this playlist is for her

Ok so will-you-bumbleby-mine just sent me a 20 min recording on WhatsApp bc I have problems with nightmares and it takes me a while to calm down but I calm down super easily when listen to peoples voices, especially singing and humming. So I just got a 20 min voice message of him singing and humming after he has been singing all day so I have something to latch on when I wake up covered in sweat and shivering.

But so far he has sang some of my most fucking loved songs and I want to cry bc he actually did this and i was asking him for it yes but i was like ‘anytime man you don’t have to do it right now’ BUT NO HE DID IT



your eyes will lead me straight back home

'As he vaguely listens to his mother ramble on and on about the wedding and the changes that must be made he realizes there is no way he's going to get out of this. His mother is set on getting his 'boyfriend' at the wedding and nothing's going to change her mind now.

Which honestly only leaves him with one solution to this problem: convince Ashton to come to the wedding with him and act as his boyfriend.


A/N: this is a playlist for my beautiful wife, Ellie, who said her Ultimate Dream was to have a playlist for one of her fics. Well, here you go :)

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The Neuropsychology of Me - Ch 1

Healer Fanfic. 2/?. NSFW warning!


Spring, 2015:

Young Shin appeared out of the bathroom, freshly bathed, a towel around her head. She tied her fuzzy white robe tight, pulling it up under her chin to preserve the warmth from the hot water.

“I’ll be right there,” she sing-songed to Jung Hoo who lay propped in bed, already in a dark tee-shirt and soft flannel bottoms. In the mirror above the dresser, she met her husband’s smiling eyes before starting on her nightly moisturizing. She tapped on the music player, and it started her playlist going.

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** jealous swifties hating on Taylor **

As taylor rehearses for tour , likes our posts , finds ways to meet us , lurks on us , wraps presents for us , picks us out of a crowd , giving up hours of her schedule to talk to us , sings emotional songs at the grammys for us even though she was nervous , gives us money , makes us playlists when we have have tough times and invites us to her house.

SYNESTHESIA // an instrumental mix to fill you up with wonder and paint your vision rich with color

i. a fuoco - ludovico einaudi | ii. arrival of the birds - the cinematic orchestra | iii. atonement - dario marianelli | iv. fragile n.4 - dustin o’halloran | v. mescaline - abel korzeniowski | vi. forrest gump suite - alan silvestri | vii. gymnopédie no.1 - erik satie | viii. sherlocked - david arnold & michael price | ix. tennessee - hans zimmer | x. main titles - rachel portman | xi. stars and butterflies - jean-yves thibaudet | xii. we move lightly - dustin o’halloran | xiii. the king’s speech - alexandre desplat | xiv. arabesque no.1 - claude debussy | xv. divenire - ludovico einaudi


Almost Is Never Enough (Soundtrack Version)
  • Almost Is Never Enough (Soundtrack Version)
  • Ariana Grande ft Nathan Sykes
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ariana Grande ft Nathan Skyes -  Almost Is Never Enough (Soundtrack Version) 


your heart is a mess; a draco/hermione fanmix

| i. until we bleed by lykke li (cello version) | ii. wild is the wind (cover) by bat for lashes | iii. draw your swords by angus & julia stone | iv. ode to a friend by shannon wright/yann tiersen | v. heart’s a mess by gotye | vi. my manic and i by laura marling | vii. beluga by zach condon | viii. all i need by radiohead |

[ L I S T E N ]