most Worrying (Whether They Deserved It/Not?) - Jiwon, Eunsuh, Sana, Jihyo

Jiwon seems to have it the toughest at this point, losing her place to Somi (who won hard this week) and then getting a lot of shit in the photo shoot. She was just not really able to show her emotions on camera, something JYP pointed out as well in her singing during the 1st Mission. He asks why Jiwon has no confidence in herself and she really needs to fix that because if not, she’s so going to get eliminated although her soulful voice is like my jam.

Eunsuh just isn’t feeling it, as seen in how she cannot come up with any facial expressions although she has the advantage of having a hanbok as a costume. It didn’t help that the photographer said the success of the photo was 100% thanks to the outfit and item, not because of Eunsuh. Ouch.

An example of beautiful and awkward would be Sana. Girl is stunning as hell but she really has no clue how to pose on camera, with the photographer dubbing her “Miss Korea” for doing the sorority girl (hand on hip) pose for every photo. But given how 4D and optimistic Sana is in taking criticism (she was joking how being called Miss Korea feels pretty good), she would probably improve in her solo shoot.

Jihyo is also having some trouble in the photo shoot but for all the wrong reasons in my opinion. The photographer thinks she looks “fat” on camera. Honestly, I felt like I saw this coming because Jihyo has such a curvy and non-Korean body but MY GIRL AIN’T FAT! This sort of hit Jihyo hard as in the remaining group photos she would keep standing more in the background than the foreground. Girl is healthy and beautiful and I see nothing wrong with her body. Hopefully, the body shaming does not effect her individual photo shoot results.

Final Thoughts

It’s sort of ironic that since all the 16 girls are ridiculously talented, JYP is more into picking the ones who are unique and confident, but how unique and confident they are can also be affected by their years of training and the format of the show.

Like the more you train, the more likely you will lose your identity like Minyoung and Jiwon in terms of singing. I guess one can pull a Jihyo and become more at home on stage with training but it’s not the case for everyone.

Also, won’t the whole Team Major-Minor thing just make the Minors less likely to be confident about themselves, especially if they’re stuck there for a few weeks? If they aren’t getting any praise, it will be hard for them to show more confidence and ever leave Team Minor, just saying.

I guess JYP is really aiming to get the cream of the crop through this program. He is looking for someone who would not lose their confidence in face of adversity, to keep pushing even if they are stuck in Team Minor. At the same time he also wants skilled performers who have clear unique identities.

I don’t know how the show will effect the mentality of the girls, like Jiwon who has received so much criticism so far. But I do know that JYP will probably get a ridiculously strong girl group after this because the format begs for only the best of the best in skill and mentality to survive.

Personal Major 7 This Ep (Based on how much I was blown away)

  1. Jungyeon
  2. Somi
  3. Jihyo
  4. Dahyun
  5. Natty
  6. Chaeyoung
  7. Sana

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hello! what do you consider your muse's biggest sin and virtue to be and why?

this is almost a month old        i lost it ! i don’t know how, but i did ; it was buried under some birthday wishes, i think          but, let’s see : his biggest sin is PRIDE on merit of the fact i believe it created a domino effect in snape where he rarely took accountability for his actions. that isn’t saying he NEVER did, he obviously did where it truly mattered to him, but, while i don’t think pridefulness is inherently bad, or it doesn’t have to be, severus’s is isolating. he’s emotionally underdeveloped & emotionally immature as a result. this leaves him highly selfish with little regard for others. he created his own standards, didn’t have much empathy for the people around him, and lived by a code of his own making that didn’t and couldn’t align with the conglomerate. i also tend to look at this understanding of pride through the assertions of the catholic church ( uh, the explanation being that i was raised catholic, which is likely why i’ve taken that route in my understanding, but i haven’t considered myself one for a decade at least ) where pride as one of the seven deadly sins ultimately functions as the view one is essentially better than others and is putting oneself on a higher pedestal than god. i really, really like this because it suits the deathly hallows analogy perfectly where severus serves the role as the second,  arrogant brother who believes he can defy death ( death being the proxy god in this case ) and, while it’s definitely odd, since he’s self-loathing and i do not think anyone hated severus as much as he hated himself, he projects and manages to convince himself of his superiority over others. his pride and the efforts to uphold himself, since no one else was going to do that for him, are also essential in him being such a wrathful person. i think he was made to fear vulnerability in congruence to growing up in an abusive / neglectful household where he had zero power over himself or his conditions. the marauders treatment of him when he went away to what was supposed to be a safe place solidified this. he’s vengeful, seeks retribution on his own, and if someone wrongs him then he’ll strike back as hard as he can without even the slightest notion of forgiveness. that’d be laughable.

