this timeline made me cry from happiness

Timeline 2's Dream Team: Mami, Madoka, and Homura 

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It better go into the way the PMD games used to be- dark as hell, with your pokemon decided based on a personality test, and everyone could doubt you and you could be a time-traveling terrorist and the villain tried to get you to commit suicide

Not to mention you basically had to (in EoS) kill yourself (and kill everyone else in the future timeline) in order for others to live a peaceful life. Time had to reset in order for everything to be peaceful, which would mean everyone from the future would vanish since the main timeline had been altered. What i find desturbing is that Grovyle claimed (at one point in his sidestory if i remember right) that everyone agreed to this destiny, because living in a world like theirs…wasn’t living in the first place.

The PMD games really are dark, but they’re also lovely. They’ve made me cry of happiness and with sadness and damn, GTI didn’t give me any of that, I was majorly disappointed. I even anticipated Munna to be exactly what she came out to be. I mean, I understand they used the Gardevoir communicating through dreams like in PMD B/R, but there’s a huge difference between what Gardevoir did and what Munna did, and because I played B/R, I could SEE that difference, and I knew she was full of BS. 

Even if I hadn’t played B/R I still feel as if I would have expected Munna to be what she was because it felt so poorly written.