this is pretty freaking cool


me: But… the rest of the movie was pretty cool, wasn’t it? Freaking Vision looked like he walked right off the comic page for crying out loud! Can’t we focus on that instead? 

I have had so much fun at the dairy this week and I have learned so much. Like, holy freaking cow (pun intended). I have mad respect for the dairy workers and everything they do to keep that operation running. I always knew that there was a lot that went into it, but I never realized just how much of it is done by students (just about everything, btw). It was so awesome and everyone there was super cooperative and weren’t rude about me following them around with a camera for like 3 days. I seriously learned so much and the cows were super cute on top of it all. 

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May, if you could be any other Pokemon for a single day, which one would it be and why?

May: Zoroarks are pretty cool, could change forms and stuff and freak people out be pretty flippin funny.

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I love the fact that you're a Christian and you listen to pop punk, that's pretty freaking cool. Your blog is freaking great btw. l8r m8

thanks!! I appreciate it

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So last night was my first nerdfighter gathering in the form of the Tour Because Awesome, and it made me realize what makes nerdfighteria so special- not only was the show amazing and all the performers super sweet and personable, but the people there were some of the nicest I have ever met. Everyone was talkative and polite, and even in a standing room only crowd no one pushed or shoved to get to the stage. People saved spaces for those who went to go get merch and were friendly when they came back. And I think that’s the thing about Nerdfighteria that really sets it apart. It’s a community built on shared interests, and from that comes this awesome group of people who just want to have fun and make the world a lil better. Which is pretty freaking cool.

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Hey is this 'blackest circle' fic posted anywhere? i've seen a brief snippet of it and it seems pretty freaking cool, so i was wondering if you had any more of it somewhere.

Ok, Blackest Circle is one of the (…many, many, many) AUs we will be writing.

Unfortunately, that’s still “will be” because it hasn’t bitten as hard as others recently. There’s various hints and relevant things at the tag, but I think the only solid bits are Luke and Leia meeting up with Han and Chewie, and the teaser

When we start that, it’ll be on AO3 along with everything else, and I suspect there will be the usual spam of Tumblr announcing it. Sorry we don’t have more, but it IS in the queue! 

…yeah, we have one hell of a queue. ^_^;

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Thanks for the follow! Just checked out your blog and I really like it, but i happened to notice you got to visit the set of Almost Adults?? THATS SO FREAKING COOL and I'm pretty jealous ahah.

Hey yea no problem! Thank you so much that you like my blog, I like yours too :) and yea I got to be on set yesterday and I’m an extra in a few scenes!!

Avengers: Age of Ultron [Quick Review]

[ WARNING: DOES CONTAIN A SPOILER! everything else I have talked about I tried to hold back on. I think GIF’s count ]

All of my peers, friends and boyfriend would not shut up about this movie, they filled me up with a lot of hype, and, yeah, it was pretty freaking cool.

There are just so many moments that really cracked me up! The odd sassy remark between all the avengers while resting & fighting really did it for me; I’ll definitely be quoting them if my friends do anything silly. Cx

The one quote they’ll definitely use on me now:
Tony: And gosh watch your language!

So … 

The action?
Pretty Amazing. All the fights where loud and bold, the very beginning certainly helped me dive right into this flick. Every detail and hit was on point and didn’t fail to please my desire to see bad guys get owns and things exploding.
There where moments that looks a little off to me, maayybe is due to not seeing it in 3D or maybe three years of studying animation & effects have spoiled the illusion of a mighty battle.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksliver?
”He’s fast and She’s weird.” Precious awkward babies. 

I loved the moments between the pair of them, I personally think the actors really portrayed their sibling love incredibly well. High five to you guys……..
And no…….  

I personally say you have to watch this film if you’ve seen the first one.
There where a few things I didn’t quite understand because i didn’t read the DC comics, Like Hawkeye having a family (like i seriously thought he and black widow would have got together!!) I did had that simply explained to me thanks to my friends. Some scene’s could have been filmed differently but cinematography certainly made up for it. Overall very enjoyable action packed film and James Spader as the voice of Ultron…. 



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