this was so much fun you have no idea

Song of Soaring

OKAY FOR REAL THIS TIME oh dear aoergh you guys saw nothing right right???  Right.  BUT ANYWAYS… I’d been having a hard time getting back into the drawing groove (at my own fault for taking a stupid long break from drawing after finishing a long commission) so the other day I tried this idea I got from playing so much Majora’s Mask lately and I WAS ABLE TO GET IT DOWN AND TA DAAA.  I’m so happy to be back in it oairhg The song of soaring has always been one of my favorite ocarina songs too, it’s such a cool song and I absolutely love the animation it gets (~˘▾˘)~

I’M REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT TOO… Link especially (●´艸`)ヾ I’m just really proud of how everything turned out with him oariehgioerhg THE WINGS ON THE OTHER HAND.  Are an entirely different story.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made a go at fully detailed wings so I struggled for so long trying to get everything to look right it was terrible.  It took everything in my power not to do blobs of white shaped into wings. BUT I DID IT and I don’t think they turned out too bad!!  I’ll have to practice with drawing them more but…!

So, I’ve been wanting to approach a comicking project for a while but all of my longform story ideas have seemed too SERIOUS AND DAUNTING to use to crack the rust off my comic muscles. However, I’m having so much fun drawing this ogre bloke that I’m seriously thinking about doing an episodic, mostly-lighthearted comic about a half orc/ogre and his adventures as a newly minted knight, dealing with both my favourite high fantasy tropes and all the historical chivalric weirdness I found when reading up on the subject.

Working title is Orcward.

I’d welcome some feedback on this, based on the sketches you’ve all seen so far and your observations on fantasy elements.


I hope you haven’t forgotten me! I haven’t posted in DAYS! Forgive me 😘

What a weekend I’ve had! 🎉💥

After a week of working crazy hard on my deadlines (1 week to go…cry) I had a weekend off and it was a smashing weekend at that!

Friday night it was my friend’s birthday so I went out with the team and we saw Fuse ODG at Pryzm. It was soooooo much fun and I was #azonto(ing) all night long haha. She hurts my head ohhhhh ma maaaa ooooooo 🎵

Saturday it was the Children’s parade and my first time performing with Euphoria Steel Band! I had 3 hours sleep before I was woken up by my step mum and little brother who came to see us play. Over 80 local schools with amazing costumes made for such a spectacle and it was absolutely buzzing! We played awesome and it was so great to see peoples’ faces light up when we played. Got home achy as hell and had a BEAUTIFUL bubble bath (heaven) and then babysat my little b. We had a cuddle on the sofa and watched Night at the Museum 2, which was actually hilarious you know!

Today we went to Chessington World of Adventures and it was awesome. Safe to say I’m absolutely bloody knackered though. And full of theme park food. Mostly donuts and coffee. Ugh.

Starting this diet tomorrow that apparently “guarantees” you lose a stone in a week. My step mum swears by it. I’ll give it a go… The food is pretty plain but I need to detox after all the shit I’ve eaten this weekend. Wish me luck and if I don’t post in a few days I’ve died of hunger and/or dissertation

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Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you enjoy the cake I made you and the gifts I got you, it took me a while but I do hope you enjoy them. We're so happy to have you and so is Dean, so have fun today because you deserve it, you've done so much so be happy. :) ❤️

Your cake was amazing!! (I had to hide it from Dean because it was so good)

I still have to open up all the presents you got me but even if they are only half as awesome as the cake I’m gonna love them all!

Thank you for everything and have a really nice sunday :)

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I have a random question to ask. In my hometown there is going to a anime convention and I wanted to dress up as your version of Springtrap. Do you think you can give me some ideas on what supplies I need to get to make the costume(if that's ok with you).

I guess maybe like fingerless gloves, punk necklace, black skinny jeans, punk shoes/boots, grey shirt  and leather punk jacket.

But it’s up to you and I hope you have fun at the convention!

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dirkjake where someone else (anyone you want) is in love with jake and going to make a move and dirk makes a fool of himself in his jealousy as he attempts to win jakes heart himself

((This was literally so much fun to write. You have no idea. I took some liberties and made it set in a College AU. I got a bit stumped at the ending though so I apologize for that. I hope you still enjoy it though!))

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love thy neighbour

So it was easyminds’s birthday recently and because she’s spoiling me with art (like you don’t even know omg I can’t wait for you to see) I decided the least I could do was write her a little something for her Next Door Neighbour AU. B)
But then suddenly I also had this other idea and decided to incorporate it here, so it’s your original AU but with a not so little twist!:O 
This will be a four part fic!
Also I would have given up halfway if it weren’t for okerii and n-a-d-h-i-e so kudos to you girls! 

Also CHECK OUT NAD’S ART. DO IT. (AFTER YOU READ THE FIC PREFERABLY CAUSE >SPOILERS<.) We had too much fun coming up with this so don’t let it go to waste >:c *wink*
I hope you like it Fonda!!

“Locked out again?”

