this is the most favorite look


It was Foxy!

After I decided to do my regular saturation change for this particular teaser, I noticed something dramatically different for Foxy as compared to the other “Nightmare” animatronic. This particular image doesn’t have the Nightmare text in the background and instead illustrates the image as if blood is oozing from Foxy’s upper jaw.

Also the background doesn’t read as Nightmare, if looked upon carefully it’s written as:


Also to note, that there is a Purple hue on the upper part of his snout where it was seemingly torn, most likely referring to someone tampering with the animatronic before the Bite of 87.

“He was always my favorite.”

pynchinsky headcanons

pretty much entirely by edmundcorcoranofficial in a chat with darkelegance and myself. bc this corner of fandom needs everything it can get

  • k and ronan refuse to sleep in the same  bed as adam bc they’re worried about bringing back something that might hurt him 
  • [although i also still stand by my original supposition that it’s also because he is a restless sleeper and kicks them lol]
  • kavinsky lovingly slaughters ronan’s dream monsters and then kisses him, all bloody and savage 
  • adam walks in their room, messy haired and sleepy eyed and looks at the mess of a dead body and then at his boyfriends and just does an exasperated eyeroll like “who’s gonna clean that, not me" 
  • ronan and kavinsky dream up all kinds of things for adam [because they aren’t bought with money so they aren’t gifts]
  • and they start competing who can make up the most ridiculous, wildly unnecessary luxurious item 
  • [ronan and kavinsky spoiling adam is officially my new favorite thing]
  • and adam has to put a stop to it when kavinsky starts making plans to dream him a new building [classic kavinsky]
  • Adam has the fanciest car in town now but is terrified of driving it bc k forgot to dream in seatbelts  [he doesnt use any]
  • but whenever he’s really mad at them he just drives around in the hondayota bc of course he still has it

Number 1.

This is the last Baekyeon moment on my top, This is my favorite baekyeon moment..This moment is the most important and perfect for me. 

Baekyeon moment at SMTOWN in Seoul 2012, Right now we are in 2015, and Baekyeon still dating, a lot of people think that Baek and Tae break up, but I know in my heart that they still together♡. I read the other day about Khunfany and I felt so bad for them, and a lot of people think and said “Baekyeon is the next couple” are you serious?, I love Tiffany so much but Khunfany and Baekyeon are totally different. He never look Tiffany like Baekhyun look at Taeyeon, Baekhyun has waiting for Taeyeon more than 3 years maybe more, Baekhyun loves Taeyeon since 2012, and right know we are in 2015 and he still love her.

I think this is the best moment of Tae and Baek, because you can see how happy they are and how much love they feel for each other, that day..was perfect, Baek talk to her on the stage, Tae whisper things on his ears, they walk together, they sing together, they laugh together..that moment is perfect.

Thank you so much for your notes♡ And sorry for my english, hope you can understand me♡

I edit all my pictures :)).

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what are your favorite ryden fanfics that you've read?

oh man this is a really hard one but i would say

the heart rate of a mouse - i mean i have to put this one bc it’s not only the most popular one, but it’s also the best. it’s so beautiful and i literally own a physical copy of the first volume i love it so much

miguel sanchez’s grand slam of love - look i love all of anna green’s ryden fics but i really love this one bc of their dynamic. it’s funny and cute and like imagine brendon and ryan as tennis players and that is this fic

it’s written on the wind (it’s everywhere i go) - so this one is set in the 60s with the beatles literally appearing in it so i’m all for it. plus, it’s written really well too

give me more - there are a lot of timeline fics for ryden but this one is my favorite. it’s written so well and i feel like it really in character for ryan and brendon

ok that’s all i’m going to put but know i love a bunch of ryden fics

5SOS tag

This nugget named Sarah ( michaelgordonhemmings ) tagged me in this. I tag teenage-mutant-ninja-5sos internetpromqueen pornhubhood cliffordskittxn icravethatcalumineral klondikexirwin michaelsvoodoo-doll rem idk how many u are suppose to tag but lets get to itt :)

1. Favorite song?
Beside You

2. Favorite cover?
We are young by FUN (jesus please watch this warning FETUs)

3. How did you discover 5sos?
YouTube in like early 2012

4. Have you seen them live or are you seeing them live?
YES (i cried both times) and yessss 

5. Which of the boys do you think you’re most similar to?
Ashton or Michael

6. Who would you like to party with and why?
im not a big partier but if i was looking for a good time i feel like Luke

7. If you were to date one of the boys solely for their looks, who would it be? What about personality?
ugh why solely looks? Ash all around because he’s a sunshine

8. Most played 5sos song on your iPod/iTunes?
Beside You, Over and Over, or Wherever You are (idk i listen to all of them a lot)

9. Name a song that makes you think of one of all of the boys.
Ashton ~ Secrets - OneRepublic 

Calum ~ Waiting for the End - Linkin Park

Luke ~ Living Louder - The Cab

Michael ~ Beside You - Marianas Trench 

10. If you had the chance to ask 5sos one question, what would it be? It’d be are you happy? or… could i just have a hug? 

