this is so bizarre


"We’ve never met before 
         There’s no we could have      
                          The two of us are travelers  
                                          This is the first time I’ve been here,
                                            and I already have to get going 
                                                                          To the next town


I came across this rather old piece unexpectedly while shifting through storage bins last month, and decided she was quite salvageable. So here she is, getting cleaned up so she can go up for sale.

My scanner bounces some bizarre colors off of all of my colored pencil pieces on toned pastel paper (no seriously, every single time, no exception.) These photos show you how she really looks in person.

Those of you who know me know that I am impossible to convince when it comes to drawing fan art. The Last Unicorn is the only exception to date, which is quite fitting.

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Hi I'm Em and new here. Not in the fandom just someone who stumbled upon Larry by accident & spent the last 3 days going through the treatise. My other life is on hold atm, Lol. The one thing that blows my mind are Harry's messages (tweets pics bandanas etc) to you guys. That he is who he is celebrity wise & still does that is astounding. No-one does that!!! Such a smart cookie and now my favourite person on the entire planet. God bless, Harry Styles.

It’s so bizarre, lol. I know one English professor who, to teach about audience and tone and non-literal language and all that jazz, has students pretend that they are prisoners in a POW camp and they are writing letters home, and they have to write their letters in such a way that they communicate the true state of affairs to their family members but escape the prison guards censoring their letters. If the students are too obvious in their letters, the prison guards shoot them. And I immediately thought of Harry, lol. I say all the time that we’re living in an Umberto Eco novel.

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It’s so bizarre to me that their are ppl in this world that dislike pineapple. I’m scared to know what fruits you actually like. Like bananas better get the same amount of vitriol.

I pretty much like all other fruits, because none are literal spawns of satan.

I could understand banana hate though, because while they taste good, that texture and those stringy things and how they turn brown immediately… nagl

This is a safe space to hate on all fruits though if anybody needs to, because I can understand how it feels to be alone in that hate and being judged for it. Let it all out.

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it’s so bizarre how paul’s story from the first half of S2 was shunted off into online bonus videos and never mentioned in the actual show again? why keep the early stuff in in the final edit if you scrap the resolution? who are you chibnall

lol, right? he and becca BROKE UP off screen, why even have them date at all then


It’s March so let’s er…muscle our way though this bizarre WiiWare download by Namco? We play as speedo-clad bodybuilders that range from a Russian punk to a polar bear pelting though an on-rails game of Hole in the wall, flexing into different poses while chasing after strange villains that have stolen their soy protein! We travel through cities, cardboard forests and IN SPACE in a world full of rainbows, penguins and Ukraine Eurovision singers. As Dale Winton would shout: BRING ON THE WALL!

Rewatching "25 Acts"

This is going to sound so bizarre, but I kind of want to say it just to put it out there.  But maybe it isn’t as bizarre as I think it is.

As a sexual assault survivor, even an assault from almost twenty years ago, it’s so hard for me to trust men or to believe them when they say they won’t hurt me.  So many of the men I’ve dated since then have abused my trust, hurt me, pushed for sex when I wasn’t ready, guilted me into it.  It is a struggle every day to believe that there is someone out there who won’t do those things to me.

So believe me when I say that the sexiest thing I have ever heard a man say is when Rafael Barba turns around, looks at the rapist’s defense attorney, and says, “Whether you’re a John in the South Bronx or a three million dollar a year talk show host, NO MEANS NO.”

Because he gets it.  It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, what your job is, how famous you are, whether she started to have sex with you.  None of that matters.  The word no MEANS no.

I know it sounds really strange to feel that way about a fictional character, but someone had to write him, right?  And I have to believe that the guy playing him believes it, too.  And if there’s one, there have to be more, right?

Fictional characters, actors… sometimes you can tell yourself that it’s not okay to feel changed, to BE changed, by them.  But I think it is.  I think if you are positively changed by something an actor, a singer, a character does… then that’s totally fine.  If you need to hold onto something while you work through a problem, then I think that that’s perfectly acceptable. 

Last year, Tom Hiddleston helped me work through a lot of emotionally devastating issues - he gave me something to look to, reminded me in so many ways that I needed to go on.  He didn’t save me, but he helped me save myself.  So much so that I got the quote that I clung to tattooed on my wrist.  To remind me to always keep that hope.

Right now, especially writing this little novel of mine, Rafael Barba (and maybe Raul Esparza too) is helping me.  Helping me work through the still-lingering trauma of what happened to me all those years ago.  Helping remind me that there are men out there who are good, who don’t want to hurt you, who are capable of honor and love and kindness.  And helping remind me that maybe someday, I’ll meet one of those guys in the real world, and he won’t need to save me, because he’ll never give me a reason to need saved.

i used to go to this one summer camp, and one year i decided to bring stuff so i could dress like a pirate every day and there were people who didn’t even know my name because everyone called me “captain”


This is Babymetal, formed with the idea of metal & idol music smashed together. If you want to see elementary-age Japanese schoolgirls spin their hair like they’re in a metal band, this is the video for you.

I just sat here with my mouth open for the duration of this video.