this is one of the better things ever

  • Me:*shows my brother Exo's teaser picture*
  • My Brother:What is this?
  • My Brother:They're too skinny to be playing- are they wearing baseball hats with football jerseys? *takes closer look*
  • My Brother:This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
  • My Brother:They're wearing soccer socks and Ronaldo cleats that's like three sports in one. What sport are they supposed to be playing?
  • My Brother:Get this out of my face.
  • Me:*is weak af on the ground*

who remembers the 7" with PEEPLE WATCHIN that was supposed to come out on Get Better Records but was forever doomed by sickness, surgery, and then finally all of jenna pup’s shit getting stolen, including all of the masters for the split?

WELL our good friend and current member Jessica Princess found a flash drive, literally in a box of trash, while cleaning her room and all that was on it was the fucking masters for that record!!! While this 7" is still never gonna happen, because we’ve pretty much given up on that, we figured we would make one of the only non-downloadable things we ever had up for download RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

SO FUCKING ENJOY!!! and maybe one day there will be a fancy third press of the cassette tape that wasn’t only available at fed up fest last year or on peeple watchin’s cross country tour.


ps: this features some our fav friends ever…

Do you ever think about the first time Nick an Kelly shared the couch together at Jacksonville? 

How they were probably both a little awkward at first. It’s barely big enough for two people and maybe they would have been better off with one of them staying on the floor after all instead of both of them shifting around, trying not to touch each other even though there isn’t enough room to avoid it. 

But then it’s Kelly who finally let’s out a huge sigh and just flings his leg out and hooks it over Nick. 

and Nick sort of tenses up like what the hell at first but Kelly just mutters “Deal with it.” And Nick does. 

Then he wakes up with Kelly wrapped around him snugly on the couch. Because apparently when there isn’t a pillow to wrap around a six foot plus marine will do just fine. 

so Nick just sighs and goes back to sleep. At least he isn’t on the floor. 

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Do you think the possibility of canon Sterek in the beginning made us all a lot more tolerant of Jeff's shoddy writing/showrunning than we might have been without it? Like, if there was Sterek then there was at least one good thing in the show?

I think that we were all aware that the writing for the show wasn’t fantastic. There were plot-holes, and things that didn’t make sense. It was campy, nothing too major, and it worked for a show like Teen Wolf. Therefore, we let things pass without complaint.

It was only after Jeff and writers got all arrogant and started to proclaim how they were all amazingly talented writers, and how their ideas were far better than anything fans could ever hope to dream that us fans turned against them and decided not to let their shit pass anymore.

When Jeff was pretending that Sterek could be a thing to happen on the show, we supported his work. After he decided to reveal that he had been using fans to get money and popularity, we didn’t take it lightly. Now, fans will gladly rip apart the show for the tiniest thing–and it’s all well deserved. No more praise. 

If Patrick Jane has taught me one thing, it’s that if you suffer a trauma of any kind, or an experience that strips you of who you used to be, you shouldn’t be ashamed. And definitely don’t feel guilty for it.

You will be okay.

And you are capable of being loved for who you are.

You’re not a lost cause, and things will get better.

my being fat makes a statement whether i like it or not.

i got these black super-super-high-waisted jeans

let us be clear that it very much highlights my round tummies (yes plural hah)

i was scared shitless to wear them for fear of judgment

but i did it anyway

i definitely turned heads (for better or worse!)

this one cool lady shopkeep actually said to me, “you are so so beautiful! the lips–all that red–the outfit–love it all! it just makes me happy!”

she was so emphatic and warm!

i always fear the worst

when will i ever let good things like this sink in?

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I am sorry about your dissertation :( but here is some attempted fluffy hawksilver for you! So i imagine that pietro struggles with english sometimes and gets really frustrated and sorta upset about it - cue clint realizing this and being like "nono let me help you it's okay you're doing great" and he totally helps him learn better and stuff :) (eh it's probs not what you wanted but I tried haha)

Thank you! I literally squealed reading this. Clint would find this the most adorable thing ever! Pietro stammering over words to try and find the right one and then getting angry like a kitten! He’d only help Pietro after laughing a bit first because he just loves to see Pietro pout at him in frustration. Then of course he would help him and be so proud when Pietro gets it right! ahh feels <3

“Falling is scary”

“You just have to let love do it’s thing”

No, you don’t understand, I can’t. I have trust issues leaking from my throat. I have trust issues because my first revealing of metamorphic love bled out through gaping holes of depression and anxiety just to be told, “I’m sorry but you’re just. too. much.”

It was a year later when the only love I ever needed slipped away from me when I felt that same phrase quiver between my lungs and what came out my mouth sounded a little like “You deserve better.” When I realized it was her eclectic eyes that simmered down my restless soul.. I ran back, manic, my gaping holes filled with red colored cement just to find out it was. too. late.

The girl that still jerks at my heart was the one. Not the one but the one I would’ve done every. single. thing. for. Not the one but the one I fell for even when I hated her. Not the one but the one I loved so hard, so unconditionally. The one that showed me I never could be the. one. for.

100 days of dreaming, 100 nights of future planning never made my soul ache as much as it ached to realize my 100 day girl was gone. When things like settling down didn’t feel like settling down but coming home, for once. When I’d let a stranger trace their soul with shaky hands into my future. When I let myself expect that someone could stay. for. once.

Don’t tell me I just have to let love do it’s thing because love carved names into the nostalgic space between what once was and what now isn’t that drive my courage insane nowadays. When love stopped feeling like an actual fire escape but like the sign “STOP” instead.

