this was socute

“On my kid’s fourth birthday, the day care center held an event which told a fairy tale like story about how he was born. The story was like, you came from the sky, and as you were looking down at the ground below, you chose a mother and father. You then napped next to a flowerbed and afterward crossed a rainbow to your now mother and father. Having heard the story that day, once we came home, he went to his room alone and stayed really quiet. I was curious, so I opened his bedroom door and went in. I found him looking for a long time at a picture from the day he was born. He still thinks that was how he was born. And, he’s said lately that he dreamt about a pretty younger sister riding a rainbow and coming down from the sky.”

“제 아이가 네 살 되는 생일 날, 어린이 집에서 어떻게 본인이 태어나게 되었는지 이벤트로 동화 비슷한 이야기를 들려 준 적이 있어요. 하늘에서 얘가 밑을 내려다 보면서 어떤 엄마 아빠를 고를까 하다가 꽃밭 옆에서 한숨자고 무지개를 건너 지금의 엄마,아빠에게로 오는 그런 내용이었어요. 그날 그걸 들은 이후에 얘가 집에 와서 혼자 방에 들어간 다음에 참 조용히 있더라구요. 궁금해서 방문을 열고 들어가봤더니 자기가 갓 태어났을 때의 사진을 한참 보고 있더라구요. 본인은 아직도 그렇게 태어났다고 생각해요. 그리고 최근에 말해주더라구요. 예쁜 동생이 무지개를 타고 하늘에서 내려오는 꿈을 꿨다고.”