this took me so long wtf

The Cutest Delivery Boy

Pairing: Minkey

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,256

The night’s crisp air snuck its way through the narrow gap between his apartment’s shut windows, causing Kibum to shudder under the fabric of the blanket that he’d wrapped around himself. He sat on the edge of his couch, playing games like Solitary on his internet-less  laptop as his toes wriggled, trying to somehow heat themselves up.

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ohsebs asked:

two, three, fifteen, twenty-nine and thirty, please. :)

ooh good yes i get to answer things kisses u

2. have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

i mean, you? we have different styles, but you and i are on the same wavelength. (you said it better than i think i could tbh.) let’s see… i really identify with the poetry of langston hughes these days (terse but packed with emotion, and starkly honest) even though i can’t write poetry for shit. i feel like i can load that kind of emotion into dialogue though, y'know? and also i’m just better when i’m blunt. idk maybe i overestimate myself laughs forever

3. list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

mcu – steve rogers, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff, tony stark (shhhhhhh pretend it doesn’t say ‘one’ up there kay)

x-men – erik lehnsherr, charles xavier

star trek – spock

merlin – ……..merlin

probably i have other fandoms but i can’t think of 'em rn

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

the hobbit, coraline, frankenstein, jane eyre, fic: why fanfiction is taking over the world (what the fuck my taste in books is so weird)

29. three songs that you connect with right now.

fuck i just went and looked through my music for this and it got really hard to pick just three but i guess:

keaton henson, 'flesh and bone’; noah gundersen, 'jesus, jesus’; hozier, 'someone new’

30. pick one of your favorite quotes.

“Fuck Plan B. Go after your destiny.” –rdj

identity game if ya want

today in class this guy kept saying rude shit to me to look cool in front of his friends so I took a tiny 5cm long ruler and shouted “OH LOOK I FOUND SOMETHING WE CAN MEASURE YOUR DICK WITH” and I mean if anything that was a compliment because I’m pretty sure 5cm is too much 


Nice number u nerd. You’re really sweet and too nice to me?? like pls I am a simple meme. I also really love your blog and I keep forgetting to follow your aesthetic blog (I’ll try to remember to after this om g) also ur hair is cute in every color and I lov ur dimple(s?) and pls ur just so cute. Also you’re a giant meme I can’t believe but I still love you

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post about you!!

self positivity tag :~)

harper japanphan tagged me in this thing here where u say 10 things u like about urself and then tag ten people so. nice. lets do this

  1. im kinda cool at makeup
  2. my legs tho. like my legs are my favorite part of my body wtf!!!!
  3. i love my hair so much honestly. its too long rn but still
  4. bro my eyes. theyre so dark sometimes n people thought i was a demon in 3rd grade. obviously it was the best time of my life
  5.  my singing voice honestly… i am my own voice af
  6. my thighs i kno i already said my legs but i dont care
  7. my clothes… bro… i have the cutest shit its unbelievable
  8. my butt lmao i wasnt gonna say it but. w/e
  9. im vegetarian. thats pretty cool. only took me 4 yrs to do it
  10. i guess my writings ok (even tho im slow as hell lmao)

and im tagging: starrydun nocontrolvevo faekidd dantops galaxyphan ofweeb ofnocontrol kinkyjimin internetcultleader prrincestyles (none of u have to do it dont worry i just lov yall)

jESUS CHRIST this one took forever because i am the slowest drawer alive

BUT i’m finally really getting the hang of SAI and i love it, i learned so much over the course of this, and it was actually…fun.  for the first time in a long while.

michaelgcliffordrecords asked:

Is it weird that I'm not even sad anymore when i read your imagines? Like you fucked me so up im an emotionless wreck BUT THEN BOOM IT ALL HITS ME AND I CRY LIKE.... WTF IS WRONG WITH ME

I DON’T KNOW HOW THAT WORKS BUT I’M GLAD THE IMAGINES MAKE YOU SAD/NOT SAD/FUCK YOU UP as long as you’re not regretting the five minutes it took to read it I’m cool bUT YES thank you so much for reading! I’m so happy to hear that the imagines make you feel - well, er, something. I’ll take that. And your tears.

i’ve not done one of these in forever so ty Cat @rightbrainyourebeinginsane ur a babe ~

1. insecurity: my emotions? they get the best of me most times, it’s embarrassing
2. fears: disappointing people
3. turn ons: uhHhhH idk skin is nice something about these flesh prisons is nice, hair that i can run my fingers thru when kissing someone, being emotionally stable
4. life goals: travel a bit, become independent and be okay alone (not 24/7 but), become a hair stylist and be happy working and not anxious
5. things i like: video games and fluffy animals
6. weaknesses: procrastinating, letting my emotions get too intense/letting them have too much of a grip on me, girls (sometimes boys but them girls…dang..)
7. things i love: Bulldogs, the color green, food, music, when you’re with someone and you realize how much you love them (not always romantically)
8. ppl i tag ~ bajilliancomedy, gavin-gavout-free (i almost typed boburnhamlikeaboss rip), heckaokay, candywater, interwebpunk, saltydoq and ya that’s it i always feel like whenever i tag ppl it makes it forced but do it if you want ok ly