as for his biggest virtue, a lot of his virtues are actually neutral traits, i think        but, i also think pride on its own is neutral as well         but i’ve always been caught between his POTENTIAL ( this is highlighted because i feel this a bit more ) and his bravery. and, yeah, i know a lot of people don’t like to call snape brave, but that’s horseshit. as i’ve said before, bravery doesn’t mean you are a good person, nor is it trying to imply that, and people all over the moral scale can possess this trait, but what he ultimately does do for the order and to gain his vengeance on voldemort ( as well as operating almost completely on his own in the last year of his life with no one to help him ? eesh ), is brave along with the fact snape goes out of his way to spare the lives of innocent people he never had any obligation towards in the first place. i don’t know, i think he deserves a little credit for that because those were all objectively good things. but, i mean, as much as i think that’s important, i’ve begun to think that snape’s greatest virtue lay in his potential, which is sort of a weird answer, i guess, and isn’t really a virtue, but i don’t mean his potential for success, i mean in his potential as a human being. maybe an unpopular opinion, i don’t know, but i actually think that severus could have been a really decent person had it not been for how his psychology was effected in his early-development and his inability to rise above his past due to the aforementioned emotional immaturity. for all the loathsome things he did do, and i do know people like to ignore those like they like to ignore anything he did that was actually, you know, good, he shows the capability of selflessness and doing what is right in the face of adversity even if it was for his own reasons. the capability i think is :|| just as important as assessing someone for their reasoning since, you know, in reality, and in the face of war, reasoning is often not as virtuous or simple as we might like to think.

here’s the thing :)

i’m finally back - or at least returning to my writing mood ( a lot has happened the past weeks to be honest ) and i’ll be probably bombarding the dash with solos for jongin BUT i’d love to plot with the new (and old) people/characters. if you feel like plotting with this grumpy trainee just like this post and i’ll message you!

as for the old plots/paras/scripts/starters i owed you guys, let me know if you wanna keep them, otherwise i’m gonna drop them. it’s been toooo long for them anyway! i’m keeping the kaistal one because it’s au ^^

come on, just go ahead and like this ♥

Do you ever see a posts with a lot of notes and you’re like, if I ever made this post on my own blog it probably wouldn’t even get likes?

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I know you probably get many more important asked than mine, but what should I do when people call me broken. Or say I'm just damaged, and they pitty me?

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to remember that these are REALLY RUDE things to say, and that they’re not true.

There are a couple different tactics: 1. Ignore them completely  2. Cheerily respond that note, you’re just fine, and/or explain your orientation more thoroughly, if you care a lot about their opinion  3. Witty retort  4. Straight-up tell them they’re being rude and inappropriate, and excise yourself from the conversation until they’re willing to be more respectful.

I fucking hate the way tumblr reports about actual law making process.

There’s a post going around about a bill is Wisconsin that would severely restrict the food people using SNAP would be able to buy.  The post is worded so that it sounds this has already been put into effect.  If you click through to the source, you will discover that the bill is actually still in the legislature.  And if you click through to the Huffpo article the source link is drawing information from you discover that not only is it still in the legislature, it’s actually unlikely that a lot of it will make it through because Federal regulations make a lot of what they’re proposing illegal.

The OP’s sensationalist “WISCONSIN EVIL BE OUTRAGED” post probably got more notes by being worded that way but it comes at the cost of calling people to action.

So much of the so-called activism on tumblr is actually just outrage mongering.  People get mad about shit which they should justifiably be angry about but no one is organizing, no one is actually directing this anger towards any kind of resistance to what is happening.  So it keeps happening. 

Every time you report on something as though it has already happened instead of being in the process of happening, you take away a chance for people to push back against that thing. 

Thousands of people think that Wisconsin has ALREADY passed a bill.  So no one in Wisconsin will bother writing to their congress person.  No one outside of Wisconsin will think about organizing any kind of online protest. 

In fact, talking about things as already having happened causes a feeling of helplessness.  What’s the point of doing anything?  It already happened, you can’t fight things because they’re in the past.  You get angry at injustice and then you sit back in your chair and think “what’s the point of struggling, these things happen anyway” when in fact you never fought back at all.

It’s kind of insidious in that way. Almost suspect when people talk about these things as having already happened when that’s very much not the case.  I want to chalk it up to poor reporting or bad reading comprehension but it happens so frequently that it begins to feel a bit suspect. 

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Heeeeeeey! I was wondering, why do you think Liam's vocals got overlooked? I mean, his voice is smooth and clear and his falsetto is.... amazing (even if falsetto doesn't count as head voice, I still find great the notes he can reach... really, really high notes).

Oh hey, this dovetails nicely from that last ask, so here goes…

I think there are really a lot of reasons Liam’s vocals get overlooked, some having to do with his actual vocals and some having nothing to do with his actual vocals. 

Let’s start with his voice. There are three things that are really easy to recognize: power, extreme ends of range (ie. Mariah Carey whistle or Barry White bass), and tone. And while, actually, I think Liam sort of checks off all three, he isn’t asked to trot those qualities around very often. He does have pretty substantial power behind his belt, but I don’t think a single 1D song really is pitched for him to show it (nor would he even sing that vocal part if it were). He has a solid vocal range, but it doesn’t really extend to the extremes. (I mean, I don’t think we’ve heard the absolute lowest end of his voice, but it’s probably not particularly low.) I mean, I’d say that when Liam does get credit for his voice, it’s almost always in relation to his falsetto - because that’s easy to identify. And while I thing his rich, smooth, clean tone is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it’s not obvious. He doesn’t have a natural reediness or smokiness or raspiness to latch on to; there’s no immediate signal of “oh this voice is sensitive! or sexy! or dangerous!” 