11. Favorite bromance?
Muke but I’m a Mashton girl sooooo

12. Who would you like to be sandwiched between in a meet and greet photo?
Ashton and Michael

13. Favorite and least favorite thing about the fandom?
Everyones really easy to get along with for the most part (I’ve run into a lot of fam out and when they see my shirt we start talking like we know each other and move on its great) i hate the fact every little thing has to turn into something huge 99% of the time 

14. Choose one boy each for marry, fuck, kill, best friend.
Marry Ash, fuck Mikey, besties with Lukey, i can’t kill anyone Cal can be our pet😂

15. Where do you see 5sos in five years?
Still touring and being dorky nuggets but maybe not as big so stuff will chill out a bit. Also Ashton will have to cut off and donate his hair to Michael 

More Hat Family AU headcanon stuff! This has to be my most adorable arting problem, because I CAN’T STOP DRAWING THEM and they are just SO DAMN CUTE! Check it out, I drew Sips!

Ross is totally my favorite here, because THAT POSE. His expression sells it.

Also, it occurs to me that for a long time, wee Trotty may have to get help with his trousers, having a button back there for his tiny little walrus tail. He does figure it out after a while.

Look at this guy. He’s adopted some strange kids, and he loves ‘em all as if they were his own flesh and blood. Another thing is… I love how his hat came out. You want silly there? I can’t draw hats for shit, and I drew a damn good hat on Sips’ head.

Do these kids hate shoes? Nope, I just hate DRAWING shoes. It also occurs to me that little Ross probably gets in a lot of fights defending his odd family.

I make some really long comments on these…

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When you ranked all the season of FRIENDS, I'm just curious about why you ranked season 9 as the second?

Because I like it almost as much as season 5! :D (And I don’t think season 5 needs an explanation; I think it’s a favorite to lots of Mondler fans ^^) I like Mondler in season 9 a lot and that’s a big factor, since Monica and Chandler are my favorite characters.

I love the way they both look in that season; in my opinion, Courteney and Matthew both look really good in seasons 9 and 10. I liked the way they looked individually in several other seasons, but in those two seasons I like both of them equally.

But the most important reasons were their storylines. They had their ups and downs during that season. We saw them fight and make up, we saw them have difficulties and also have fun, we saw them love and support each other as always. They were trying to have a baby and at the end of the season they were both at the same page, matured enough (especially Chandler who hadn’t really been ‘there’ before) to know exactly what they wanted and dealt with the unfair situation life threw their way together. They had already been married for over a year and they seemed to be more settled to their life as a married couple. They also had their funny moments. I just really love season 9 Mondler! :)

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Sorry I am the weird person that always asks random questions but 1) what is your favorite breed of dog? and 2) what is your favorite type of flower?

 I LOVE this question because occasionally i’ll go through spurts about this breed of dog but most people look at me like im nuts I FREAKIN LOVE BULL TERRIERS. 


A lot of people think they look funny bc of how they;re built.  But I think thats why they’re so gorgeous.  Its also the same dog as Bullseye of Target. I want to put liek 50 photos on here because theyre just SO DAMN CUTE but I wont. 

I love FRAGRANT roses.  I love the smell of lilies… really I like flowers that SMELL GOOD and clean and wonderful.  I really like roses though.  Im a sucker for romantic things … roses. 

Blood Bank - Bon Iver

From Rolling Stone. Taylor shared a playlist of songs that made her.

“I think this is one of the most beautiful love songs I’ve ever heard, because of the conversational lyrics. It’s so detailed, but in a sporadic way - just like a memory. My favorite lines: “That secret that we know, that we don’t know how to tell/I’m in love with your honor/I’m in love with your cheeks.” It’s dark, but feels romantic. I think I like this song because it reminds me of how love actually feels.”


“Blood Bank”

Well, I met you at the blood bank
We were looking at the bags
Wondering if any of the colors
Matched any of the names we knew on the tags

You said, see look that’s yours
Stacked on top with your brother’s
See how the resemble one another
Even in their plastic little covers

And I said I know it well
That secret that you knew but don’t know how to tell
It fucks with your honor and it teases your head
But you know that it’s good girl
‘Cause its running you with red

Then the snow started falling
We were stuck out in your car
You were rubbing both of my hands
Chewing on a candy bar

You said, ain’t this just like the present
To be showing up like this?
As a moon waned to crescent
We started to kiss

And I said I know it well
That secret that we know that we don’t know how to tell
I’m in love with your honor, I’m in love with your cheeks
What’s that noise up the stairs, babe?
Is that Christmas morning creaks?

