This is a picture I’ve drawn for @yuneyn. (I hope it’s ok for you when I share it here… it still for you. :3 But it’s so extremely fitting for AU Day. XD) I just found it while searching something in my endless computer folders and thought: o_o OMG, Nezumi looks good like that XD

In the background is a baguette fight… because we’ve talked a lot about French and German clichés. ^^° It marked the birth of the French fighting baguette which is like a baton when it’s dry and hard. A deadly weapon!  (I guess a glass of wine is also a good weapon…^^° most certainly better than sausages and leather shorts…)

This is a drawing by Aimo on how Zevran would make fun of Alistair, based on a dialogue snippet by Mr. Gaider at the Bioware Dragon Age forums.


That is the actual snippet posted by Gaider in 2009, btw:

Indeed. Zevran does not think Alistair is cool. Zevran would more likely mock Alistair and eventually convince him to wear purple clown pants.

Alistair: “They’re kind of big…”
Zevran: “Do not be afraid, my friend. You must fill the pants! Be larger than life!”
Alistair: “I don’t think anyone is THAT big.”
Zevran: “Ho ho! Little do you know…”
Alistair: “What’s that?”
Zevran: “No talking! You must be filling the pants, remember?”
Alistair: “I’m trying!”
Zevran: “Just be, little Alistair! Just… be!”


Just found the outlines for this pic in my totally messy computer folders… and thought: “Omg O_O those outline eyes are pretty scary!” They are psycho! >___<

I guess Nezumi’s really gonna eat Shion. o-o
He’ll unhinge his jaw to swallow him whole!

Hm…seeing my very first No. 6 fanart makes me wanna draw in the anime style again… o,o Maybe…when I’ve a bit more time. ^^ In my vacation or so… I like cell shading. And somehow I like the version without background. (Well, the background is really shitty though…^^°)


*puts a picture of bamboo first to distract from the presence of her face*

No but honestly DO YOU SEE?? DO YOU SEE THAT PIECE OF BAMBOO THAT’S SO MUCH TALLER THAN THE REST? It bothers me. I stare at it for the entire hour I have between classes on friday. I sit there waiting. Staring.

….In other news, my hair is significantly less green than I desired! This outcome has been recorded in my hair dye notes. Further experimentation will ensue.

In OTHER other news, I feel like when I pull my hair back with a head band and pull out a few pieces, I have anime antagonist hair.

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