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Jfc that "fandom hotline" post annoyed me so much like I literally volunteer at a crisis hotline and im p sure that they wouldn't be making light of hotlines if they heard some of the people who actually need them? like its not really something to joke about??? Smh forever impressed by swl's ability to continuously hit new lows of offensiveness. (btw this blog is the greatest ya'll are truly doing God's work)

Yeah I agree with you. Like, hotlines are made to help people in a crisis. It’s not something to joke about, or to ask for a fandom hotline because that is extremely unnecessary….

(And thanks bb, have a lovely night, qt<3)

-Mod K


FAKE TV SHOW MEME - the romanov grand duchesses

1913. The tsarevich Alexei, child heir to the throne of Russia, hovers on the brink of death. The royal family can do nothing but wait and hope that their friend, controversial mystic Rasputin, can once again save Alexei from the symptoms of haemophilia. 

The royal family consists of father Tsar Nicholas II, mother Alix, hated by the Russian populace for her German heritage, and their daughters: Olga, stately and dutiful; Tatiana, reserved and religious; Maria, beautiful and shy, and Anastasia, untameable and vivacious. Raised in the grand palaces and opulence of the Golden Era, the Romanov children are kept grounded and sheltered by their parents and a close knit group of tutors and advisors.

As Russia goes to war and the Romanov sisters enter adolesence, their lives are increasingly influenced by the political instability that begins to penetrate the isolated world of the grand duchesses and those closest to them.

They are the imperial family, all at once the embodiment of Russia and so distant from the struggles of an increasingly impoverished and restless people. Five children - four powerful girls all overshadowed by the heir they all waited for, who brought with him the sickness that would be the last chapter in the history of the Romaov line.


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you are truly doing god's work. if you have time i would love to hear what the interview is about!!

Hehe, thanks!

Well, he talks about leaving Romania when he was 8 and the cultural shock it was, seeing bananas for the first time in a supermarket in Vienna (that is understandable, since before the Revolution in 1989 not many people in Romania had seen real bananas), feeling like a stranger the first few years, trying to learn german and then again english when he moved to US; that was easier since his stepfather was american. He had an accent in highschool and he wanted so much to fit in.

He talks about some memories he has from the Revolution, students in a Dacia (that’s a romanian car) shouting and waving a flag with a hole in it (that was emblematic for the revolution, the hole was the place where the coat of arms of Communist Romania used to be).

His first role was of a homeless Romanian child in a small movie in Vienna -  his mother took him to a few castings there - but he didn’t like it very much, he found it boring to wait on the movie set. He started to like acting in highschool. The most important moment was meeting his manager at Stagedoor Manor 17 years ago and he started going to auditions in New York at 16.

 He then talks about being very lucky in his career, about how important is to remind yourself to have fun, not to take rejection personally, to rely on your instinct but to be open to the director’s vision, how useful it was to have the comic books for Captain America and how very exact Darren Aronofsky vision was.

In the end he talks about film and theater: how the theater gives you the possibility to do something new every evening and how special it is to communicate through one image in movies.

That is a summary, more or less exact, since my english I’m sure is not great!

I just overheard the most disgusting conversation in my entire life

"What’s the youngest you would go?"
"No no no, not to keep. Just to play with"
"The only way you can rape a man is to stick something in him"
"Yeah, he didn’t accidentally get hard."

I imagine they carried on with this vein of disgusting, rape-culture saturated, conversation. 
But I broke a clipboard and bit my tongue so hard that both my mouth and palm are full of a fair amount of blood… so I had to go deal with that. 

Of course now my plans are boned because mouse is an asshole and decided to stop working. Truly, god wants me to watch shitty movies the rest of my life. God what am I going to do at home with no netflix or Dragon Age.

long haired kamui is the stuff of my dreams i never thught he’d live long enough for me to see him with his braids undone god truly works miracles

So at work today

I was really quiet because I wasn’t really in the mood to talk. My coworker informed me that she is bipolar about a couple weeks ago.

Point of the story is that she misunderstood something I was working on and she started screaming at me.

She started saying that I shouldn’t be so stupid and that she was sitting with my boss and supervisor and how if I don’t get it together “he’s going to fire my ass”

Now I know God has truly been working in my life because two years ago she would’ve caught the hands or an attitude and all I said to her was ok ma’am

I fought back angry tears because I need my job truly and it hurt me to think that people were sitting around talking about me when I don’t talk at my job in the first place. Also because no one should take advantage of the fact they have a mental health issue to yell at someone that you don’t understand.

She’s been working there for 15+ years I’ve only been working in this field for 3 months.

So I might be getting fired so please keep me in ya prayers that I find a nice job as a secretary / receptionist their shift.

The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead. If we don’t put our faith into action, it’s not really faith; it’s just nice ideas. You see, when God truly does a work in our lives, it affects everything about us. It affects our words, our thoughts and our actions. How do you know someone is generous? By their generous actions. How do you know someone is kind? By their kind actions. How do you know someone is gentle? By their gentle actions. How do you know someone is a follower of Christ? By their Christ-like actions.

Can people tell by your actions that you belong to God? We all have areas where we can come up higher, but as believers in Jesus, we can be confident that God is at work in us. He is faithful and will complete what He started. As we invite Him to search our hearts and minds, as we surrender every area of our heart to Him and put our faith into action, He will finish His perfect work in us!

Good morning, you owe it to yourself to live life FABulous! #soulfood #dailybread #inspiration #motivation #pray (at

The Same Rules Apply To Employers As Employees

The Same Rules Apply To Employers As Employees

Masters, do the same to them, and stop your threatening, knowing that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and that there is no partiality with him.
(Ephesians 6:9 ESV)

YesterdayPaul told slaves who were believers to work hard for their masters because they were truly working for God. Their attitude in the face of harsh conditions would be a great witness to the people they…

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These past few months have been anything but easy. God is truly working in me and I don’t even realize it sometimes. I’m so incredibly thankful right now.

I found my motivation. Truly God works in the most mysterious ways; I found my motivation for German in the bible. Translating or trying to understand verses I am familiar with in English, in German.