this looks horrible

okay i don’t really don’t know what more do, i don’t call ‘names’ to fangirlish or to tmi_source, but they they defamed me and my tumblr as a bullied, i already say sorry for things i shouldn’t be, i already feel bad for something i don’t,  and this people just don’t reply my 50 tweets, i already i’m here on tumblr to escape from real life, because here is my happiness but it seems also here is ruined for me, i don’t really know what now, i really love this fandom, i work hard days for edits, videos and translate from this books, is my family so yeah when you make me look like a horrible person i will feel bad. I don’t deserve the panic attacks, the cry, the sadness everything from today.

Guess what I'm not doing?

SLEEPING! Who needs sleep? Not me, obviously. You can tell by how grumpy I am, and how I fall asleep at my desk often.

I’m reading another Laurie Notaro book on my phone and I’m a third of the way through and every single story so far has been completely unfunny to me. It’s almost like reading a horror book. Were they better before or did I used to think all of this was funny? I think I need to break up with Laurie Notaro.

Did you know if you drip a green Popsicle on your bare skin and it dries it looks like a horrible bruise? Also green Popsicles can stain your skin. I’m going to attempt to exfoliate it off in the shower. My phone autocorrects to a capitalized Popsicle because it’s a brand name I guess, and in those case these awful green Popsicles really are that brand, so I’m leaving it.

Olive is basically spread eagle on her back in the direct path of the fan.

I think I’m almost out of coffee. Almost out of coffee is not a good thing at all when it’s 2:43am and you’re not sleeping. Pretty sure I’ll be grumpier when 5am rolls around and there’s only half a cup left.

Also I have an idea for a whole different type of comic and since I’m not sure what I’m actually going to do with Oranges! I’m not sure if I should incorporate it or make it it’s own separate thing. Also need to figure out formatting. Arg.

I need a badge that says “can’t flirt for shit but likes oral”. Jesus, I’m horrible at looking interested when I am or understanding when others are interested in me.

I love bagged Subarus

They cause so much hate in the car community.
“it looks horrible…or should i say… “different”” Says the owner of a stock WRX with some mudguards and a cannon.

No make-up, no problem.

So for the past month or so, I’ve stopped wearing make up and contacts to school and work. Now a days, I just wear tinted moisturizer and my glasses (not sure if tinted moisturizer counts as make-up since there isn’t any coverage, only evens out my skin tone so you can still see my freckles, flaws and all lol).

I just think it’s crazy that I’ve been wearing foundation and eyeliner everyday for the past 5 years and recently for some odd reason I now give zero fucks. I don’t know if I gained more confidence in myself after changing my lifestyle or if I just don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks of my appearance anymore.  I’m just really content and glad that I can finally go out my house without automatically thinking I look ugly or horrible when my face is bare or feel the need to wear make-up. Now a days, I only put on make-up when I go out with friends or special occasions and I feel and hope it stays that way. My skin has never felt healthier and clearer.