this is weird

ok if i could explain my love for lime and my love for draco in a logical sense id say they’re like. two different test tubes filled w/ different things but they’re both full and they’re both strong and probably would explode if exposed to oxygen

what comes to my mind when I think of the signs

Aries: impulsive dragon who can’t help but spit fire everywhere for every mood- sadness, laughter, joy

Taurus: hibernating bear who ate a lot and fell asleep for the winter

Gemini: two talkative parrots in a nursing home who repeat ‘fuck’ every five seconds after someone’s grandson visits

Cancer: a half-angel half-demon acting cat entering a psychosis triggered by a full moon on a rainy day

Leo: glamorous flamboyant peacock struttin’ their feathers everywhere for the rainforest to appreciate

Virgo: sterilizing laser beams that destroys all microorganisms and their spores on command

Libra: a fluttering butterfly who annoyingly leaves a trail of glowing pixie dust wherever they fly

Scorpio: one of those strange, undiscovered deep sea creatures washed ashore by a tsunami, surprisingly able to adapt and evolve to land life

Sagittarius: sporadic, well-known neighborhood squirrel who runs around in everyone’s backyard and gets uncomfortably close to humans

Capricorn: mysterious snow leopard you will never spot unless they are killing their prey

Aquarius: unimpressed emotionless robot disguised as human running a newspaper kiosk in New York City

Pisces: the weird psychologist who tries hypnosis 24/7 at the asylum and is more crazier than the patients