The other thing is, even to the extent that Liam’s voice can be recognizably impressive, he almost never actually uses it that way. He doesn’t get to power home through glory notes. He doesn’t really embellish his parts with runs. He doesn’t even really get to belt. He gets to do a lot of really effective groundwork and support work that sounds wonderful and takes talent, but really is only noticeable if you’re looking for it. In fact, good support should go unnoticed! It’s designed to. If people are noticing it, you’re probably doing something wrong.  

Because what Liam really excels at are really quite basic things. He’s consistent. He’s got great pitch and timing. His voice is versatile (and this versatility further makes his voice less identifiable at times) and he can blend. These are hardly groundbreaking qualities for a singer, so I don’t think there’s any great injustice that they go unnoticed or uncommented upon. But y’know, there’s still skill involved, and Liam’s particular skill there is essential to a vocal group.

Now, that all said. I really think the reason Liam’s voice goes overlooked has much more to do with the fact that Liam himself goes overlooked. Fandom (myself included) picks a favorite and then goes full steam ahead. You will find reasons to love someone you want to love. And I’m sure some of this is a chicken-and-the-egg situation: did you pick your favorite because you liked their voice or do you like their voice because they’re your favorite? But I’d wager that the latter is an overwhelmingly more frequent occurrence. 

When someone first encounters 1D, I think Liam has easily been the least immediately identifiable on sort of that surface level. Harry is the one who gets the most press, has his signature curls and is the youngest. Louis is (or at least was in the early days) the obvious hugely demanding personality. Niall is literally the blonde one (and Irish!). And Zayn was the only PoC. Liam’s personality is less overt (things like earnestness and eagerness don’t come across in a 2 minute interview) and his physical appearance (aka his hair) has been the least consistent. Basically, Liam is unlikely to be anyone’s access point to fandom. (And.. y’know, he’s also not part of Harry/Louis, which drives a hugely significant percentage of fandom activity and furor.)

ANYWAY, this was not a question about why I think Liam goes overlooked, so I don’t really feel the need to elaborate. But ultimately I think if Liam as a person goes overlooked, then as part and parcel, his voice is going to go overlooked.


Tbh I don’t know why I’m writing this, I just wanted to tell you guys how my 5sos concert was, because it was the cutest thing ever, nek. So if you decide to read this, thank you, and please share your thoughts with me! x 

So, I went to the 5sos concert in Oslo, on may 14th. This is probably gonna be a long ass post, but I just want to share some really cute moments with you guys. So here goes nothing! 

  • Positive note: Hey violet were a lot better than I thought they were gonna be, not gonna lie. (And Casey is so adorable, I can’t even) 
  • After a couple songs, Michael was talking to the crowd, and he couldn’t get over how “this place is fucking huge!”, it was adorable. And you should’ve seen his face when he paused and just listened to us scream…
  • And then when Luke talked, he was talking about how we had the cutest city name on this tour, (which of course made us all go mental) and they spontaneously started making a song about Oslo and after singing that chanted “Oslo” with us. It was so freaking adorable, you wouldn’t believe it! 
  • Calum played the intro to “Everything I didn’t say”, and can I just say he played it so gently,(there is a vine of this part going around here on tumblr, you might’ve seen it..) and when we started singing the Oooh part (you know what I mean)(it was pretty magical tbh), his face just lit up, and he thanked us and said we sounded beautiful before they started the song properly. 
  • The same thing kind of happened during beside you. They sang a bit of the song first and then all stepped away from their mic and stopped playing, and just listened to us sing the chorus (which again was such a magical moment, I actually had to stop for a few seconds to just listen), and the smile on Luke’s face…I swear my heart almost burst with happiness
  • A while into the concert it was Ashton’s turn to talk, but before he started talking he did this be quiet - scream thingy. Basically, he put his hands down when he wanted us to be quiet, and raised them when he wanted us to scream. He did this a few times and then finally punched the air, signaling for us to just scream our guts out, which we gladly did, and this was his reaction after he saw that we did exactly what he wanted us to: 

So basically,the cutest smile in the world. This was by far my favorite moment throughout the entire night. 

  • During amnesia, they did the same as they did during beside you, killed the music and stepped away from their mic. But this time they turned the mics around, so that our singing was the only thing you could hear. When the song finished they just stopped, still with the biggest smiles on their faces, before applauding and thanking us, and I just thought that was really cute
  • And then after they went off stage for the first time (before their encores), all the lights went off and the only sound was the crowd. And wow. We were so fucking loud. (seriously, my ears started ringing) And when they came back (ashton was first) they just stopped and listened to us scream, and I know I said it before but the smiles on their faces made every penny (or “øre” (norwegian penny) if you want..) I spent worth it.  

    So, if you are lucky enough to see them during this tour, please do everything you can to make it an unforgettable night for them, because you’ll see how much it means to them. And if you got this far, thank you for reading this poorly written post… x