  • Kid:This boy at school doesn't want to tell my friend that he likes her.
  • Me:He should just tell her. Either she will be into him, so yay. Or she's not into him and then he knows and he's not wasting time thinking about her anymore.
  • Kid:Or, she might lie and say "That's nice," because she doesn't want to be mean, but really she doesn't like him. Or she'll be scared and say she doesn't like him even if she does.
  • Me:That's true, sometimes people aren't honest because they're afraid. But don't you think it would be better if everyone were just honest about these things?
  • Kid:Dad! No one is ever honest in grade 7!!

#Oncle Naruto For The Rescue 

(The Most Frickin Powerful Kage of The World : Don’t Even Dare ! )

#Mamakura For The Rescue 

( The Most Scariest Woman on Earth : The Queen Mama is coming , Bitches ! Prepare YOURSELF to Die ! SHAAAAAANAROOOO ! )

#Papasuke For The Rescue 

( MollyWeasleyed Papasuke : Not my Daughter, you Bitch !)

IF THIS NOT SCARY ENOUGH FOR YOU , DEAR ONION FAMILY …First off all that means you don’t have any instinct of presevation …

Second of all …WELL DEAL WITH THAT …


#Oncle Kurama For The Rescue Is The Scariest Thing Ever

I Mean The Day This One Agree To Protect an Uchiha  From an Army of ( Uchiha ) Onions Working Along An Uchiha ….Better Runaway !

( The Susanoo-Kyuubi thing : Grrrr The Real me will come AFTER You !)


EUhhh… I MEAN THIS ONE ( Do you know he REALLY don’t likes to be awaked ?! Mama Kaguya didn’t told you that ?! ) ->

( Kurama : Mhhh …)

( Kurama : To Late …)

Apocalypse is coming !

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can you link the fic ???

why yes, yes i can

if you have not experienced this monster yet, I wish you all the luck in the world. it is quite the beast. also like……make sure to heed the warnings bc it’s super dark

BUT it is probably one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever read and exactly what the hunger games SHOULD have been as a series as far as writing and theme and plot are concerned. it’s 12000% better I could talk about this fic for AGES

Those awkward adventures with you…
Sometimes things don’t go as planned-
I turn down the wrong street, a lot.
I was supposed to bring that? I forgot.
For some reason, I always mess up.
You deserve better,
yet you stay with me?
I’m not the guy that you deserve,
but I know one thing…
There will be no one else who
will ever love you more!
I’m not perfect,
but you treat me like I am!
How did I get so lucky?

- Tanner Dean

aashyma replied to your post “Most embarrassing fictional crush?”

Oh my god you’ve read everything I wish I’d read at thirteen.

If it makes you feel better, I didn’t find the Darkover books until I was twenty-one and they actually held up okay, all things considered. 

Also, if you haven’t done Eddings, then you can literally just read The Redemption of Althalus and that’s it, every plot, plot twist, and character Eddings ever created packaged in one book. It’s hilarious and tragic at the same time that that’s even possible, but you’ll get everything you could get out of his oeuvre out of it. Which is convenient, at least. 

viola-strum –  Dash: Hey Bucket! Well, I guess this could go to all of you, but what’s the weirdest situation you’ve found yourself in?

Bucketling:  Oh… uh…  Probably when I first found Five?  He was being all spooky and tattered looking, but he was really just lonely and afraid.

Also!  Hi!  Sorry I’ve been away for so long…  And that I haven’t been able to keep track of all that’s been going on with you all over there…  Things have been sort of hectic.  But I’m all better now and things should be picking up again hopefully?

nightaskings – To whomever, What is the best gift you have ever received?

Bucketling:  Oh, probably that one great padded blanket I got from Abney…  Or maybe that pad that I used to ride around on Five on…  I dunno!

Anon –  So what’s it like to be a changling in a pony world?

Bucketling:  Oh it’s fun!  For the most part anyway…  Ponies are generally nice now that they’ve gotten to know me a bit, though things were rough for quite a while when I first revealed myself…

Thank you for the questions everypony!  I’ll be trying to get back to more of these later on.  And please don’t fret if I answer privately or am not able to draw a response.  Or if I take forever heh…

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For the name thing: Nicole.

FIRST BEST FRIEND IN AMEERRCA so of course she was half-Filipino haha can you imagine

also. probably my first baby bi crush if we’re being honest? but i keep moving that back and back the more i reflect upon my childhood, so jury’s out on that one. we were two of only four (four!!! ridiculous) girls in a class of like 20, she could run faster than me and was somehow better at both sprinting AND long distance, which is terrible and not allowed. but i was better at math and tetherball so we were even.

also also she had glasses and the frames were BENDY and it was the coolest thing ever, basically

there was some bullshit surrounding Field Day and i didn’t get to run the relay race with her and i still maintain that was fucking bullshit. i had dreams about the way she ran which…was a very straight thing to have dreams about, probably.

after fifth grade i guess we just kind of…drifted apart? me being better at math meant i was being put in a different class and we hardly ever saw each other again but HEY NICOLE IF YOU’RE READING THIS I BET YOU STILL RUN SUPER FAST AND I KINDA WANTED TO MARRY YOU, JUST SO YOU KNOW

Today I was watching a live show and this comedian guy came out and started talking about why girls and boys were different. After he had named a couple he said “Girls and Boys are different because girls are better drivers than boys!” And everyone started clapping except for this group of boys. The guy pointed to them and said “Why are you booing me? You’re 14 - you can’t drive! Go hop on your tricycle you lil boy” And it was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed