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Sugar Pie Honey Bunch 

Shout out to frozen musings​ for introducing me to my new OTP.  She posted a link to a scene from this movie, and I just fell in love.  Honestly, I would have NEVER have given this movie the time of day. The film has pretty bad reviews overall, and I’m not expecting much from it when it comes out on DVD. But gosh, this couple. They have got to be one of my favorite couples ever.  With one of the prettiest duets I’ve ever heard.

Take some time, and watch this scene. You’ll fall in love. xx

If you haven’t, you should

All the amazing Arrow fanfiction I’ve been reading of late has me baby-stepping back into the world of writing myself (not that I’ve been pleased with my attempts, but as they say we’re all our own worst critics) and I wanted to share my recommendations for some of the best damn stories out there. And, yes, they’re all Olicity stories. (THEY ARE MY SHIP PEOPLE.)


  1. Felicity Smoak, Technical Advisor series by thatmasquedgirl. The series’ main story is: Technical Assistance – a re-imaging of Arrow’s first season that literally makes me giddy every time a new chapter is posted. Hands down, my ABSOLUTE favorite Arrow fan fiction! [I want to say ever, but you never know, but as of right now it has ever going for it.] Currently it has twelve “side stories” basically extra goodness (think deleted scenes) between chapters. If you love Olicity, Tommy being alive, the men of Arrow (John Diggle, Roy Harper, Quentin Lance, Tommy Merlyn) being awesome, and some later season one divergence (seriously I’m afraid to hope that Tommy might survive the Undertaking) then this story is for you.
  2. For Blue Skies (and its companion piece, For Darker Days) by SJKDarling. A season two canon divergent Arrow story that has Felicity facing a nemesis that Team Arrow cannot pummel into submission, cancer. The realities of the disease and treatment are not glossed over here, so it can be a bit wrenching to read if you’ve known someone or experienced it yourself, but it’s so worth the read. The Team Arrow interaction is outstanding and this story pretty much has my favorite Felicity/Quentin Lance relationship ever in it. [The companion piece offers Oliver-centric one-shots that tie into the on-going story.]
  3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words (and other true sayings) by So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated). A season three canon divergent Arrow story (Sara lives and Oliver still has QC) where the easiest kidnapping Felicity has experienced has some very unexpected, tricky and dangerous consequences for Team Arrow.  Humorous – sometime ridiculously so but in the best possible way, action packed, with some of the most adorable Olicity interaction I’ve had the pleasure to read.
  4. Felicity’s Sweet Revenge by TinaDay3W. A completely AU-Arrow story, has Felicity working for (or is that quitting?) an until recently oblivious Oliver (who is an architect in business with Tommy). Definite fluff (part of Felicity’s revenge is to get him to dance the robot in public!), but has its fair share of angst (he wants a relationship, but she’s convinced herself it can only be a fling), because really, what is Olicity without some? Also, smut. Really, good smut.
  5. Let Your Heart Be Light by callistawolf. A completely AU-Arrow story in the vein of all those delightfully cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies; Oliver asks his best (female) friend, one Miss Felicity Smoak, to be his fake fiancee for the holiday.  Soon faking feelings isn’t the problem, convincing Felicity they’re real is.
  6. Continental Drift by MachaSWicket. This Arrow one-shot is canon compliant through “Uprising.” Oliver’s decision to train with Malcolm Merlyn has some very deadly, very heart-breaking consequences. Seriously, reading this will hurt; not usually a ringing endorsement (because the worst thing a show could do is break a shippers heart), but this one is so worth it.
  7. Blood Hands by Bre. Another season two canon divergent Arrow story that touches on Oliver’s connection to the Bratva. Heavy on Oliver angst (surrounding what he was involved with during his time with the Bratva) and Olicity UST. With the Bratva expanding into Starling City Oliver is on edge, and becomes even more so, when he finds out of their interest in a certain blonde IT genius. This is my current favorite Bratva!Oliver story.
  8. Get Fit (It’ll be Fun, they Said) by weonlyliveonce. A mostly AU-Arrow story that has Felicity dating Oliver, without realizing that he’s Oliver Queen; hilarious over-reaction ensues when she finds out. Pure crack!fanfiction – as in you’ll need to bite your tongue to keep from laughing out loud – told brilliantly from Felicity’s POV. Also, John Diggle. You’ll understand that once you’ve read this fluffy, adorable story.
  9. Felicity has a Type by MaryRoyale. A sort of AU/cannon divergent season three Arrow/Avengers crossover one-shot. Having enough of her heroes deciding they cannot be with her and fulfill their mission, Felicity takes off. Being who she is, she needs to help, so she joins hero-support at Stark Industries. Soon she’s (reluctantly) making friends, working out with a super solider, and getting caught up in a plot that will bring her old life into her new one. This story is fun, fast-paced and filled with lots of awesomeness from Darcy Lewis.
We’ve seen him suited up in the League of Assassins garb in promos, so it’s not looking good. Suffice it to say, Team Arrow will not be happy with this decision. In fact, the logline for next week’s episode mentions that Felicity will take matters into her own hands. While that could simply explain the Olicity hookup that’s been teased in the promos, I wonder whether Oliver’s go-to IT gal might make a play to go after Ra’s herself while in Nanda Parbat. When I asked executive producer Marc Guggenheim if my theory could prove true, he simply replied: “There is a scene between Felicity and Ra’s that is one of my favorites of the series.” Make of that what you will

Is there any hope of stopping Oliver from becoming the new Ra’s al Ghul on Arrow? — Cameron

“There is a scene between Felicity and Ra’s that is one of my favorites of the series.”

