hugs are for mugs

wrote this for this handsome fuck - he originally requested “tucker & wash’s first hug” but i ran with that and made it sad and gay. 

follow on from last week’s episode (S12E17), the freelancers have a plan and it’s one that definitely involves saying goodbye.

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Can we stop with this ‘you’re not as punk as me’ bollocks? Its fucking stupid! Nobody in this scene is better than anyone else, and I think a few fuckers need reminding of that. Bottom line you don’t have to dress up to be a punk, who cares if you have a hawk or not? Just listen to the music and support the fucking scene you gits!

  • girls at the beach:giggles as they jump over the small waves while squealing cutely
  • me at the beach:falls face first into a 2 metre wave which i get out of covered in sand and choking on seaweed

if you are an artist on this damn site I know you know what I’m talkin about k