This series has a lot going for it in other respects: it’s a diverse cast with great overall chemistry, all sorts of relationships are presented as interesting and valuable, and it’s a magnificent blend of historical trivia and just not giving a crap. But the X-Files influence is strong with this one, and at the end of the day, there’s no show unless those two are hanging out being extremely differing heights and sniping at one another with barely suppressed glee.
—  Genevieve Valentine, “​Sleepy Hollow Returns, Immediately Starts War” (x)
"Anything Can Be Tricked Into Believing a Lie." - Henry Parrish

This Is War

I just finished my rewatch of This Is War and I wanted to share some thoughts.


Another name for this episode could have been Ichabbie Fest 2014. The hugs, the hand-holding, the dedications, declarations between Abbie and Ichabod, and Ichabod reminding Abbie of what she herself told him in The Sin Eater, It was shipper’s delight and I enjoyed it immensely. 


Abbie did well in purgatory getting to Moloch’s lair and fighting the Ichabod clones. I was not disappointed by Witness One, the girls got guts.

 I think Abbie moreso than Ichabod draws directly on her faith when it relates to being a Witness. Ichabod draws on his experiences as a soldier for General Washington, but for Abbie its all about her faith in God and being chosen to be a captial W’ Witness. You can see it in her decision making she trust that even though she may suffer for the world or in God’s name it will be worth it somehow even if that means remaining in purgatory.


He was a man on a mission in the episode and that misson was the rescue of his fellow Witness whom he had so disappointed. He had some of the best lines of ep, excluding of course the titular “this is war” so powerfully delivered by Abbie. 

Abbie and Ichabod 

One of the things that stood out to me was Abbie and Ichabod working together in sideways universe. Especially the way Ichabod responded to his emotions in juxtaposition to Abbie’s emotional responses. Ichabod is loud emoting all over the place, angry, aggreived, and his emotions dominating his decision making and all reason.

Abbie doesn’t emote with nearly as much passion, but her feelings are there too. She suffers her sisters loss and hurts for Ichabod’s loss as well. Ichabod on the other hand takes Abbie’s unhappiness personally, and it fuels his anger at Moloch and the Headless Horseman.

For Ichabod his emotions are indeed his weakness, while for Abbie her calm, and logic is her strength. I hope as the pair work together in the future we eventually have a moment where Abbie confronts this with him directly.

I don’t believe emotions to be a weakness, but when you let them dictate your choices with little reason they can be just that.

Jenny Mills

She kicked ass this episode. While on the one hand I wanted her to express some anger at Ichabod for redrawing the map and Abbie ending up in purgatory the pacing of the episode didn’t allow it and at this point I could see where it might seem feel petty to bring it up again.

This goes back to Ichabod’s emotions getting the better of him. He redrew the map because he loves his wife and lost sight of everything important at a chance to be with her. I don’t fault him for wanting to be with his wife, but he can’t let his emotions dictate his choices, lives are on the line. When Abbie calls him out I want Jenny and maybe even Irving to back her up.

Katrina Crane

The situation with Abraham is creepy and gross. I felt for Katrina. She probably wishes she’d never crossed paths with this guy.

I was also hugely disappointed in the way her escape attempt was written it was pitiful and I feel for both the actress and the character. This woman led a coven, stood up to demonic forces, bound powerful witches, and the best she could do was stab Abraham in the hand and run for the door,come on now.

I have no actual problems with damsels, but I do have problems with powerful coven-leading witches that stand up to demons, being reduced to ineffectual damsels.

Its pitiful, and its been old for months. It’s not the fault of the character, its the fault of the writers. I don’t know if they are doing this because Ichabbie is endgame and they don’t want the audience to root for her as possible choice or if it was just poor planning and they still haven’t figured out to do with this character, but her writing thus far is a blemish that they should be ashamed of themselves. 

I think audiences are sophisticated enough that Katrina could be both well written and Ichabod and Katrina also be written as a pairing that just doesn’t work. There is more than enough water under the bridge at this point to bring that marriage down, Katrina’s characterization needn’t be a pitiful sacrifice for Ichabbie.

Jeremy Crane aka Henry Parrish aka War

Welp he sured fooled all of us last season and I think he will fool us again this season. With Jeremy we are getting a War that is not savage and brutual, but instead reasoned and wise. The second is far more dangerous, he doesn’t just plan and come up with careful well thought out strategy he seeks and exploits emotional weakness, he is patient and observant. He has the skills of an enemy used to fighting a much stronger and more powerful foe, the skills of a child raised in an abusive situation. :(


You had a good last moment in Sleepy Hollow, all the best with Selfies, come back soon.

Moloch and The Crane Clones

Last night as the episode finished I thought this escape was entirely too easy. After this morning’s rewatch I know I was right. There were two Ichabod clones. One runs up and offers Abbie some water, which would have meant she would be forever tied to purgatory in one capacity or another.

A second Ichabod clone interferes and- saves her???


Well Moloch wanted her to leave free and clear obviously, but why? Even if she had drunk the purgatory water they still would have tried to break her out. So Moloch’s plan -if it was his plan to bring forth a demon army- would have worked anyway.

Also the second Ichabod clone had the key in his hand which Ichabod retrieves. What was the missing the scene between Ichabod and the clones and why didn’t Moloch just take the key when he his clone had it? Moloch has pulled another fast one. I don’t know what happened? I don’t know why Abbie needed to be in purgatory, but it was for some reason as yet unrevealed.


has just clarified this scene at least: ohhh i see the confusion! the real ichabod got beat up by the clone ichabod, who ran to abbie. that’s the one who called her lieutenant. that’s why real ichabod had to catch up. it was meant as misdirection. at least, that’s what i got out of it.

You’re right Abbie’s vision is blurred when she watches them fight. Thanks for clearing that up. Though now we are back to the idea of the escape being too easy, any thoughts please share.

The Objects

Let’s not forget the objects, the writers didn’t. An important aspect of writing is the objects in the story. Objects can more a story from point A to B and sometimes even drive it, The One Ring in Lord of the Rings or the Doctor’s Tardis are good examples of this.

Last season when Ichabod complained about his cell phone we thought this was just a moment of Ichabod vs. technology, but now of course we know that Ichabod needed it to communicate with Jenny while Abbie was in purgatory.

Other objects in Sleepy Hollow include Jeremy Crane’s doll, Katrina’s pendant from the sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, The Key to Purgatory, Abraham’s necklace, and Horseman’s head. 

Right now I think it’s Katrina’s pendant we need to worry about. It was left in purgatory and its tied to her and possibly Abbie. I’m guessing at this point it’s going to be used to either call Katrina or Abbie back or influence one or both of them. I would assume Katrina because it was in her possesion longer and would be tied to her more strongly. 

Katrina Crane is not free of purgatory, even if they  are successful in rescuing her from the Horseman. Moloch will still have some hold over her.

 ”Anything can be tricked into believing a lie.”

The question we need to ask now though is who was tricked and what was the lie?

Gotta go to bed early tonight because there’s an eBay auction I’m gonna conquer that ends tomorrow at 8:24 am. Rival bidders… you’re goin down.