We did a scene where Arya throws away her old clothes. That was such a release. It was like, no acting required. It was totally like a next chapter. It was emotional, and so far it’s been absolutely my favorite scene to do. You’ve never seen Arya looking like this, and the way I’m shot is different too. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s the first time I’ve smiled in Game of Thrones since episode 1, being fed pigeon pie. I’m really looking forward to people seeing me in a new light.
—  Maisie Williams on Arya’s upcoming transformation, Entertainment Weekly

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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

As Oliver prepares for the possibility of becoming the League’s new leader, his goodbye to Diggle reminds us why the show can never have enough scenes of the two of them.

I can’t wait for this moment because Oliver and Diggle is my favorite bromance on Arrow. It’s something extra special about their relationship that I hope will last throughout the entire series


Probably my favorite Modern Family scene ever is when Alex accidentally tells Phil that Haley isn’t a virgin.  I laugh every single time I see that scene, and I was just considering it and got major Daddy!Jones feels.  So without further ado, here is a lil Jones Family drabble. (These gifs are not mine)

“We can’t not get hot dogs just because Leia won’t eat animals anymore.”

“Don’t worry kiddo, we won’t go all the way to New York and skip the street food just because your sister is a meat virgin.”

Liam snorts at that, bringing a hand to half cover his mouth as he glances up, amusement bright in his blue eyes that are a familiar shadow of his fathers.

“Virgin? As if.”

And yeah, he may have inherited his father’s eyes—but it was quite safe to say he had gotten her filter (or rather, lack thereof).

He lets out a small noise, then, eyes shooting sideways at his sister who definitely has just kicked him beneath the table—realization settling into his expression a beat too late when he catches the redness burned freshly into Leia’s cheeks.

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Everyone is doing the “episode reaction post” so... here’s mine:

oooh, the Charmings are trying to explain their stupid actions to Emma

oooh, Robin riding a horse in New York! I had never seen this scene before and no pictures that came out years ago gave absolutely anything away about this!

oooh, Robin had a tavern before being a steal-to-the-rich-give-to-the-poor thief! Congrats ouat! You managed to ruin my favorite fairytale character’s storyline… DOES THE NAME KING RICHARD RING ANY BELLS!?
Why am I even trying… 

oooh, some magical shit we’ve never heard about that can magically cure everything!

oooh Robin magically has Regina’s number on a phone he DIDN’T have when he left Storybrooke and he has a caller ID picture of her that he could never possibly have taken! 

also if he had her number he should have fucking called her at least once to let her have his number in case of emergencies but noooo, let’s wait 3 episodes and have Regina ask Emma to track him down and find his phone number, BECAUSE THAT’S SO MUCH EASIER.

oooh, Marian was Zelena all along! I had never seen this scene before and no pictures that came out years ago gave absolutely anything away about this!

Where’s Lana

I don’t see Lana

I thought Lana would have been here by now

Oh, hey Lana! 

“Are you willing to sacrifice Robin Hood for the savior?”

Well… SWEN is going to have a field day with this!

The Dictator watches Empire!

At one point during a stakeout scene, Carter makes Reese change the station on the radio, explaining, “Classic rock puts me to sleep.” Was that line an intentional reference to Henson’s brash record-producer character on Empire? Happy coincidence. Although she had told her POI friends a bit about her new project, Nolan explains, “We wrote the episode before (Empire) started airing and had not yet had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Cookie Lyon.”

And yes, he is an Empire fan. “My wife and I watched every week,” he says. His favorite Cookie scene? Watching her drink a rapper and his crew under the table. “It was definitely not Detective Carter, but it was a glorious moment,” he says with a laugh.

“Taraji is so gifted and has so much range,” Nolan says. “As fun as it was working with her as Detective Carter, you just know there are so many other things that she can do. With all due respect to the other people on (Empire), she is that show. It’s so exciting to see her just tear it up.”

The Flash 1.19 Who is Harrison Wells | Episode Review 

“… Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) also makes an appearance in the episode, proving fanboy Cisco is the best Cisco. I always love Cisco’s excitement over new gadgets and naming metahumans, but his nerding out over Laurel Lance (“Black Canary”) was one of my favorite scenes from THE FLASH yet. Not only did he modify her sister’s sonic weapon, renaming it the “Canary Cry”, but he also got the most hilarious fan picture with Laurel in her Black Canary gear. Laurel made him promise never to show it to anyone, but I hope we get to see it again. In fact, I would like to see it on one of Cisco’s cherished t-shirts (loved the Mario Bros. one tonight, by the way).”

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anonymous asked:

How old were you when you discovered your love for Nirvana?

In Utero.

I really can’t remember. I was very little. I just knew it was different then what I was usually hearing, which was mostly Heavy Rock circa 80s from my father and Disco/Road-Cruising Rock from the 70s from my mother. Before I understood music, before I knew what “the underground scene” was, that I was basically living in. It was odd, but fun to look back on and think about. It wasn’t something where I went, “Oh! Finally! Something new and fresh” - it was more of like “Burrrrrpp. I like this.”