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Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Three of Four)
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Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s interviews in DWM #371

Euros [Lyn, Director]: “At one point, David had such a duck’s arse haircut that I was afraid we’d taken it too far!  Both their haircuts were a nightmare, cos every time their helmets went on and off, the hair had to be reset.”

Mark [Gatiss, Writer]: “I got so used to David having huge hair that it was quite a shock to see him with normal hair in the other stories!”

Euros discussing “Faceless Rose”:
“It really was Billie Piper standing there, mainly because it’s such an emotive scene for the Doctor. But she had crosses all over her face, so she and David just wet themselves!  At the beginning of that scene, she had a blanket over her head as well, and when that came off her hair kept standing up at a funny angle.  I think that was the scene with the most corpsing.  Seven takes.”

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David Tennant Appreciation 2015:  Free Day for David’s B-day 
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TMR Meme » [1/5] Under-appreciated Relationships; Minho and Newt

“Shouldn’t someone give a pep talk or something?“ Minho asked, pulling Thomas’s attention away from Alby. "Go ahead,” Newt replied.
Minho nodded and faced the crowd. “Be careful,” he said dryly. “Don’t die.”

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Eugene Roe

Hide your morphine, guys! Walter Gordon

You ain’t using this stuff are you, doc? I mean personal, like.  ―James Alley


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Bo BurntHam is my favorite country singer! I just love his song "My Wife Replaced Me With A Dildo". It really makes me feel the emotions. I'm also a big fan of "(Not) All Dogs Go To Heaven", a touching song about how his dog dies and he learns dark necromantic arts to zombify it. I mean, a normal country song would just have the dog die, but Buoy Bunsen Burner takes country music to a whole new level. Yup, that Boomy Burnman sure is cool. Botonist Broomhandle. Tell your friends.

              when you play a super problematic character, sometimes it gets really uncomfortable because you can just feel people assuming you agree with/support all of their actions???  we’ve all seen delusional fans who defend literally the most deplorable shit from their favs, and we’ve all seen people who will do that for just about every character in a given fandom including my own.  ( and most of us have been one of those fans when we were 15 and embarrassing as fuck, myself included. )  but that does not mean every person who likes/plays that character is delusional???  my character is a gigantic piece of shit on a stick and has done terrible, unspeakable things at every turn, basically.  i’m super sorry about it, but just because i don’t post a psa about that every day, somehow it doesn’t come across for some people.  and i know some of us play extreme, extreme examples of this, but if you start picking through characters that are ‘okay’ to like based on if they’ve behaved in problematic ways, eventually that list is going to be empty.  everyone on tv kind of acts like a trash bag, especially on shows about supernatural monsters.  as long as you acknowledge and fully understand the complete not-okayness of the things they’ve done, it doesn’t make you a bad person to play them anyway.  but somehow that doesn’t stop people from trying to make you feel like shit about it whenever they get the chance.

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Oh lord help me lestat is as helpless as a newborn after body switching, tripping on carpets, messing his pants, binging on chocolate and already half dead from a sickness. Just wanna squish his cheeks and feed him hot soup abububu

“I’ve watched two-year-old humans with interest for centuries. They’re miserable. They rush about, fall down, and scream almost constantly. They hate being human! They know already that it’s some sort of dirty trick. ” 

- Lestat, Tale of the Body Thief

[fanart by sheepskeleton] <– Edit! I had the credit wrong! Sorries!

So I’ve been binge watching Once Upon a Time for some commissions, and I have to say- I kinda really hate all the good guys? The bad guys make this show. I’ve liked all of them. Even when I hated them. But you know who my favorites are? Captains Hook and Peter Pan. My favorite baddies. And I realllly like Peter Pan at the moment.


An assorted mix of dorky adorable MST alumni babies.