this is phil's bedroom from manchester

- “i am now going to proceed to stay up till 4am on the internet.”
- “as usual.”

there’s a good chance that dan hasn’t even noticed phil fell asleep yet.

kimminseokisking asked:

Don't you feel like Phil has got AMAZING persuasive power over Dan? There were so many instances where Phil asks Dan to do something, then Dan outright says "NO" but then Phil just sweet talks (?) and Dan ends up doing the thing. Like the sharpie-wood thing, sniffing the face, moving to Manchester (the feels), starting YouTube etc. Why do you think that is? Do you think this could translate to the bedroom? (If they were actually a thing)

I think at first it is just Dan being in awe of Phil , because you have to remember dan was basically a fanboy of phil. BUT NOW I dont know what it is tbh. But it definately translates into the bedroom in fact it probably comes from it. I have this thought that whenever Phil sweet talks him he uses the voice he uses in the bedroom making him be forced to do it. ya see what I mean here