This is the cause of my crazy, internet-avoiding marathon. I have a big Holiday art show next week, and I’ve been prepping. This is about 400 pairs of earrings, 235 of which I’ve made in the last few weeks. Not counting the other jewelry, fixing my displays, mending signs, data entry, tagging and carding product, and all the other joys of sole proprietorship. OH and having the spawn of Nurgle fighting their way out of my lungs for the last week. (aka a cold. ugh)

All this is to say ONE MORE WEEK and then maybe a few days to decompress and then i shall return!

I miss you guys… *crey*

i hate female body positivity that is all about how attractive women are to men. tell me all you want that some women just won’t listen unless it’s that way, but i’m tired of it. there is enough body positivity that is centered around how men view women. i want more female body positivity about being happy with how you look and feel without men involved in anyway.

i always underestimate how absolutely exhausting large family gatherings are. also how uncomfortable unsolicited physical contact is. did i ask you to hug me, seven different aunts who i did not want to hug? no. did i ask any of you to touch me? no. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ME WITHOUT SOLICITATION OF PHYSICAL CONTACT. UUUUUUGHGGHHHHHHH…


Ponysona WIP! ‘Member when I said traditional Unicorn tails were my favorites? Well, I wanted to add it with a Pegasus since, y’know, why not? I love them both. I know it breaks rules, but I didn’t want to limit myself when it comes to my pony representation.

The name and Cutie Mark will be coming very soon. c:

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life