this person i know does this ugh

Anyone defending Moran needs to do their research. She claims feminism while refusing inclusivity (her remarks about the lack of PoC on t.v. shows or “forcing” people to put PoC in media are sick), she bodyshames other women regularly… her “feminism” oh tee hee I talk about farting, sex, and pubes in front of men while not giving a fuck about LGBTQIA rights, inclusivity in feminism, and excluding trans* persons. And her little stunt with the fanfic could have gotten the Beeb in a HELL of a lot of trouble under UK law. Witnesses at the event reported her getting very publicly reamed out by a rep from the Beeb after it was all done. So if BC has her “back in the fold,” he cares more about her name dropping and famewhoring than he does about privacy or, you know, feminism. Ugh. Sorry but I just can’t with people like Moran who think refusing to trim her bikini line makes her a feminist (she’s obsessed with pubes) but refusing PoC a place in entertainment media is just fine. 


Another anon: Interesting article about Caitlin Moran considering that in the The Times on Saturday during LL she wrote a column trashing the public school system and the posh white boys that attend it


The law’s supposed to be fair, not impersonal. In fact, I would argue that the law is always personal, it has to see the human side too. Otherwise, it’s meaningless.
—  Diane Lockhart being everything I aspire to be

Does anyone know a more EFFECTIVE way to contact twitter and report harassment? This person will not leave me alone and keeps sending me hate and their twitter is just filled with ways Colin should be tortured. It’s been around for months and they STILL haven’t done anything and I am seriously to the point I don’t even want a twitter anymore… Ugh


Please keep reporting them

So like

I kinda really sorta like this guy 

He was one of the people I went to Mexico with

And he’s really great and really sweet and really funny and super cute

But the thing is

He’s graduating (so am I) but while I plan to stay in my hometown for the time being, he’s moving back to his hometown bc he already has a job there after he graduates and that’s in May?? His hometown is only an hour and a ½ away from mine.

But I really like him and I just wish I had gotten to know him sooner? Ugh why does he have to move away he is literally the sweetest person ever 

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So I've kinda been struggling with my personal identity because I was adopted into a Jewish family (I am ethnically Chinese). I claim the identity of Jew, since it is my faith, but I really struggle with that since it's almost always used as an ethnic-religious identity and well I don't fit the ethnic part, even though my adopted family does... Ugh I don't know if this made sense, I'm just confused. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Jews come in all races, if you were raised in a Jewish family, you’re ethnically Jewish, but I’m not really an authority on this, since I’m not adopted but I would recommend talking to some of my fave Jews of Color bloggers about this, such as wellbehavedwomen-dontmakehistory and glintglimmergleam

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I’ve always wondered why the techs in the lab listened to Mack. He’s from a different department, he’s not a field agent. Does he have a higher clearance? if he doesn’t would that make some techs resentful enough to try to pull rank on the mechanic?

Honestly? I think they pulled the fear card on that. Imagine Mack coming at you, angry as hell and protective as a mama bear. 

Okay, personal (mean) headcanon time:
At first, they don’t listen to Mack because really, he’s just a mechanic. He obviously isn’t as educated or professional as they are (”Really, have you seen his shirts? He doesn’t even button them!” “Ugh, I know, and he’s positively covered in grease all the time. Don’t they wash down in the Garage?”). It’s only fitting that he’s started to babysit Fitz, since Fitz is broken - more of a mascot than leader at this point. It’s only a matter of time before Coulson takes him out of the Lab completely.

But then… then they start needing things from the Garage, and the turn times slow down to a halt. The techs don’t think anything of it, until they notice that Fitz always gets what he asks for immediately. Well, that just won’t do. The senior tech goes to confront Mack and comes back fuming (”He was sitting there with Fitz playing a video game - with his feet on the table when I went down, and do you know what he said to me? He said he was working on it at the moment and would let me know when everything was ready ASAP. He obviously wasn’t working on it at all!”).

So this mean-spirited relationship between Mack and the techs starts brewing until one day it gets to the point where one of the techs makes a nasty comment just loud enough for Fitz to hear (”Maybe if I got down on my knees for him Mack would be my friend too.”), and Mack gets wind of it… and yeah, he ends up cornering the techs and letting them know that it’s one thing to come after him, but that Fitz is off limits.

And, as we know from Mack’s conversation with Coulson and the team, Mack can be a little intimidating when he’s angry and protective.

I like to think that after he sets them straight, things get better. He starts to get them their supply requests fulfilled quickly, and they start being more respectful of Fitz and Mack. So, yeah. When Mack comes in and tells them to get lost? They go grab coffees and discuss everything except for their betting pool on how long it will take for Mack to man up and ask Fitz out on a date.


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I'm honestly scared to tell my mom or dad about the social anxiety 'cause I know they'd just brush it off or say I'm imagining, but I went to so many testings and 95% were positive and I always feel like such a burden for everyone ughh. I was really happy when you responded and you're such a nice person ^_~

Ugh, once again I feel you. Even now, after at least 5 different diagnosis, my mother always denies that there’s something wrong with me. I think she does it because it makes her feel helpless, so I brush it off whenever I can. But it really hurts. 

But are you sure they’d react that way? If there’s a slightest chance they wouldn’t, maybe you could try? There’s not much to lose, and it might be of help.

Thank you! Anytime. ^^

You know how you can’t choose your “special interests”?

Ugh…one of the kids I babysit watches a lot of spider man cartoons, and—OF COURSE—I’m suddenly perseverating like crazy and totally obsessed with spider man… Yes, really.

And it sucks, because there’s so little decent spider man media to consume. I’ve just been watching the two live action movies serieses over and over. (Andrew Garfield has won me over. I was skeptical at first, being from the Tobey Maguire generation.)



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I... I kindof want to punch the person talking about economics right now. Can I apologize on their behalf, Roma One? Because in a lot of countries governments to pay to build (and maintain) roads and bridges?? Because it makes people happier with them?? And also because they know that it's needed?? Roads aren't buildings, bridges aren't buildings, building are generally a private sphere; without ease of transport and travel, the economy suffers, so the GOVERNMENT BUILDS ROADS AND BRIDGES.

(Roma One does not condone violence. Sometimes I like day dreaming too though!)

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How does one make you happy?

just love me, okay? be there to remind me that it’s going to be okay. send me nice lil notes, say nice things, be a nice person. get to know me, and let me get to know you. let me write to you, about you, etc. it doesn’t take much to make me happy at all, that’s what confuses me. why don’t people ever want to make me happy? ugh. anyways, call me before bed sometime, take me to a place i’ve never been, make time for me. idk, just be nice to me, that’s all it really takes. 


Ugh. I don’t want to sound conceited but seriously… that Cheryl’s birthday problem was really simple. I don’t get the whole uproar. People were stumped with this? Why does nobody know how to use logic??

I’m disappointed in humanity.

Rant over.