As it turns out, making a movie about four siblings reluctantly coming home to sit shivah, the weeklong Jewish mourning ritual, is not unlike being held captive at a real family gathering–minus the snacks.

“We weren’t allowed to eat all the matzo and lox and bagels around,” says Tina Fey, who stars in This Is Where I Leave You, the film adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s best-selling novel. [x]

What to Watch! Theatrical Releases for the Week of September 19, 2014.


We’ve got a BUNCH of movies coming out this week, all of them interesting in their own individual ways. Thankfully, the quality of these films seems to be signaling the end of a film drought and the beginning of this insane looking fall and winter season. Let’s take a look!

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I liked ‘This Is Where I Leave You' more than I thought I would. Certain characters were drawn more deeply than others and Tina Fey was pushing the limits of her dramatic ability — but it worked thanks to the ensemble and the rich source material. Nothing revolutionary, but a satisfying watch nonetheless.


27th April 1996, 

Her room was small, clinical, white washed cider blocks, bed and a window. A secret drawer of shameful chocolate. A dresser full of cds. A calendar hung on the wall forty eight days crossed off so far. A shadow of anywhere but here clung to Rae, but tonight the ache was deep within her. There was only one place on her mind. Manchester. Maine Road.

8:40pm, Rae sat crouched in the middle stall of the toilets on the second floor, this was the best FM signal. Clutching her sanity, a Sanyo FM radio and personal cassette player. The Manics had exited stage right. The crowd roared like a great lion in her ears. Pushing the plush headphones closer, Rae sighed in containment, her eyes fluttered closed her head fell against the cubicle wall and she was there amongst the faceless crowd the smell of the burger vans, stale tobacco and sweat filled her senses. The cheer in her heart intensified with the crowd. ‘Never going down’ that familiar rough voice shouts in her ear before being drowned out my the screech of Swap Song. A small tear trickles down her cheek she clenches her eyes tightly and listens. 

10th of August 1996 

A strange room, pink and plush. A sequined pillow crushed deep into her breast. That shadow of anywhere but here at settled once more within her. Excuses for Chloe’s absence shuffled through her mind should one of her parents come looking. They wouldn’t. Rae’s bag sits beside her drumming like a beating heart, the ticket to all her fantasies lay within. The stub still firmly attached. 

8;45pm Those crashing chords of Swap Song filled Rae’s, leaning her head back and shutting her eyes. A jolt went through her when he head hit the soft springs of a mattress not the cold hard wall of her cubicle. The deep ache was deeper, it had all been so tantalizingly close. When she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander to Knebworth House, the big green, the smells of lager, chip vans, sweat and spliffs. Rae was not amongst a faceless crowd but with friends all in matching shirts. Jostling and jumping her shoulder occasionally bumping into Finn.  This time her heart doesn’t swell with the cheers of the crowd but sinks. . 

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