this is my best cover art yet


So, I’m doing a little thing for March (MARCH IS LADY TIMESDONTCHAKNOW?) showing off 10 Favorite/Best covers for some of my favoritesuperheroines.




This was the hardest one yet to cut down to 10 (guess who the other one is?!). In fact, I included 2 covers that I love as runners up, 1 because it was my first comic ever and has extremely high nostalgia factor for me (Uncanny X-Men 290) and  X-Men Classic #69 which is not a particularly empowering or iconic cover for Ororo, but it a stunningly gorgeous cover worthy of inclusion IMO. Anyway, ONWARD!

Here’s the “criteria” I used for these very unofficiallists.

1. Cover must feature the lady in question, but it doesn’t have to be HER book.

2. The lady must be a “co-star” on the cover or better. So a Team shot is okay if she’s CLEARLY at the head of it/leading it/front and center.

3. Also worth noting that I do generally take into account the ENTIRE cover including how it handles title block and things like that. Sometimes covers with crappy title block (or with none if an image isn’t available) will still make it through, but it’s maybe worth knowing that I consider all that stuff. *shrug*

I think that’s it. Not super scientific. I also make no argument that these are objectively the “best covers ever!” they’re just my favorites, MY bests. Lists are, as always, incredibly subjective.

RUNNER UP. Uncanny X-Men #290. Artist: Whilce Portacio (Kelly’s first comic EVER).

RUNNER UP. X-Men Classic #69. Artist: Mike Mignola (Mignola did a big run of these X-Men Classic covers that reinterpreted classic covers, most of them are great, some of them are magnificent)

10. Uncanny X-Men 272. Artist: Jim Lee (in many ways a flawed cover, but points for Ororo just owning it with the shaved head. Love it)

09. Uncanny X-Men 312. Artist: Joe Mauderia (points for Ororo/Yukio feels!!!)

08. Storm #1. Artist: Victor Ibanez

07. X-Men #36. Artist: David Lopez

06. Storm #3. Artist: Stephanie Hans

05. Classic X-Men #4. Artist: Art Adams

04. Uncanny X-Men 198. Artist: Barry Windsor Smith

03. Uncanny X-Men #201. Artist: Rick Leonardi

02. The Avengers #21. Artist: Daniel Acuna

01. Storm #11. Artist: Stephanie Hans

Absolutely that last cover is the best Storm cover that has ever existed…will ever exist? It’s incredible. One of Stephanie’s best pieces ever as well. A true masterpiece.

I'M BROKE AF help me help a friend and also myself

So I’ll give it you folks straight, I am broke as fuck. And I have a friend, whose name they were not comfortable with me posting so I’ll call them Amigo, who is trying to get their gender reassignment surgery. Because of an agreement with their parents, Amigo has to raise the money for their surgery that the insurance won’t cover, so a few friends and I wanted to help. I, being a slightly-proficient-yet-still-rather-mediocre at art figured I would do sketch commissions because literally that’s my best ability with art.

I’m only charging $15 US dollars per drawing, and out of that $15, $5 will go towards funding Amigo’s surgery, $5 will go to buying me supplies and the last $5 will be personal savings for myself. I would greatly appreciate if you could commission a drawing from me, and will draw anything except super NSFW/gorey stuff which can depend on my mood (just message me we’ll work it out). I do have paypal, and I’ll give you the email for it when you commission me.

PS- if you want the drawing shipped I’ll have to see the cost of shipping and we’d have to negotiate that but it would be a-ok!