this is not fair


This is actually sick! I actually feel bad for her I wish I could help her because this is so undercontrol.Grown man chasing her everywhere she goes , she can´t have her space! She´s only 16!  She wants to go out and have fun like any other teenage girl but she can´t because paparazzi are always chasing her around. She can´t have her own private moment! They are so thirsty for getting pictures because that´s their “job” but they don´t give her any space , they don´t have respect! Is sad that she couldn´t even get to her own car!! They are all around her , I mean they have to give her space and let her be.It makes me sad that paparazzi makes her down by the bad things they yell at her and that´s not even her fault , why would she be hearing all that stuff if she hasn´t done anything wrong for them to disrespect her. They have to do something about this because this is just wrong , she´s just a teenager. We get it that´s her lifestyle but I mean she´s so young to be suffering all this stuff. It´s actually sad that they can´t stop for fans because paparazzi.I really hope they do something about it , because is not fair that Kendall and Kylie are going through this stuff and they are actually so young!