And I know it well, I know it well
And I know it well, I know it
And I know it, I know it
And I know it, I know it


What’d I say about Anthy’s eyes being the way you can tell her emotions? Look at that ‘smizing.’ 

Also, the top 2 caps are of one of my favorite shots in the show. Utena’s at the fore, with Anthy out of focus in the background. Things get really interesting, though, when we shift our attention. And that, my friends, is part of the goal of this liveblog - helping think through the stuff about Anthy that’s not initially clear, or that you don’t (and can’t, and really aren’t supposed to) know to look for until you’ve reached the end.

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well, dan and connor had a twitter convo about his memory card, an interview ( t(.)co/Z0ilILS1CT ) confirmed he saw them and phil favorited connor's tweet about losing his memory card so who knows who the collabs wee filmed with.

He definitely filmed with Jim and with Tanya, so those are two upcoming collabs. But I think he saw Dan and Phil the same night he lost his memory card (maybe it’s even how he realized he lost it), because in the article he said he was seeing them that night, and most short interviews are published the following day. So he lost it, went to hang out with them, and then looked for it when he got back, and that’s why Dan and Phil were particularly interested in the whole thing. He probably filmed with Dan at least, but I don’t think he had his memory card with him for it.

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what are your favorite shows this season?

The ones I look the most forward to are

  • Fate
  • Danmachi
  • Shokugeki no Souma
  • Ore Monogatari
  • Plastic Memories

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Favorite gay/LGBT romance books? I have such a craving for them rn but i don't know what to get!

Unfortunately, I’ve hardly read any. Most of mine are the 20 page smutty books. I did love Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe but I haven’t read many, sorry. Look through my masterpost of book recommendations and there may be some in there

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This shop located in Daikanyama.
It’s my favorite lately \m/,(•。•)

#I aim to be the most stylish boy in town‪#I am no match with my white v-necks only #I will pretend to accidentally buy the same clothes as the shop assistant while peeking at his outfit ‪#‎As though I was the one rocking that style #‎I am definitely not fit to be a stylist ‪#V-necks suit me and give me self confidence#‎I mean are there even people that don’t look good in white v-necks #Writing these tags got me in pain‎

When we think of autograph books we imagine a fan, someone obtaining random signatures of famous people in passing and during what is often an impersonal moment. It’s rare, almost unheard of, that a star would have an autograph book, and not just any star, but Shirley, the biggest star of the 1930’s. Part of her collection of memorabilia includes six autograph books of which a number of those are brimming with the personal words and thoughtful notes of the most famous actors and figures of the period. What is so remarkable are the messages, sometimes unique drawings or sketches, that each of these personalities did for Shirley. In this particular small sample from a book containing nearly 100 autographs we see a personal look at how beloved this little girl was, not just with the public, but with the celebrity of the period as well. See Shirley’s favorite autograph books at the traveling exhibits, including starting next week at the Santa Monica History Museum, and at the auction event on July 14th.

Here is the full traveling exhibit schedule:

Information for the July event taking place at The Little Theatre in Kansas City, MO:

Theriault’s Facebook page dedicated to “Love, Shirley Temple”:

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do you know what breed yui and takamina's cats are

They look like Scottish Folds. My favorite breed, and the most trendy breed in Japan.

[B]ecause that’s one of her (and my) favorite designers. Reem does the most amazing bridal designs, and Britany and I were looking through Vogue, and she pointed to this one gown, and I was like, ‘I wonder if we could go to the showroom…'
—  Taylor Swift talking about wedding dress shopping at Reem Acra with Britany Maack (x)

Okay this is a bit smutty at the end but I think it’s a sweet kind of smut so let me know what you think! 