The young man sitting on the ground grinned up at his neighbour, looking almost too unashamed of himself as he pulled on his cigarette. Slowly, he exhaled the smoke and watched as a little cloud formed before the breeze carried it away.

Natsu Dragneel was not a women’s man. He was, in fact, undeliberately qualifying for the exact opposite in various categories of his life. He had never hit on women with complicated and elaborate schemes; he had no playbook; he was, simply put, not even interested in dating anyone most of the time. If he won any awards for his feats, they would be titled By Now I Should Probably Know Women Will Misunderstand Me When I Say I Want To Show Them My Dragon, I Hit On Girls By Asking Them To Buy Me Dinner, or That One Time I Had A One Night Stand And Ruined It By Painting Her Face With A Sharpy While She Was Asleep.

Or at least that is what he would have told you, had you asked him.

So what in hell had driven him to take such measures?

The answer was as simple as it was new.

A woman.

The measures, too, were simple. He had ‘forgotten’ his keys at home. Now this act on its own would have been rather stupid, you might think, because all it would leave him with besides no woman would be no flat. 

But Natsu Dragneel was not stupid either. He was a risktaker, and he gladly gave up his flat - temporarily - to obtain both home and woman in the end. Also, and more importantly, he preferred good company over an empty flat any day.

The flat that, coincidentally, was the one right beside hers.

Which was how it had all started, when he had actually locked himself out of his flat three days ago - only to be found and sheltered by her as they waited for the key service to arrive.

That hour had been the most enjoyable of his week.

She, the woman, was his new next door neighbour Lucy Heartfilia, a blonde with wit as sharp as a whip and a heart made entirely of kindness. That was everything he could be sure of as of now, plus the fact that she had a dog named Plue that looked like an unfortunate snowman in spring. But he was determined to find out more.

Because he liked her.

And he didn’t even need to think further than that. All he knew was that she was fun to be with, and that he wanted to be with her again, preferably many times. That was another thing Natsu Dragneel was: straightforward, and impulsive.

And so, in the spur of a moment, he had slammed the door shut behind him, leaving his keys safely on the hook beside the door.

“Yeah,” he answered with a grin, “locked out again.”

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 Little Monsters!

We have an ambitious Fiddleford warlock, Author Sphinx, Carla Pixie, Gargoyle Stan, and Witch Lazy Susan.

Fiddleford came out a little taller than I wanted, but I did make him like at least a year older, so big growth spurt? It’s stops there buddy. I took Jimsdeadbones/tin-pan-ali’s idea of Carla being a little fairy, which makes Starla an even more adorable pair! Also if you are wondering about the cat floating above Susan’s head, that is her other form she can take^^ 

((I had way too much fun with these! Expect for more!))

Melissa Fumero on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and What It's Like to Make Out With Andy Samberg

DETAILS: What’s it like working with Andy Samberg?
Melissa Fumero: He’s just the best. He’s super-creative and adds so much to the scenes. We have a lot of fun together. Andy and I have that thing you can’t explain. It just sort of clicks. I love his ad-libbing and improving and “let’s try this and that” style. You have to try to keep up with him. He has a million ideas every second.

DETAILS: Have Jake [Andy’s character] and Amy [Melissa’s character] kissed yet?
Melissa Fumero: No, but there’s maybe something that happens in the finale. I can’t say much, but I can say they go undercover to catch a thief, and they lock lips at some point.

DETAILS: So, spill it—was Samberg a good kisser?
Melissa Fumero: Yeah! Nothing to complain about.

DETAILS: Was it weird?
Melissa Fumero: It was totally cool. We’re both professionals. We’ve both done it before. There was a lot of giggling, but it was totally fun.


Signs based on the people I know (Sagittarius' point of view)

Aries: Easily annoyed or bothered by things but that only shows how much they truly care! Are super reliable friends even if you better don’t leave the organizing of things to them alone. Never say no to do dumb things and to any kind of silly idea. They are humorous and fun! Might not be able to handle other people’s problems all that well though and get awkward in a super cute way.

Taurus: More calm and down to earth than some other signs which really helps when you’re being all idealistic and coming up with silly ideas all the time. Realistic and modest and super sweet and caring. Lovely to be around. Have a soothing and gentle aura around them that makes you trust them soooo much. And they often make amazing cakes!

Gemini: Intelligent, witty and many crazy ideas in mind! Fun to be with and very, veeeeery relaxed. It’s always so easygoing with them and they don’t panick over every little thing which gives me a break from all the drama. Not the leaders but also no followers for sure and even if you get to know them better it feels like they still have so many secrets. Super interesting people.

Cancer: Insanely sensitive and caring. So caring that they often forget that they need someone to care for them as well. Can take things to their heart more often than they should but they are also really huggy, good listeners and such gentle, generous people. And then they suddenly come up with this dark humor and what the fuck?

Leo: A lot more calm than you would think. Are by far not as self-centered as their reputation says but actually realllly generous and caring. They will sit down and listen to your goddamn problems even if they don’t know a solution. Bright people with biiiiig grins on their faces and a hilarious, refreshing laugh. Have a surprising and unconventional kind of humor that makes you crack up!

