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Dance in the Light (Short Ver.)
  • Dance in the Light (Short Ver.)
  • KENN
  • 明治東亰恋伽 ~弦月の小夜曲~

A short version of the theme song to the Meiji Tokyo Renka movie sung by KENN was played last night on Namikawa Daisuke and KENN’s radio show!!   (ノ ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧ The full song will be released on August 31!

in the pale moonlight

first I’ve created a cross function which, you’ve guessed it, displays a cross. then that function is being called for every point in the grid (with different parameters in order to get the animation). at the end I’m simply displaying a hollow big, fat white circle over the whole thing in order to get the circular shape. kind of like a mask.

functions used: PVector(), map(), pushMatrix(), translate()

(code here)