Imagine finding out that Castiel has been having dirty thoughts about the two of you:

It was a beautiful day, today and you decide that you want to spend the day rocking out to your favorite songs and just hang out and breathe for a second. You had been on five hunts in the past three weeks and you just needed a break. So while Sam and Dean went on the latest hunt, you stayed behind. It was around 1 pm and you decided that it was time to play your favorite records. You looked down at the box in your room labeled records and got out your most favorite one The 1975 EP Music for Your Cars. You gently place the record on the player and press the needle gently down. As the first notes     of Anobrain hit the air you start to sway your hips and soon you close your eyes and let the music take you away. As the next song begins to play you jump at the music notes, “Yes! I love this song so much”, you shout. “Chocolate!” You begin to sing along, you go and turn up the volume so that you can hear it through the bunker.  We go where nobody goes, with guns hidden under our petti coats… you are practically shouting the words, dancing, moving around. You are so happy you decided to wear high waist shorts and a sheer top, besides you are all alone. Right when your favorite song is about to play the record cuts off. “Hey what the hell man I was listening to that”, you have no idea who could have turned it off but you are hoping it was one of the boys. As you exited the room you were end, you look desperately around in hopes of finding the evil doer. You are about to walk into your room when BANG! You face slams right into someone’s chest. “ouch”, you say as you move away to take a better look at the figure. You gloss over the figure and realize you know exactly who it is, same tan trench coat same suit and tie. “Dang it, Castiel. You scared me”, you try to sound mad but all you want to do it laugh. You were happy to see that angel not just because you rather it be him then a demon or something but because he always made your heart leap when you saw him. “I am so sorry (y/n), I didn’t mean to. I just came in to check something in the library and I heard the music. I didn’t know you were here.” He looked flushed and you couldn’t figure out why, until you remembered that you were dressed quit profoundly. “Oh ummm yeah I just needed a day off you know to myself”, you blushed and tried not to make eye contact. “Oh well I will leave you alone then”, he sounded almost hurt. “No wait stay… I mean you might as well”, you just wanted to take back the words you said before because in this light Castiel looked something truly beautiful, something… well supernatural. “Okay”, he simple said. You decided that you better change at least your shirt. “Well I need to go into my room and change first”, you say in almost a whisper. The two of you were still standing in the door way but this time Castiel put his hand on your shoulder, looking into your eyes. “Why?” he asks taking a sneak peak at your chest. “Because it feels weird”, you don’t really have a good reason so you just stop talking. Castiel moves his hand down your back and brings you closer to him, “I have a confession to make (y/n)”, he seems a little nervous. “What is that”, you say your voice is a bit shaky. In fact your whole body is shaking at the thought of being so close to him. “I have to confess that… I… enjoy looking at you… and your body”, now he really seems nervous. “Really”, you lift your head from his chest and look at him. He is looking down embarrassed by the revelation he just made. You place your hand on his chin and turn his face towards yours. “Don’t be embarrassed Castiel”, you say looking into those ocean blue eyes. That now with your words are turning into a storm. He spins you around so that your back is facing the entrance. He kisses you slow and softly at first but you are desperate for more so you kiss back hard, which gives him the confidence to enter your mouth. The two of you are inching towards the bed, hands are everywhere ripping at the seams, tearing down the walls. He gently places you on the bed and drags kisses down your neck to the arch of your collar bone. This sends chills up and down the small of your back. “ahhh”, you breathe. You can feel his growing passion and that excites you even more, so you pull at the top of his pants. Castiel looks at you and then down at his love and begins to unbutton his pants but you stop him. “No, let me”, you are almost out of breath. He moves away and turns to your neck again kissing and biting as you unbutton his pants and trail them off. He moves down again this time going all the way down to the top of your shorts, now you were starting to regret those high waist shorts. He unbutton each button very careful and slowly, you were starting to squirm around and he enjoyed watching the faces you made. As soon as he pulled them off you grabbed his neck and pulled him down, kissing him with everything you had. “(Y/N) I have another confession to make”, Cas’s voice with raspy and deeper than usual. “What”, you say on his mouth. “I think I love you”, he stops kissing you so that he can see your reaction. You giggle, “Aw Castiel I think I love you too”. This brings a smile to his face and he continues to kiss you, this time giving everything he has. As the intense continues, your body begins to beg you for more. “Cas I want you”, you say. He doesn’t say a word, removing his underwear and then yours, pausing to admire the beauty of your body. “Are you sure you want to travel this road”? he asks before gently placing himself on top of you. “Oh yes”, you manage to say. He places himself at your entrance, careful watching your face. You bite your lip and nod your head. Before you know it he is inside you and it feels better than any drug. He starts off slowly getting the rhythm just right, you grab him and begin to kiss him. This gives him permission to go deeper and slightly a bit harder, “Ugh”, you almost scream. Castiel quickens just a bit and more moans escape your mouth, which in turn causes him to join. You are clawing at his back with each thrust he seems to enjoy that because each time you do he pulls in just a little bit harder. At this pace you are both feeling the arrival. And after a few more moments you both arrive one after the other. As soon as Castiel has his moment he buries himself in your neck, gently kissing, his breath in your ear once again sending shivers down your spine. And to think this all started with a confession.     

Sorry it’s a bit long but hey the more the merry am I right… no… okay.