Virgo: Feel stressed super easily and want things to be settled and organized as soon as possible. Swallow down their problems even when they don’t have to just to take care of a friend and then are comforting and logical all at the same time. They are kind and compassionate individuals who really need to accept that they don’t need to put everyone’s well-being above their own. They often have a great fashion sense and make sure not to look messy.

Libra: Easy to talk to, kind, caring and like to compliment other people. Yet like to hear compliments and kind words themselves. They are those people that you just have to like because they have this special aura. When I think of Libras I see someone with an open and honest face and an inviting smile on their lips that just makes you like them right away.

Scorpio: Badass, dark humour and a lot of teasing. Especially like to tease the people they love the most. They appear super confident and all “in your face”-like when you first meet them but they know exactly when you need comfort and love and then they give you the greatest hugs ever.

Sagittarius: Very enthusiastic, outgoing and love their friends to death. Can say something really stupid and the next minute come up with some super high philosophical stuff and theeeen they run into some random brick wall. Hard to keep up with at times and the biggest goofballs ever. Basically pukes out ideas 24/7 and know how to entertain themselves and everyone around them.

Capricorn: Realistic as fuck. Puffy cheeks but will bite if you try to poke them. They say things as they are and don’t want to leave room for deep interpretations. Once they open up to their own feelings, they some of the funniest people to have around and the most reliable friends you can find.

Aquarius: Sign of profound thinking, intelligent humor and word plays. Don’t back down from philosophical discussions and any type of self expression. Make great friends because of their honesty even if sometimes they really don’t get all the feelsy stuff that quickly and need some more explanation there at times. Might have “Why am I smarter than everyone around me?”-attacks.

Pisces: The dreamers and creative heads with a really high moral. Very emotional in both good and bad ways and they are so kind and giving to their friends, not asking for anything in revenge. They make cute little presents and are cuddly and sweet. Can be so funny and clumsy and sweet and hilarious. But once they are reeeeeeeeally upset with you you better take them seriously.

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Hello, there, beautiful person! Time for a (hopefully) fun question: which Sailor Scouts (manga version, preferably, please) are the turtles (plus Casey to round things out) most like? *hides*

Oh my gosh… that is the best question ever! Don’t hide, I love this! So I shall now answer it!

So manga version senshi and the Turtles, alrighty. lets see…

Due to length the answer is under the cut. Enjoy!

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Mituna/Latula, if you're still doing these :)

(a shipper after my own heart)

“FUCK. SHIT.FUCKFUCKFUCK” Mituna shouts on and on as he tries to stay on his skateboard. There was once a time he was pretty good at this. But that was a long time ago.

“Mituna calm down. Getting angry at it won’t help anything,” Latula says as she stands next to him, trying to help him. 

“WHY CAN’T I JUST FUCKING DO THIS?” he screams over at her.

“Well for one, you have to be able to stay on the board,” she says as she helps him off the ground and holds his hand as she puts the board down in front of him. “Here I’ll hold you as you get on it.”

Mituna cautiously steps onto it, gripping her hands as support. He gets onto this time and manages to not fall. “HEY LOOK I DID IT!” he exclaims happily.

“Yeah look you did!” Latula smiles in return. “Now keep holding onto me and I’ll help you move” She continues to hold his hand as she gently pushes the skateboard forward. His smile gets bigger and bigger the more they move.

“LOOK I’M DOING IT! I’M SKATEBOARDING!” He shouts excitedly. Latula smiles in return.

“Yeah! Look at you! Now I’m going to let go. Let’s see how you do,” she says as she lets go of his hand. He manages to stay of for a few minutes, but then the skateboard starts going down hill and he looses his balance. He falls off the skateboard and lands on his butt, a large string of profanities following his way down.


“Look at how long you lasted on it though!” Latula says as she kneels down next to him. “I’m so proud! You did so well!”

“r-really?” He says as he looks up to her.

“Yeah! You did so great! You looked so rad on that skateboard!” she says smiling. 

“YEAH!” he says happily.

Latula giggles and gives him a small kiss.”How about we try again? I bet you’ll be able to stay on longer this time.”

“YEAH LET’S DO IT!” he says excitedly as he goes to get his skateboard again.

Latula watches him go get it and sighs. She can remember when Mituna was the one teaching her to skateboard.

I think there are a lot of offensive/unneccessary/just plain ridiculous projects out there trying to crowdsource funding because people thinking crowdsourcing is easy money, but here’s the thing:

1. everyone has an opinion aout how crowdsourcing is “mooching” etc until they get an idea for a crowdsourced project lmao

2. it is the easiest, easiest thing in the world to make fun of kids on gofundme or patreon or whatever who can’t make rent and want a chance to do something they care about, and much harder to talk about how things like copyright law and other institutions which were meant to support artists have failed SO MUCH* that we’re LITERALLY GOING BACK TO THE PATRONAGE SYSTEM 

*you know in combination with the economy/job market being in the state that it is