”I often do a lot of research. I didn’t know I was doing a Q & A screening until I read it on one of the [fan] websites and they were booking tickets. I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be nice. I better brush my hair then’. No, they’re great. They’re really supportive. I try to look after them.”

— Richard Armitage about his fans

Richard Armitage spam (191/?)


"and we, brazilian people, will be celebrating this achievement.”



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its time - Doctor Who; blackiebrens  



happy birthday logie bear (◡‿◡✿)

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A Liverbird Upon My Chest

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If we were invincible
If we could never die
Then all the world could rise against us
And we’d dare to fight 
Dare to fight

steve & bucky | invincible (by tominmypants)

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Everyone loves Sungjong!

A birthday video for the forever fresh maknae that is basically an AllJong compilation. It’s beautiful.

My mom and dad got rid of those grape vines that covered my room, so my room is all drenched with light and cool now, but also I’m not a Disney Princess anymore D: Birds used to hang out at there and sing all day long. And I just realised that I don’t even have a single photo of my windows covered with vines. But I did address the birds in one of my videos: 5:03 so at least I have some memory left?

but you know, that pmd game made me bawl my eyes so much bc the characters were so well done and you got attached to them and the story line and then you leaving is like basically breaking your partner while smiling and you knowing it’s not ok but you have to pretend it’s ok and it’s NGGHHHhh 10/10 recommend game